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  1. Never understood why Trumpers complain libs showing them no propriety when their party poster boy probably has no idea what it means....
  2. Another reasons Trump's transgressions get ignored https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/annehelenpetersen/meet-the-ivanka-voter#.lh54y44G
  3. This is what happens when a nation blindly and excessively champions a capitalist ideology. Values easily turn into "value". Edit: You ask why? If you are rich by simply donating to any charity or political group you are instantly lauded as a "good person". If you so happen to "accidentally" "get caught" doing bad you have the resources to turn into nothing or simply a slap on the wrist. But hey, if you say stuff like this the powers that be have trained people to call me a socialist/communist and make all this irrelevant.
  4. I definitely feel for the victims but the reality we live in isn't like in our stories. The bad guys will sometimes win.
  5. Lol outside of the war cries from Fox the YT comments are hilarious. Similar to stuff you would read from some of the Trump fans here
  6. Its hard to go toe to toe with Trump because he is not a politician. He is or at least plays a "character" that his base love. The dems have a tough task finding someone to match that. If they think they can go the intellectual route they are in for a bad time, because facts or even logic won't deter him.
  7. Imagine yourself going to a Trump rally and you happen to be bringing your kids who are at a decent age like 14-16 and they ask "hey why are Nazis coming to Mr Trumps rally?" I wonder how you answer that while being honest lol!
  8. Do we have no decent conservatives on this site? I am too much of a glass half full person to believe that out of the hundred of millions in America we got this unlucky.
  9. Plz link to a source, not that im tryna discredit you but it sounds to damn ridiculous.
  10. But hey.....we sure stuck it to those dems tho!
  11. Favorite part of the article A little misleading here......his entire show is profanity fueled, readers may be convinced he reports news at all from that statement.
  12. I haven't seen anything from him that would convince me not to extend him this offseason. With the effort we have put into our pass rush we would be setting ourselves up to overpay if we dont get a deal done now.
  13. Doubt it, they will remain as obtuse as they already are.
  14. But what if the police voted him in to power?
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