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  1. "Religion of pedophiles" More damning evidence why religious folks hate abortions. It takes away their pleasure sources.
  2. How can someone who understands even a fraction of US history and world history have nothing but a strong revulsion to anything that has to do or associates with white supremacy or nazis? Just look at this comment section. There are actually folks arguing that Rockstar games are "too liberal" for painting the KKK in a negative light, while citing that the "new black panther party is just as bad". These are the same arguments you see folks make here on the Huddle sadly. You apologist are sick in the head. You complain the left/dems are intolerant or hateful but we are only hateful cause some of you on this site still defend groups like the KKK with remarks like "antifa is worse" or other hogwash. Sorry to say but those views will never be tolerated. We don't see a bunch of "very fine people".
  3. I don't know why we are teaching kids to take pride in participation trophies....
  4. No, and we fans will always remember this franchise was to blame.
  5. FYI Bobby Wagner was drafted in the second round...
  6. Its such a Panthers move drafting LB with our top 10 pick.
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