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  1. This is worse than the Iran-contra scandal...
  2. If you guys think the Romans were bad I’m sure we’re probably not much better.
  3. The most shocking news to date.
  4. Just another snowflake who wud be better in his basement waving his participation trophies.
  5. I know what you mean, its sad some in this generation(and last) still fly the confederate flag proudly. Couldn't think of a bigger participation trophy. What a bunch of snowflakes.
  6. My original question still stands. We all know which ideology uses dogwhistles like these on a regular basis and its very obvious the OP is pointing the hypocrisy of it through this thread. So I ask again, why are you being obtuse? Is it deliberate?
  7. Why are you being obtuse? Is it deliberate?
  8. One things for sure, Donald Trump cant be an "elite" lol
  9. Should put "Allah" in there as well so we can cover all the bases, on top of prayer booths in public schools for Muslim children since Christianity wants to walk over the Establishment clause.
  10. Lets put this way if weed, alcohol, any other drugs, or even other vices like video games and gambling prevent you from living a a free and fruitful life you and the people you care about then you got a problem. Nothing against weed(definitely not the synthetic stuff) i love it myself but if you can't stop it long enough to pass a piss test to play football is probably a warning sign...
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