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  1. I'm more convinced that Cam is the GOAT for doing anything behind this OLine.
  2. Better question is how many dictionaries do you need to understand the word "context".
  3. For votes Biden says he believes in systematic racism while Trump says to "stand down and stand by".
  4. LOL! Love how Trump is saying Biden is all talk and no action while his healthcare plan has been "two weeks away" for the past 4 years.
  5. While millions of Americans are out of work these folks are throwing out figures most Americans can only dream of smh....
  6. If you squint real hard you can see a tin foil hat on top of Trump's head.
  7. This x10000. For some reason there are some people who think having empathy means you want to give all your money/wealth to the less fortunate. There is a lot in between that can go a long way in changing someones life dramatically.
  8. Trump sure has a lot of respect for those seniors most affected by corona.....
  9. Sorry i should expand on my answer. To answer your question yes there is medicaid for low income families. I think the threshold is 24k/year or less but don't quote me. As @332nd healthcare and education would be to expand the middle class. Taking the burden of the middle class as well as low income families who are not below that 24/yr threshold to qualify for medicaid would go a long way in reducing the effects of inequality.
  10. I'm no policy expert but to expand on @332nd I would start with healthcare and education. For low income households making these areas more accessible and affordable is necessary to close the opportunity gap if not at least give them and their children a chance to have a true shot to success.
  11. No need to be obtuse. We know their are many loopholes wealthy people in America can utilize that significantly lowers their effective tax rate. One doesn't need to see Trump's taxes to know that, it's no secret.
  12. The fact that guys like Trump for example can get away with paying little to no tax is far from being fair share. I would start with closing those loopholes then we would be getting close to fair in my book.
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