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  1. Cam will be fine, its this franchise im worried about. I'm more or less convinced everything this organization touches turns into poo.
  2. Frankly the way its been handled is probably the most realistic route I am just a bit salty about the entire debacle. However, it has taught me to keep my expectations tempered. End of the day I am on the outside trying to look in and will just hope for the best. I remember fuming the day we "wasted" the #1 pick on Cam and I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully a similar result takes place.
  3. We wasted a QB who may go down as an all time great and people say "trust the process"? Best to temper or squash all expectations and watch the fireworks.
  4. Go in with zero expectations. It will save you a lot of heartbreak.
  5. We had a once a generation talent of a QB as our signal caller for nearly a decade and used him up like a cum rag. I have little reason to have any more faith for a QB like TB with this franchise outside of hoping for the best.
  6. At least Norman had what you would consider an elite season worth a franchise tag. I can't say a CB like Bradberry should be getting that much money at all but it is what it is.
  7. Hilarious that Gman detested the idea of paying Norman yet does so for a slightly worse player. All GMs are hypocrites.
  8. Very happy he got his big pay day since he deserved it but i relieved it wasn't here.
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