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    What is the next position of need???

    Nah.... MJ is OK as long as he isn't the one drafting... We have to get the drafting part right before anything else. Only person that Kemba was able to bring in was Al Jefferson. Nobody of a higher caliber is going to want to come play here. We are going to have to hit in the draft and hopefully sign a big name free agent that would want to play with what we drafted.
  2. Outside of PG and SF I think it's wide open. Either way we need players that have grit and "Killer instinct". Most of this team is made up of guys that would be great 6th - 8th men on other teams.
  3. Wood228

    Is this a Playoff team?

    Facts.... LeBron moving to the west does not open for us to be a playoff team.
  4. Wood228

    The Whole let's trade Kemba crowd

    The problem has always been scouting. I think now that we have a GM that has a better draft history than Cho can make better decisions. That being said I am on the trade Kemba wagon just due to the fact that he is the ONLY asset worth trading. Think back to when we traded Gerald Wallace. That Bobcat team and our team now aren't that different. We got a 1st round pick for him to add to the lottery pick that we had already (because we sucked). Our pick we take Kemba and with the Blazers pick we take Tobais Harris which we later trade for Bismack . We need more talent for the sake of the team more than we need to be loyal to Kemba. Kemba is a great person and player but we wont do any better with him. Kemba is way better than Gerald was so imagine what we could get for him.