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  1. She will definitely find her a rich boyfriend out there she can talk to about routes.
  2. Snake


    He also commented how the people were gentle folk and would make good slaves. Spanish were the first to activity trade African slaves as well.
  3. Snake


    Once again with these rigged polls. How does 500 people speak for a Nation. A simple Google search would show you it's a racist slur. https://www.nbc12.com/2020/07/06/native-american-groups-ask-nfl-force-redskins-name-change/ Not just 500 people. 1933: Under founding owner George Preston Marshall—whose name was recently removedfrom the Redskins’ Ring of Fame—the Boston Braves changed their name to the Boston Redskins in order to eliminate confusion with the MLB’s Boston Braves, who later moved to Atlanta. The franchise moved to Washington four years later. Proof a racist person changed the actual name to sound more racist. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/14273097/ns/us_news-life/t/petition-seeks-cancel-redskins-trademark/#.XwClJb5KiUl Proof since 92 Natives have been asking for the removal of this racist slur. But yeah 500 people just matter more right. Kinda like the %1 of slaves that wanted to remain slaves because they were house boys and girls.
  4. Snake


    So racism is absurd? No I don't support the left on many things but if we had the Dallas N****rs as a team I would sure as poo support the removal of the name and not call it absurd. Natives have been fighting for this name change way before BLM and George Floyd. We might just actually get this gone because of it though.
  5. Snake


    So your friend likes racist slurs and is going to join probably one of the most progressive owners in the league? That should end well.
  6. Snake


    Yes, but Redskin has been a slur since 1800 and was a term to separate Natives from whites as a lower class of people. Just like calling us Indians when we don't live in India.
  7. Never thought 10 year deals were good after Pippen. It's basically going to be renegotiated or cut at some point.
  8. Snake


    You need a generic name after years of racism.
  9. Snake


    You need a generic name after years of racism.
  10. Snake


    You need a generic name after years of racism.
  11. Snake


    You need a generic name after years of racism.
  12. Snake


    Well the Indians solution just as simple as the Redskins one. I mean they can just change it to Natives or Warriors.
  13. You have 6 games to get through the season then just end it. That's a month and half so expose won't have time to sprawl through the entire league.
  14. Or run for his life in most seasons. We took the black Payton Manning and our era Brian Urlacher and shortened their careers by 7 years by not adding players most important around them.
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