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  1. The draft is one of those times where people are all over the place. I think a week after most were excited about Jackson. The only person I remember trashing him was that Saints fan.
  2. Without actually opening up the offense with passing more we will never know what he is. I mean it's not like we pass all that much for him to be good or bad.
  3. Yeah its worked out about as well as people from NE. Both McD, Chud, and Wilks were hired way too early. Hopefully McD gets fired and comes back to carolina next year because he was a great DC.
  4. When you say this all I hear is Pink Floyd Breaking the wall. Who is this inferior artist?
  5. Agreed. Fifteen years ago you had to be a pretty good DC/OC to even get a job as HC. Not anymore.
  6. Bigger question do Norv trust him throwing the ball?
  7. He's team is a complete dumpster fire as well.
  8. Snake

    What Eagles Fans Are Saying

    To the general public its more exciting that way. No one can argue some of Silva's fights were boring but it was because no one wanted to fight the guy. McGregor really isn't half the fighter someone like GSP, Dan Henderson, Tito Ortiz, and Matt Hughes.
  9. You know it really was terrible when that white guy Chris Brown beat her so badly. Then it was a travesty when the police came and beat her some more and arrested her. Whites just can't trust them.
  10. Yeah like Peppers and Kris Jenkins. Two of the most disruptive lineman I've ever seen play but also could absolutely disappear for 10 games a season.
  11. And he definitely doesn't have the pocket awareness to overcome it.