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  1. All this after two games? Let the NFL show you how they expose gimics like this.
  2. How is 20th in the league in sacks and 28th in yards not bad when we spent most of our draft and FA on Dline. I would say that's down right horrible with our talent level.
  3. I'm not sure if Irving is going to play a down for us.
  4. You heard it here first 37-27 Panthers. With a healthy QB we get our first win.
  5. People act like Williams wasn't a well lubed turnstile Thursday. Cam would not be injured if it wasn't for this line. He didn't get a freak injury like Brees.
  6. I mean it would not be a bad signing if Newton is out for a extended period of time but he would need to be IRed first. The only downside is we would have to carry 4 QBs and when Newton came back Kap would be sitting.
  7. The sad part was guys we're open but Williams could not protect and had zero help. That's the stuff you see in preseason not game two.
  8. Or let Greg Little take over. Either way Williams is better playing guard.
  9. Williams is the one that's effecting that direction. I would not want to turn my back to that guy either.
  10. At this point they might want to call Kaepernick to play.
  11. I really hope the Turner's have Allen and Grier ready because Cams not saving their butt till at least week 6 or 7.
  12. It definitely could be the problem. Still is that a good thing? Foot injuries don't heal fast.
  13. Cam hasn't practiced a full month in over 3 years... Let that sink in. Ekkk
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