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  1. No, he's in the ring of honor and that's enough. If he makes it to the HOF maybe. He still retired a Raven as well. They could retire his jersey now if they want.
  2. Maybe but it's a huge risk. We get 7 picks a year and the rest is filled by FA. Hurney is going to have to be one hell of a salesman to convince anyone to play with College coaches having zero experiences in the NFL.
  3. I like Tepper expanding out and hopefully reducing Marty's role. As a recurter I love Hurney, just stay away from the cap decisions.
  4. This is definitely the Tepper type crazy move some of us expected. Non conventional with the potential to be boom or bust.
  5. That was more or less Brady saying you can have a job with the Panthers next year if you want it. I don't think anyone thought the Saints were going to let him go this year.
  6. I would like to see what Thomas has with a coaching staff that want stash him for 5 years.
  7. True, but it was a great year and a year he focused on football.
  8. That's not correcting anything. Maybe you should to choose words correctly. Or am I just being petty?
  9. People get what he was trying to say. You were just trying to be a jerk by your comments. Just like pooping all my posts. Like I said before you're petty and add no substance to this thread.
  10. Mahomes put in the same situation would have. Same as Lamar Jackson winning a national championship if given the chance. Some players just don't get to play for Alabama LSU, or Clemson. If you want to say Joe Burrows has peaked I might agree but that doesn't mean he will suck because the dude is a grinder.
  11. I would like Tua simply because he might be available when we pick. Both have their questions and both have their upsides.
  12. I really hope Tua drops to us but if not a elite LT. Should be there.
  13. Some people just have to be petty. Yes he misspelled something.
  14. Well said and Cam has only had one year his comp% was in the 60s. It's been known for awhile Cam is super inconsistent.
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