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  1. Yup... CMC, Moton, Burns, Moore, and that's about it. Allen and Greir might pan out but not without a entire Oline rebuilding sans Moton.
  2. It was just a better group who played last year. Paradise and GVR should not be starting on any team along with Williams. This year just absolutely was a fail with the line.
  3. It's still amazing that Cam was MVP with a line almost as bad as this year's. Man that was some talent wasted.
  4. Better than the cam huggers that think not only is Newton going to be healthy but also perform like 2015.
  5. Yes they would. It's not like we are playing cupcake teams. The Falcons just took down the supposedly one of the best teams in the league in NO.
  6. You can't make that judgment after less than a year with one of the worst lines I've seen us have. And we have had some bad ones. No one is arguing he's going to be like Cam nor can he succeed in those conditions. Hell Cam was given no one on offense the last 6 years. The only guy he had was Olsen and this year he's not even the player he once was. I'm not even sure Curtis Samuel is as good as Funchess. We have a poor group all around on offense this year and judging Kyle is like saying Moton needs to be replaced because he can't stop edge rushers. Or Little is a Bust because he can't be healthy and stop his man.
  7. He's not getting worse, he's playing better competition. Thinking you can lean on a undrafted Rookie is fools gold if you have a line that can't even punch it in from the one.
  8. Because you would see worse results. No QB outside of Lamar Jackson could make these WRs and Line look worth a damn. He could only do it rushing for 150 every game.
  9. Oh look this didn't take long to turn into a Kyle Allen hate thread. Huggers are just loving the implosion.
  10. No one would look good with our line. Cam didn't even make it out of the preseason. Well maybe Lamar Jackson but almost no one.
  11. Glad you have such wisdom you can call a players career after less than a year. Your a real smart Cam Hugger.
  12. Bud light Platinums for everyone. Dilly Dilly.
  13. He's stuck with a LT? His pick for LT and not going out and getting one was Williams the human turnstile. The reason we have a rookie QB is a direct result of Hurney and Rivera's personal moves. It's not like a bunch of all pro players got hurt. We actually have been quite healthy this year besides minor injuries.
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