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  1. I could totally see us going 12-4 this season and losing the wild card. We definitely need to beat NO once to have a chance.
  2. Thursday games are so stupid. The home team has a extreme advantage.
  3. White people are not supposed to be that quick and shifty. What he's saying is his privilege points aren't adding up.
  4. TLDR but fug the Saints and way to go having balls to call them bitches out!
  5. Snake

    I wouldnt be suprised..

    Well there is many reasons for that but mostly it's because we have quick not fast WRs and a really bad line. We Dink and dunk a bunch. I think next year if we sign Williams God willing we will have one of the best lines Cam has ever had. If he can't throw deep then I will worry.
  6. I think our wild card is safe as for now.
  7. Snake

    I wouldnt be suprised..

    Cam doesn't have a line that can block long enough the way most teams play us. With the Steelers they were jamming the line knowing we couldn't go deep. Also the whole Hail Mary thing is overblown. He got hurt the game before and didn't want to hurt himself more. It's understandable.
  8. Snake

    I wouldnt be suprised..

    Smitty is still on this team. Steve Smith retired a Raven.
  9. Any season you make it to the playoffs back to back and lose in round one isn't a win. Do you think the Bills were happy losing two super bowls?
  10. That's Eric Washingtons legacy right their.
  11. I honestly don't know how this defense will respond. Rivera gave them a ass chewing at half time in the Pitt game and they still laid a egg. I know Cam and Co is enough to win but this defense with this DC seems happy being bad.
  12. Snake

    I wouldnt be suprised..

    One of the reason the Steelers were able to get to Cam was because Smith wasn't in the game. Need a guy to take the top off even if he can't catch.
  13. Snake

    Devin Funchess: JAG

    With a weak WR year coming up he's likely to top 12 to 14 million.