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  1. If for no other reason than to watch him rip apart the Bucs two times a year. 1 year deal and revenge tour.
  2. Yeah I never understood why. Like you know it's going to be a category at some point.
  3. This was embarrassing. Coaching has really hurt us. We have played way to sloppy this series.
  4. I can see this ending like game 1 unfortunately. Refs will give Boston the game in the 4th.
  5. Let's hope the refs have a bit better eye sight tonight and our boys are ready to play.
  6. Kids a turnover machine at this point bit he will grow.
  7. Refs have been bending us over and fuging us dry. Their is a reason Boston can only score on power plays.
  8. His mechanics are wacked though. He's going to need a good year to address his weak arm caused by his wind up. Get that fixed and he has the accuracy of Rodgers or Brees.
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