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  1. People who somehow thinking Cam Newton has anything left in the tank is the sad part. People like me for years begged for Cam to get protection, not take the hits, and not be the battering Ram at the goal line. We all knew that type of punishment wasn't sustainable and we only had a few years till things got bad. Well let's just say both JR and Rivera really didn't care.
  2. I suggest bring back the lovely ladies section and negative rep to smack so we can pass the time.
  3. Sorry for all of you who have lost jobs. I know it really sucks.
  4. Seems like a good guy to move on from Cam with.
  5. We are in a unique position to have a college coaching staff that knows a bunch of these players. Could be an advantage.
  6. We have to many holes to fill to worry about filling all of them. If we draft a 4-3 edge rusher to replace Burns and Miller it's not a bad idea. Tepper has taken a hand grenade to the defense the past two years. We won't have a viable unit for some time.
  7. Like always biscuit is right. Also like always people don't want to believe it. I miss these posts dude.
  8. Some how you think I care about crowds. I don't move on hugger.
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