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  1. Depends on the line and how they protect him. Cam can't take shots like he has for several years. The line needs to give him time.
  2. It's the most relevant it's been in decades. I totally support them just not one player and some people have a hard time dealing with that.
  3. Congrats that's much better news than the original post.
  4. Multiple things. Shes a liberal hero because she's gay and called Trump a mother fuger. That's really all it takes for the left to love you.
  5. Showing your ignorance there. So now if you support the flag your a confederate hillbilly. Really smart logic.
  6. Not a tear for you. You are the one having difficulty dealing with opinions their snowflake.
  7. I don't like her because she is foul mouthed and was going to let someone burn the American flag. But that's me.
  8. Funny how you tell people to get out while having a meltdown about Trump doing the same thing. We don't have to do poo there cuz. She sucks as a person. It's a opinion, deal with it.
  9. I have not said anything about the Panthers there chief. I just said she's a horrible woman and you got a sandy vag. Learn to deal with opinions snowflake.
  10. In case I didn't make myself clear. Idgaf what you think and you're not the mayor of Panther town. If you don't like what I say ignore it. Once again she sucks as a person.
  11. I don't have to do Jack. She is a foul mouthed cocky Asshole. She sucks so bad they benched her and still won. I support the rest of the team but not that loud mouth bitch.
  12. The public face is only because the Media will turn any truthful human emotions into drama. The media nowadays is just vile.
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