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  1. I think we need better CBs and LBs to blitz better. Tbh skill players win games and we are in low supply of them.
  2. It's why I wasn't keen on moving back to the 4-3. You lose guys like Haynes who could have had an impact and we could have added guys. Now we are truly just rebuilding a unit we blew up a year ago.
  3. It's a natural assumption with CMC gone for two months. Reminds me of how NO opperates. Next man up.
  4. You can't call him a bust for two reasons. #1 he's not in the right system for his talent. #2 he's only in year two.
  5. I'm not a NFL owner but when you can say this it really speaks to how well the scouting department and GM do their jobs.
  6. Exactly, wait till week 12. It's going to be a record year but not in a positive way.
  7. Yeah it's definitely a huge risk. But to be honest so is Rhule and keeping Hurney. Tepper obviously doesn't shy away from the possibility of total implosion while asking fans to shell out $85 for a ticket.
  8. Positively and facts don't always align. I am giving Rhule and his staff a chance but the reason we have such a bleek outlook is because we have had the same inconsistent GM for 20 years. That alone doesn't spark a bunch of hope.
  9. Tbh trying to judge anything off of this talent isn't fair. In the NFL you have to have skill players to compete and outside of Chinn, Brown, and Shaq we have no one. That's a GM problem not a coaching one.
  10. Judging players especially QBs early is foolish.
  11. The season is long and we don't even have a fair share of injuries yet.
  12. This is why I can't take pff seriously. I mean if this was about Burns maybe I would agree.
  13. Probably take a nap while we lose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. This is going to be a historically bad defense.
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