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  1. We missed our shot having a real GM when he was hired by Buffalo. JR was pretty much the worst owner ever.
  2. He also missed Samuel wide open on a fade route where he checked down. He consistently checks down on 3rd down when we need it and yes he places balls to bad locations. You really question if he's even a ok back up.
  3. I will say this. Today Teddy got the protection that Came would have killed for most of his career and it didn't matter. Poor decisions was the reason.
  4. Hurney magic. Get rid of our best two kickers and keep the worst.
  5. Lol he didn't tear his Achilles. Probably a high ankle sprain at most.
  6. Yeah as for now I am but big leaps are going to need to be made. One being that Hurney needs to not be GM.
  7. Honestly it was a poo show from coaches to QBs. I mean Chinn was beast mode but after that meh.
  8. Exactly, I'm not happy with the performance but at least it leads to a better pick.
  9. We have gotten to the point where we can lose to any team.
  10. Stupidest question ever. Stop posting.
  11. It was a win/win but we couldn't have asked for a better turnout.
  12. Amen we need to shut it down for the season. We could legitimately reach pick 5 or 4.
  13. Before the game we were sitting at the 10th pick. Now with the Falcons ahead of the Raiders we win tie breakers we are picking 6th! Huge jump and a win within a loss.
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