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  1. At top 5 or 10 you are not even guaranteed a starter unfortunately. Especially at DE.
  2. Sweat would be a OLB I wouldn't mind trading up for. He was a absolute buzzsaw in the SEC.
  3. I don't even see Davenport there. He's definitely first round or high second imo because of the small school he came from.
  4. He's one player in not at all worried about that.
  5. He better channel the Holy ghost and disappear.
  6. Snake

    Panthers’ Top 30 Visit

    New? I think you mean Alt.
  7. Moving to the 3-4 makes a bunch of sense if Rivera is going to call plays. He's exceptionally good at that with the 3-4.
  8. Not quite true. Your testosterone increases while you are having sex and regulates after.
  9. Shoulder was fixed and scar tissue was cleaned out. Cams shoulder right now is 100%.
  10. From what I'm hearing Cams shoulder is 100% better. I would say FS and DT are biggest needs.
  11. Also give Rivera respect where its due. He knows how to rest and uses older players like Irvin. He will fill,the peppers roll really well.
  12. Have to say we are setting up the Draft really well. Hurney has always done well with FA so let's see if he can get a good draft.