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  1. This is a stupid comment. At his age the 3-4 is better for him.
  2. Snake

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Hes such a whiny bitch
  3. Snake

    London Next Year?

    I hate international games.
  4. Snake

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Rigging games under Goodell has put the Refs in a bad position. We all know that Payton Manning was given a SB and that the 49ers before that were given a free pass to beat our team up and that was just against us. With that said last night was fair. Their were a bunch of missed calls but it was on both sides of the ball. The fact is the Saints choked and the Chiefs just didn't win the coin flip. I saw no reason to say the Saints got cheated nor did the Chiefs.
  5. Snake

    "Hell yeah, that was PI"

    In real time it was close as hell and the Saints got away with offensive pass interference before the OT that would have ended the game. I have no sympathy for them because their secondary has been robbing teams like this all year with less than 30% of their b.s. being called. Just worked against them this time.
  6. Snake


    As much as the Refs have favored the Saints I don't give a rat's ass. Now they get to feel the pain we have suffered in the playoffs.
  7. Roadmap of what you don't do to the pats.
  8. You have to grind time on the pats.
  9. Oh yeah that's a catch tonight.