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    Eric Reid

    He's gotten beaten as much as Collin Jones at this point. Something I didn't expect to happen. Maybe it will improve but Safety is Safety and its not really a complex position.
  2. I wonder when bell allows multiple pressures if they will say he doesn't understand timing and should just manage the game.
  3. Probably not. We have had better teams they have beaten.
  4. Snake


    Moore changed the game alright but not in the way everyone wanted. Other than that he has really been average.
  5. Outside of KK and Addison what else did we really have? Why anyone thought we could just not blitz at all when it's been a core concept all along is beyond me. Jacksonville is a perfect example of why defense doesn't win anymore. They have pass rush and coverage yet got lit up by the cowboys.
  6. It never does but in today's NFL where holding is almost common you have to blitz. I think if Rivera would actually spend time helping Washington call plays and not worry about micromanaging the offense we would be a better team.
  7. It's his timing. He can only run the read option defense.
  8. They beat us by one score and your just being stupid.
  9. And while timing routes may not be Newtons familiarity once every gets on the same page we should see more guys getting open. Ian Thomas would be one of those who down the stretch should provide extra firepower once he grapes the timing routes.
  10. IMO Newton is having one of his better years as far as pocket awareness and rhythm. It's a complex thing because his WRs are also new and young. Either way Norv has been much better than Shula and honestly Cam and the read option need to be faded out because it's been used so much. With McCaffery I rather have a short pass than a read option and Cam still gets his best runs under center not with the option. If anything this year I think we have forced the read option just to make the run game work when we could have been using screens or short passes to set it up. Just my thoughts though.
  11. Their defense is horrible. By the time we face them they will be playing for a draft pick.
  12. I even question why Cam didn't target Olsen but then again why didn't the Seahawks run it in the superbowl?
  13. Timing isn't the issue. Newton is definitely late sometimes but every QB is. Grand scheme we were down 17 and almost came back. It isn't a QB failure.
  14. Cam is Tier 1 and idiots like you that think the Matt Ryan's and Kurt Cousins of this league compare are kidding themselves. I don't know of another QB besides Brady to win a MVP with a cast of WRs as bad as Cam's bar none and they are worse at this point in his career. Hell at least Brady had protection. Cam has had a revolving door at OL his entire career.
  15. It was a logical request when you look at what damage he has done.
  16. I haven't really seen him lose a block. Teams are just attacking us on the outside and our DEs are underperforming imo.
  17. I can spare you the read. It said some of the Steelers minority owners wanted Tomlin gone. No actual name drops.
  18. No pressure was the biggest problem. Once we started hitting Smith he fell apart but it was to little to late.
  19. Yeah and it didn't help we were trying to control the clock.
  20. If only we started Moore that game.
  21. I liked he kept his composure but I honestly don't see him ever being a #1 WR. Guys like that just have a air about them. Like how I knew Jackson was going to be a good CB. He was cocky but you knew he would back it up.
  22. Jacksonville comes to mind after today's route.
  23. I think they just figured out Rivera period. His obsession with control makes him easy picking for other coaches.
  24. Funny you say that but all those teams we probably can. Their defense is terrible but teams with a better defense will stop us every time if we don't open up.
  25. I disagree, Norvs play calling is very good but it's high priority on running the ball isn't. It's Rivera that is holding the offense back and even some 70s teams ran less than we do.