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  1. Among a a laundry list of other reasons yes
  2. And @Harbingers is a jackass
  3. @Paa Langfart is a toolbag
  4. Worst team ever! oh man that linebacker group really let us down
  5. and Kyle Allen and Will Grier proved that Cmac and DJ Moore can’t carry a team to wins
  6. Lol imagine thinking CMAC is more important than a franchise QB. Cmac and DJ Moore aren’t going to win you games.
  7. Albert Breer @AlbertBreer Panthers OC Joe Brady on why he took the job: "I believe in Coach (Matt) Rhule and the NFL is the pinnacle." And on Cam Newton, he's non-committal, just says, "I'm excited to get in touch with Cam."
  8. yeah i'm stunned a guy who was hired 3 days ago can't tell us what they plan on doing with our franchise QB
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