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  1. Heard us loud and clear, eh? we're all screaming play some damn defense. so let's see how that works out.
  2. mjligon

    Cam Newton

    without a doubt. that or sanjay just decided to spin up another alt to try and support his idiotic opinion.
  3. mjligon

    Cam Newton

    You’ve lost it
  4. mjligon

    Cam Newton

  5. There isn’t a single “garaunteed” win on the schedule. Y’all are mighty confident after that dismantling that unfolded last week. We could get drug @Lions just like we lost on the road to ATL, WASH. Need a bounce back in the worst way right now.
  6. So which loss are we gonna go back and scratch to run back to 2 losses? Pittsburgh would be a popular choice but I’m going Redskins. Should have won that game.
  7. mjligon

    I always wondered ..........

    Slap yourself
  8. 100% guarantee we'll end up cutting Cadet next week because we were able to "land" Barner. We definitely don't need them both.
  9. mjligon

    Cam Newton

  10. mjligon

    Cam Newton

    You’ve officially lost it
  11. mjligon

    Cam Newton

    stop trying to provide any form of football analysis sanjay Your knowledge of the game is comical.
  12. mjligon

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    Laugh till it doesn’t hurt
  13. mjligon

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Lol yeah let’s point out his stats and completely ignore the fact that our incompetent staff refused to let him see the field.