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  1. mjligon

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    Waste of an account.
  2. all those words but didn't say anything
  3. mjligon

    Tepper is not JR

    Dude listed logo on field lolol
  4. Doubt he’s even remotely interested in walking away from an easy well paying job with NFL Network to coach under a lame duck regime.
  5. Pretty sure he and Sean Peyton hate each other. Falcons likely
  6. Not really sure what I’m mentioned for here. I have never said a single thing about Kyler Murray. Another L for sanjay
  7. Shaq is not the answer. He’s a low IQ player and is way too inconsistent to be relied on.
  8. This just doesn’t excite me the way it would have in the past.
  9. Also @Sean Payton's Vicodin I didn’t mean that to suggest I think we are in position to be competitive against the Bucs. Was moreso curious about how many of those losses fell on Cam vs DA. I recall DA completely blowing one game throwing a pick at the goal line. I agree that as it stands we likely are the worst team in our division.
  10. How many of those losses did Cam play? 1?
  11. mjligon

    Brent Venables

    He would never leave Clempson.
  12. mjligon

    Birthday Boy!

    Thought this was a thread about me.
  13. Man I hate clemson