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  1. mjligon

    Hybrid defensive fronts.

    In theory, sounds great.
  2. good stuff As expected, some pretty stupid takes in this thread.
  3. It’s called football IQ. One has it, one is learning it.
  4. It’s one year not like we married him
  5. Riverboat must have been vibin
  6. mjligon

    Kyle Love to New England?

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see him head back there. that sucks
  7. mjligon

    Lets talk Nickel

    I thought we moved on from Seymour prior to last season
  8. A lot of you folks are hyped up on the offseason so far. So this begs the question, how much better is Paradis than Kalil was (if at all)?
  9. I’m fairly certain Dontari Poe would have shown up on this list last season and we saw how that panned out.