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  1. and yet here you are in 13 trying to justify moving on from cam newton lololol
  2. Preach. kind of funny he is jumping from thread to thread spewing the same slanted nonsense.
  3. Yet another overhyped huddle hero. thomas is JAG
  4. If it wasn’t him not being on the sideline it’d be his outfits
  5. We can easily get into your post history to unveil how you really feel about Allen
  6. I’m not even sold on him being a backup. I mean I guess he’s good for a 1-3 game run at most. But some of these mistakes are just awful...and the same ones...over and over.
  7. @MHS831 shall we dig up your post history? here, Allen is Brady
  8. He doesn’t need to be there. Quit reaching. You already made your feeling about Cam, Allen known a few weeks ago when you were hailing Allen as our franchise QB.
  9. It looked like a smile to me. anyone got a gif?
  10. Embarrassing. Tepper needs to do something ASAP. This is pathetic.
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