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  1. Stop making idiotic threads forever. Your lack of basic football knowledge prevents your opinions from mattering.
  2. That was Mayo. But same difference. unathletic white guy
  3. mjligon

    Norv Turner

    USE A TIME OUT????
  4. This defense sucked way before we ever brought Eric Reid in (assuming that’s what you’re referring to)
  5. Yeah they def missed that call
  6. mjligon

    I’ve seen enough. Dumpster fire.

    This team sucks so badly
  7. mjligon

    Norv Turner

    Norv “3rd and long” Turner
  8. mjligon

    Norv Turner

    Dude is awful. Not sure what I got excited about. Basically Shula 2.0
  9. mjligon

    I’ve seen enough. Dumpster fire.

    Not really. Luke is a shell of himself.
  10. They’re equally awful. Only difference is one has been terrible all year, the other has carried this franchise on his back for 8.
  11. mjligon

    Game Day Menu

    Smoked wings and Edmunds Oast Lagerbier today