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  1. that'd be nice. come do mine too
  2. It's because he is an idiot. Like a low IQ type of dude.
  3. Top 15 draft pick here we come
  4. I'm sure those idiots have now moved on to a new narrative re: cam
  5. It isn't really all that hard to see that Funchess is garbage.
  6. Non-catchable? He had 3 or 4 balls hit him right in the hands/chest in the Detroit game alone. Those stats are way off.
  7. I was bashing Luke earlier this year with the best of them, but this is beyond stupid. Luke was playing like a madman yesterday. He definitely hasn’t lost any “passion” whatsoever. Take a breather Chuck
  8. Y’all talking about the Saints and 10-6 and what not when it’s highly likely we lose on the road to either Tampa or Cleveland.
  9. It isn’t quiet. It’s loud and clear that Cam has returned to MVP form. the problem is that the combination of Graham Gano, our inept coaching staff, and a defense that is the worst unit I’ve seen since we had Haruki Nakamara in our secondary is wasting another year of Cam Newton. its a cryin shame
  10. mjligon

    Return of Wilkes?

    Everything you said minus Wilkes. He wasn’t very good. course he didn’t have much talent on the backend to work with and I guess he isn’t Washington level bad... But, still, I’d rather our new HC bring in his own guy. Someone that has nothing to do with the current regime.
  11. mjligon

    Return of Wilkes?

    How about no
  12. mjligon

    Rivera Presser

    Imagine being dumber than Joe Person
  13. mjligon

    Rivera Presser

    What an idiot
  14. That’s our fanbase in a nutshell
  15. And why we walked into and out of the Super Bowl with no wrinkles, no adjustments, etc.
  16. That may be true, but that unicorn couldn’t bust up the middle at the goal line and get the tough yards when it counted yesterday. He also fumbled three times because we are using him like a battering ram with reckless abandon. That’s on the staff.
  17. Because Ron Rivera inexplicably puts players in his doghouse and you’ve literally got to pray for an injury to be able to find your way out of it.
  18. Loser: Cam Newton for being on this sorry team hampered by a head coach that doesn’t belong in the modern NFL.
  19. mjligon

    What are the Chances? Norv Turner

    That ain’t happening smh. That isn’t common at all. This ain’t the NBA.
  20. unfortunately I bought tickets to the 12/23 game vs Atlanta at the beginning of the year with the anticipation that it could end up being a key matchup in the divisional race and potentially flexed. now i'm scrambling around trying to sell them.
  21. mjligon

    To all whiners.....

    yeah, no. this season died last week and was buried yesterday.,