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  1. 16 hours ago, Iron Saint said:

    True story, I got to meet Mannie Fresh at the Saints-Panthers playoff game year before last. He DJ'd pre-game and then hung around. We took a picture with him and he posted it to his Instagram. :)

    i saw that post! i'll share it since you didn't.

     i knew this was you when i saw him post it a while back:


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  2. 57 minutes ago, MasterAwesome said:

    Ohhh you’re one of those...that explains why you’ve been freaking out ever since we drafted a backup quarterback.

    Only had a problem with using a third rounder on a position that in a best case scenario never sees the field. Hard to find the upside in drafting a backup when we had(have) other glaring holes (FS).

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  3. 3 hours ago, MasterAwesome said:

    Well damn...if only you told us sooner that we weren’t personally paying for all these players’ contracts, you could’ve saved us so much distress with contracts like Matt Kalil that we were needlessly complaining about this whole time. But now you got me upset that stupid cheap-ass Tepper won’t sign all the FAs!! You’d think the richest owner could fork up some extra dough to monopolize all the top players. Wait, it doesn’t work that way? A...salary cap...? What’s that?


    I’m all for paying Cam, but.......what?? I could get behind that logic if we’re talking coaches’ salaries.


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