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  1. 1 hour ago, Tomás The Boss said:

    There's a guy on this board, "electro's horse", who clearly has a connection to inside info on this - he's saying exactly the same thing as the handful of people I know (through my dad) with any kind of real info.

    Cam's going to need surgery and time. I have zero expertise but haven't seen anyone knowledgeable say otherwise.

    @uncfan888 :crying:

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  2. Just now, Mr. Scot said:

    Technically, the Broncos won a Super Bowl after parting ways with Jay Cutler.

    The wild card here is Newton's shoulder. If it turns out to have significant damage by the end of this season, the concept of parting ways with him becomes very real.

    I don't really believe that will happen though.

    Now, Tepper being unwilling to shell out a huge contract when Newton's current deal ends? That, I think, is a very realistic scenario.

    I think that second part only manifests itself IF Newton’s shoulder is indeed injured beyond repair and something he’ll just have to deal with/manage moving forward.

    The wildcard is the way the NFL is now. If Tepper is as “analytical” as he says he is and teams continue to prove they can have immediate success with QBs on rookie deals then yeah there is probably a case to be made.

    All still seems very unlikely, at least for right now.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

    If m not in favor of trading Newton, but there are two things I think we have to admit.

    1) With a new owner, likely a new coach and possibly a new GM next season, his being traded is an actual possibility.

    2) Even if he isn't traded next season, Tepper may not be willing to break the bank for his next contract.

    There is the real possibility that next season's Panthers will be run by a group of leaders who have no ties to Newton's drafting or his previous career here. The notion that they may want "their own guy" is not out of the question.

    Me? I wouldn't trade him. If I did, I'd be looking at something like the Herschel Walker trade as a template.

    The more likely scenario for parting ways with Newton though comes when his contract is up. Tepper's Steeler background makes it less likely he'll spend crazy money on any position, quarterback included. if Newton and his agent are looking for a record contract, Tepper might not be willing to oblige.

    Sorry folks, but much as it sucks to admit, whether we want it or not, yeah it could happen.

    Sure, all that is possible. Just like it’s possible I find an envelop full of cash in the parking lot on my way to work.

    Tepper wants to win. Trading away m/moving on from your franchise quarterback while he is right smack dab in the middle of his prime hasn’t exactly proven to be a recipe for winning.

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