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  1. 1 minute ago, ARSEN said:

    They are not close friends homie.  They are teammates 

    As for Newton's long-time friend, center Ryan Kalil, he said as difficult as the decision is, it is a smart move for the organization when it comes to the long term.

    "He's still a young guy, and he's got a lot of football left in him," Kalil said. "I think it is important to get that right, especially at his position. It's no secret that he has been struggling with it the last month or so. But I feel bad for him. I feel terrible for him."

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  2. 3 minutes ago, ARSEN said:

    They asked Kalil which QB he would go on dinner with once he retires and he said Delhomme.  They asked him why not Cam and he said you cannot plan things with Cam because Cam operates on Cam time...

    Did anyone else hear that during the game?

    It was a lighthearted joke.

    What exactly are you trying to imply?

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  3. The outcome of this game doesn’t matter to the saints. At all. You think they’re even remotely thinking of this game in a couple hours? Lol. When they’re getting ready to host their playoff opponent, do you think this game is remotely embedded into their memory? Nah. It ain’t.

    We won and are this penalized more than a few draft spots for it.

    so, we lose. Loser mentality reigns supreme.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Panthers2019 said:

    Marty Hurney's last draft)his first since been back?

    Drafted DJ Moore,Donte Jackson,and Ian Thompson(Olsen's replacement)

    a solid draft if u ask me so again hurney 2.0 looks like he has learned his lesson from his 1st stint so give the man some credit for once.

    Okay let’s talk about his free agent acquisitions. And his Olsen extension.

    Also, one year was nice- but consecutive years under Hurney is what ended up costing us dearly. It was never a single offseason- it was a span of consecutive bad decisions.