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  1. I love how everyone just completely ignored that @R0CKnR0LLA clown’s tinderbox appropriate rage fit
  2. Walker with a better throw to DJ than Teddy has made all year.
  3. Ay boy not gonna tell you again to change your avatar Internet tough guy here
  4. Sweet potatoes casserole and it isn’t even close
  5. When? Seriously wondering what Pride has done that would qualify as decent.
  6. Pride has been pretty terrible. Not sure why so many are making excuses for him. Haven’t seen a single play where he’s flashed.
  7. Who will end up being the worse pick between the two? Right now I’m leaning Pride considering not much was expected out of Sanchez.
  8. Argument could be had that Teddy needs to get more under these balls so our WR don’t have to continue to come back and win contested catches. Tired of these wounded ducks. Hit him in stride it’s a TD. Happens every week and happened twice yesterday. Either way, irrelevant to the point. Had he caught it we weren’t in position to spike the ball because our coach didn’t realize the clock does not stop on first down.
  9. spike it. Certain rules are different in the NFL, coach
  10. Didn’t mention Cam in this thread? Why are you bringing him up?
  11. Would be amazing but he’s gonna need to find a new number.
  12. Bridgewater isn’t the answer. Merely a stopgap. let it go.
  13. Right. He’s like kicking and screaming in here right now.
  14. Lol. Cam hasn’t turned to anything. He is playing fine. Chill...it’s not that serious. Cam and New England are about to get on a roll and you don’t have to cry about it. Put some respect on his name.
  15. He is what he is. Likeable guy, but not an NFL starter...at least not on a team that has hopes of actually contending for a title.
  16. you're in these newton threads every week spilling the same garbage. go away.
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