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  1. yep- I was using the trade value chart to move 16 and 47 for 24, 35, and 140. If we get 24 and 27 for 16, I think it becomes a no-brainer, especially if the DEs that might fall to us (Sweat, Burns, Ferrell) are all gone. We could add two solid OL and DL talents on 5-year contracts and still have 47 for a free safety - hell yes.
  2. I think Ford is a great contingency plan. If Sweat or Burns are there, I believe one of them will be the pick. If the QBs do not go early (especially if the Giants do not take one), the result will likely be that Sweat, Burns, and probably Ferrell are all gone. If that is the case, and Lock or Haskins is still on the board, our spot is ideal for someone that really needs a QB (like Oakland) to jump the Giants. An Oakland trade might look like this...We give them 16 and 47, they give us 24, 35, and 140. Then we can grab G/T Ford at 24, someone like Zack Allen at 35 who can play in a 3-4 or 4-3, and use 77 and 115 to move up and grab Savage or Adderley to play FS in the late 2nd/Early third. We'll still have our comp 3rd to grab Grier if he's still there or someone like Christian Miller at OLB. Then use 140, 154, 187 to grab a DT, G, and QB to develop if we miss on Grier (maybe Thorson or Jackson). That would cover a lot of our needs.
  3. This is Bradberry's contract year. He is very good. After this year, we're either going to pay him $10 mil per year or let him walk. Drafting a CB in the third makes a lot of sense.
  4. I disagree here. Cam has been incredibly resilient. I think he's only missed a handful of games in 8 years. His arm just gave out. I'm not sure a zero tolerance policy on sacks is fair. Cam's sack % (Sacks per pass attempt) was well below the league average (i.e. good) and sandwiched around guys like Keenum, Goff, Rivers, and Ryan. We also led the league in rushing yards per attempt - which I think reflects well on a team's OL. We need to draft someone for the OL in the first or second for sure, and we need to move on from the Kalil experiment, but we're not in that bad shape. Larsen and Van Roten are ok, Moton and Turner are above average, and a high draft pick could really solidify things and allow Cam to be effective assuming his arm is ok.
  5. I believe Trai Turner has already been to multiple pro bowls and Moton is a guy I could see making a few as well. Point is, no one gets all 5 of its offensive linemen invited to the pro bowl. The best teams may get a couple. We've had Kalil/Turner and now possibly Turner/Moton, which puts us in that group. If we draft OL in the first, we may be looking at another potential pro-bowl type player. Regarding the defense, I believe Addison, Short, Poe, Kuechley, Shaq, Bradberry, Jackson, and Reid are all high potential, better-than-average players. I'm not a Poe hater like many others. I think the system was not ideal for Poe last year and he will show out better this year with more 3-4 looks. If I'm wrong, he will be gone next year when the dead money hit makes more sense. I'm also not one to assume Gaulden is a bust just because he did not come in last year and immediately start - I think he can be a solid contributor. Now we definitely need someone else that can get to the quarterback, whether that is a DE or OLB, and another solid corner. We're not going to solve all of our problems in one offseason - but grab OL/DL in the first and second, A G/C and a FS/CB with our thirds, and we should be able to battle with most teams. Having said all that, if we don't bump Kalil this week, I'll be as baffled as everyone else.
  6. The cap includes the highest 51 contracts. Our rookies will mostly replace guys that are currently counting against the cap and will not cost much more (maybe a mil or two). You also don't want to spend all of our space as you may have to IR guys, etc. So we probably have 6-8 mil to play with. That's not enough to sign a big name and we have a number of holes to fill, so we are passing on the first couple of days. We can probably get more space if we see someone that we want to target at a reasonable price. Cutting Kalil and extending Shaq could add 10 mil or so. I'm not sure what happens to the cap if Olsen retires. Otherwise, we are what we have. Not having a ton of cap space often indicates you have a fair amount of talent already on the roster. People complain that we don't have an all-pro at every starting position, but we actually have a fair amount of talent. A healthy Cam, CMC, and some WR weapons is a solid nucleus, with a couple of OL that are likely to be regulars in the Pro bowl. On defense, we have 6-8 above average starters, but we obviously need an elite pass rusher and for our 2nd year guys to show development. If Cam was healthy last year, I think we easily win 11-12 games and are in the mix. If he comes back healthy this year, I believe we will be in the mix once again assuming we draft a couple of starters on the OL and DL. No need to panic just yet.
  7. In 2017, with an legit-armed QB, he caught 32 balls for 430 yards and a couple of TDs. He also was useful in "taking the top off of the defense". He is useful in the film room and knows the playbook. Yes - I'd pay 3m per year for that kind of production/player.
  8. Convert his $5 mil salary to a 2-year 6m deal (1m per year salary) with a signing bonus of 4m. It saves 2m against the cap and costs 2m dead if we cut him next year. Smith is not bad and 3m per year is not an extravagant price to pay for a good locker room vet with his speed and skill. Let the guy show what he can do with a QB that can throw it down the field and take advantage of his speed. Hopefully Cam will be that QB this year.
  9. I wasn't a fan of bringing Hurney back, but I don't know if we can indict him on the signing Cockrell and Searcy since they got hurt, and Torrey Smith definitely was hindered by Cam's noodle arm. I'm not necessarily saying bring them all back, just that I wouldn't create dead money just to get rid of them. Smith we can cut without incurring dead money so I think that is a given since he seems redundant now with our young receivers. I also don't know why we would cut Butler. He's fairly cheap and a good rotation guy. I'm not down on Poe like many here. I think he will flourish in a 3-4 so I'd like to see him there. 9m for Shaq is way too much. Restructure or let him walk. I don't care how much it costs/saves to keep Kalil around - he needs to be gone. Sends the wrong message if he sticks around. Frankly I do not believe we will have enough to do much more than pay our draft picks, fill out the back of the roster, and maybe sign 1-2 new guys. If Williams can be signed for around 5-6 million, I do that. I wouldn't spend more than that on a guy coming off knee surgery. Maybe try to grab a good 3-4 LB, a decent T, and a big-bodied WR not named Funchess and get ready for the draft. Coming out of the draft with decent starters penciled in and about 15m in space would be ideal for me.
  10. A lot of the salary cap space has to do with how much gets carried over from the prior year. If you don't spend your full cap, you get to carry some over. It may make sense to build through the draft and squirrel some money away if you know you are not going to truly compete for 2-3 years, then all of the sudden you find yourself with a solid young core and 50 million in cap space (without a bunch of dead money). Unfortunately the Panthers never think strategically (or more than 12 months out) and are stuck with little money to improve the team through free agency. Gettleman was pretty good at the rollover game, but then when we finally got some money to play with, we blow it on Munnerlyn, Kalil, etc. Whether those were Gettleman's signings or not is not as important to me. The point is we need a GM that is not going to spend every penny he has just because he has it. And anyone that wants to spend every penny we have for the upcoming season is putting us right back on the treadmill. Our ceiling in 2019 is possibly sneaking into the playoffs as a wildcard. To me, that is not worth spending all of our available cap space on a ton of high priced vets.
  11. It might be difficult to divvy up the country in 2 chunks given the NE and West are politically aligned. May have to do a 'man in the high castle'-style 3-way. Personally, I would prefer an SEC footprint carve-out with Oklahoma/Kansas/Nebraska thrown in. As long as I am not stuck in team deplorable, I think I'd be ok with a breakup.
  12. So are you saying the lack of deep throws is because our offense never evolved? That we would have been throwing more deep balls if we believed our offensive line could give Cam more time in the pocket? This definitely does not mesh with the Cam's sore shoulder we're hearing about, nor the ducks he was tossing up when he did try to throw more than 20 yards in the 4th quarter. I definitely agree we wanted to win Time of Possession and control the clock. This keeps the defense fresh and generally the other team cannot score without the ball. Not sure they were necessarily 'hiding our defense' as the Panthers have always been a running team and have played this way from the beginning. Moving the ball methodically and short is definitely not a strategy unique to the Panthers. Pretty much every other team in the NFL tries to sustain drives and manage the clock. I can't think of any team that is chucking it downfield like crazy (except maybe KC). Regardless of how you feel about individual offensive lineman, our line as a group did pretty well from a statistical basis relative to other teams. Having said that, we definitely need to find a decent replacement for R Kalil (Larsen maybe) and a decent LT.
  13. This is a common sentiment, but the panthers line performed very well this year. Their sack percentage was 5.4%, giving up only 32 sacks. This was the 7th fewest in the league. Meanwhile we were 4th in rushing and 11th in pts per possession. The sack percentage rank improved 10 spots this year. I don't know what the expectations are, but all teams give up sacks. The team with the lowest sacks allowed was 18, any one of which could have got their QB injured. Coincidentally, the team that allowed the fewest sacks led the league in offensive holding calls. Only 5 teams had fewer holding calls than the Panthers. Efforts have been made to upgrade the line. Drafting Turner, Moton, Williams, extending Ryan Kalil and signing Matt Kalil. The latter has been disappointing, but the others have played well. Remember Matt Kalil was a former fourth pick in the draft, so drafting a guy in the first does not always lead to improvement in line play. I think our problems this year centered solely on the most important person on the field not being unable to throw the ball with any zip or for more than 15 yards in the 4th quarter. We lost 5 straight by an average of 4 pts., all of which we were in position to win with above average QB play during crunch time. We probably would not win the division, but we definitely make the playoffs if Cam is not limited.
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