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  1. 700-some hospitalizations out of 23,000 confirmed cases out of a population of 10.5 million. Use precautions, but keep things open. Those at risk have to use the utmost cautions.
  2. On the flip side of that, there are a ton of asymptomatic/undiagnosed mild cases cases so the death rate might still be about the same, which is higher than the flu, but not high enough to cripple the economy for years. Those who are high risk should stay at home. Otherwise, folks have to get things going again.
  3. Several first hand accounts from medical personnel who were told to classify deaths as COVID if they showed any of the symptoms and whether or not they tested positive. Other accounts of patients who tested positive and died who where classified as COVID deaths whether they died of COVID symptoms or something else. I have personally talked to a few nurses who have made similar claims. Now, there may also be some under reporting in some places as well, but let's admit we probably wouldn't bet our paychecks on either side of it.
  4. Well, now Fauci "the genius" is saying places who can should reopen. Maybe the media (and others) can stop using him as an excuse to bash governors who are trying to get their economies going.
  5. He is better off taking whatever job he can get. Not sure Cam is the QB you want to sign off the street to come in and be plug and play.
  6. I trust the CDC about as much as the WHO. They have changed their story about 10 times on what to do/what not to do.
  7. I imagine they are trying to keep it low key and ease back into things slowly. You may see the group start to grow if the team is unable to meet in person soon.
  8. Teddy has only played 2 full seasons and that has been awhile. When he was playing last year, he executed the Saints offense exceptionally well. I think we should give him a chance to see how it goes with this OC. If he doesnt work out, and even if he does, there are some nice options in the '21 Draft.
  9. Want to wager on that? You think the NFL is going to miss out on millions of dollars for a 1% or less death rate?
  10. If an offense staff can get him to produce, its ours.
  11. Yeah, if these stimulus checks keep going out, social security may die before some of us retire. Our children will definitely have to plan retirement without it.
  12. I don't normally watch either, but I am feigning for any live sports I can get right now. lol Heck, the kids and I have even been watching the fake wrestling some lately. Now, THAT is getting desperate!
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