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  1. I think we are being overly cautious with having half the key players sit. Unless they are injured, they should be in there for a drive or 2. We lost 7 straight games. Are we resting on our laurels?
  2. Sure...let everyone sit out. We don't need to practice. We are ready for Week 1.
  3. Like many are saying, we aren't letting Grier go. Norv likes him a lot. And, Allen may have to play this year if Cam fizzles out again. No trades please.
  4. Certainly. With a healthy Cam, we would have won the majority of those games. Even WITH a banged up Cam, we were in almost every game. That and the talent we added/returning talent, we SHOULD project to have a winning record. It all hinges on QB1.
  5. Yes And besides, he is a freaking rookie. I'm sure Patrick Mahomes didnt light the world on fire his first training camp. I know that Cam didnt. Hopefully we will not need Grier this year or inthe forseeable future.
  6. What kind of idiot Panthers fan enjoys seeing our rookie QB struggle?
  7. We almost beat them twice last year...but I get your point.
  8. Herein lies the issue. 1 game can make the difference in playoffs/no playoffs. Have to get Cam ready to go. Some game action is needed in the preseason.
  9. John, you have been the MVP of this camp to me. Thank you for the work youre putting in for us.
  10. I would let him hand off for 1 series...maybe a few passes. But, I trust the coaches with what he does.
  11. About 50 yards in the air, and 70 on the play - according to Voth.
  12. I think, on our team, #26 is the only one with a chance to stay on Samuel the way that #10 is playing right now. He is going to draw a lot of safety help when the season starts if he keeps this up.
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