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  1. Does this mean the Pats bandwagon jumpers are coming back or are they moving on to Seattle, KC, GB, or TB?
  2. Yeah, I thought it was funny. Football isn't life or death. It's a game. Hurts to lose, but i dont fault him for joking around for 2 seconds. I'd rather him do that than play too up right.
  3. Not outcoached, but outplayed by a better team at their place
  4. I had heard some speculation that he might return for the ATL game. Would have been tough for him to play 2 games in 5 days coming off the injury.
  5. Beaten by a better team. We were fortunate to have a shot at the end. If CMC is on the field it may have balanced the talent gap to a point that we could have pulled off the win, but we lost to a good team yesterday.
  6. When we were running the ball it kept them honest. When they knew we had to pass it got ugly. I was ok with running the ball as much as we did. You start being one dimensional against that team and you are in for some pain. I was proud of the effort. As most can see, we have the right coaching staff now. We just need an upgrade in talent at several positions. The future is bright. I love the culture that is being established.
  7. Was surprised to see the Broncos beat the Pat's. Cam must feel that they are his kryptonite.
  8. Well, since the Bears are 5-1, its seems a lot of teams aren't good enough to beat them. And the Bucs are spanking the Bucs right now.
  9. Yup. We dont get to play a winless team every week. We need our best player back ASAP.
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