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  1. So you have to have a smartphone to attend games??
  2. Heck, I hope he is the Tom Brady we didn't see coming. You never know.
  3. Since I have him on my fantasy (keeper) league, I hope so!
  4. IMO, the most vital position battles are WR & RB because the ones who lose will get cut. I guess you can add 3rd QB to that as well., or backup QB, since Grier will likely be third for a year while he learns the ropes.
  5. Any true Panthers fan wants to see #1 bounce back, but this is the year to do it if he wants to get paid.
  6. Quick, show him this before he makes a decision! Would make it an easy one.
  7. I watched that yesterday. He does seem like a good dude.
  8. CMC is the #1 WR and RB. But, I am excited about DJ & Samuel.
  9. Smart move for Smith. He needs to step up to earn what he has been paid the last year or so.
  10. Agreed. Its a business; if we can use that $5M to bolster another position, it needs to happen.
  11. All I can think about is potential hamstring injuries. I don't like the timing in this.
  12. I know that we have been up and down, but some Panthers fans deserve to pull for the Browns. JR did a lot of good things for this area and brought us a team we can be proud of. Obviously, the wheels came off for him in the end, but he did a lot of good for the majority of his time as owner. Hopefully Tepper will continue that and even improve upon it, but it's very far from a given. No owner plans to have a losing franchise.
  13. Like Jeremy said, Cam looked pretty bad his rookie preseason. Too early to tell.
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