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  1. Wolfcop

    My Valentine's day present.

    Congrats amd dont listen to the negative posts. Many girls go through a rough patch, but generally they make much less stupid decisions than teen boys. And, both come around after awhile. Enjoy every day; it goes by fast.
  2. Wolfcop

    Antonio Brown Asks out of Pitt

    Make it happen.
  3. How many tall receivers does NE have? The trend has gone away from the tall, possession WR. I imagine it will swing back at some point.
  4. Cam didn't even know what was wrong. How was Ron supposed to know? Cam played well through half the season.
  5. I heard DJ say that on panthers.com. Great idea!
  6. Love that Bradbury pick. Like the LB pick too, but he is going earlier in other mocks.
  7. It is a domestic DISPUTE, which is something most married couples have from time to time. If there were no arrests, there was probably no domestic ASSAULT. I'll reserve judgement until more facts come out, if they do.
  8. I know it seems that he will play forever, but time is catching up to Brady. This isn't going to go on forever.
  9. Wolfcop

    Tom Brady has won 6 superbowls

  10. At least it's not Saints/Patriots. I couldn't watch that.
  11. I remember him being a canidate for HC when Ron was hired. Good choice for DB Coach.
  12. Wolfcop

    Is Rivera our coach in 2019

    Why would Tepper come out and say that no moves will be made? If he is keeping what he has, no need to say anything.
  13. Wolfcop

    Yikes Fournette

    Wow...dodged a bullet big time since We supposedly coveted him at the time.
  14. Sure feels like the Saints are tanking this one. It's too easy.
  15. Also don't care about his politics, but he hasn't been very impressive IMO. Maybe he is ok with a FS with great range. I'd also be ok with trying to replace both our current safties and adding a solid nickel.