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  1. A few things: I live in Charlotte and would totally be down for a slight increase in my taxes for a new stadium. I love the Panthers and I would love to see us boasting one of the most incredible facilities in all of sports. I was actually in Atlanta for the ATL United game yesterday. That is one of the most incredible facilities I've ever been in, can't even hate. You walk in and it honestly takes your breath away. And that games was fun, if MLS takes off in Charlotte like it did in Atlanta that would be huge for the city. This would be huge for the Carolinas.
  2. I just want to never ever ever play sweet caroline again
  3. Not saying you don't have a point but he's literally been the only legitimate pass rush threat we've had the last two seasons. I think that has played an impact.
  4. I don't give a fug what Sweat does if Burns is getting 12-14 sacks per year this is an amazing pick lol. Those are Pro Bowl numbers.
  5. Burns was my draft crush this entire process. I really don't think there is much separating he and Josh Allen. Cannot believe he fell to 16, phenomenal pick for us
  6. Round 1 - Brian Burns: A... Burns was my dream pick going into the draft, leading up to 8:00 PM he was getting buzz to go as high as #6. Never dreamed he'd fall all the way to 16. He's an absolute animal that will only improve as he continues to work. I really don't think there is much separating him from Josh Allen who some thought was going top 3. Phenomenal pick, I think he'll be a franchise-changing talent. Round 2 - Greg Little: C+... Huge fan of Little the player. Had he fallen to 47 this would be a B+ or A-. I just think we gave up a lot to get him, but I understand the logic. He probably wasn't falling to 47 as there was a bit of a run on OL early in the night. Apparently we are huge fans of his, and I see why. Traditional LT that has an enormous ceiling. A lot of his weaknesses seem to be fixable, but we still gave up a lot. If he turns into a staple LT, the trade obviously becomes worth it. But right now this is a C+, not because I don't like Little though. We just gave up a lot. Round 3 - Will Grier: B-... Again, love the player. Grier was in a deadlock with Haskins for my #2 QB in this draft, he's an absolute gamer and I think has starting potential. They could easily justify this pick by saying he was BPA and I really wouldn't argue with that. If Cam gets hurt again we now have solid insurance, or if he doesn't but Grier still flashes we could flip him for a nice pick in a few seasons. But that's just the thing... in an ideal world, Grier never sees the field for us. So we just spent a top 100 selection on a player that you're hoping never plays. That's why it's a B- for me.
  7. I follow Paul Alexander on Twitter, he's usually my go-to for OL analysis. He LOVES Greg Little. Says he's already a beast of a pass blocker. Apparently one of the concerns Alexander had with him is that his stance is too wide, but he says this will be an easy fix. I totally understand why some think we have up too much for Greg Little. But he can absolutely be a starting LT in this league, and I think he will be. I have no issues with it, we've got to protect Cam.
  8. Just focusing on Grier the prospect at 100 it's insane value. He was probably my BPA there except maybe CGJ. I just still think the third round is too early to draft a player that won't be playing this season, we have so many holes on this roster. A DB or Renell Wren there probably could have made an impact this season. Oh well, we pick again pretty soon. Again I think Grier is an ultra talented QB, I really do. Probably in a deadlock with Haskins for my #2 QB in this draft. I just question it because he won't be playing this season
  9. Some good DB’s + Rennel Wren left. I swear if we waste a pick on a QB
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