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  1. A few things: I live in Charlotte and would totally be down for a slight increase in my taxes for a new stadium. I love the Panthers and I would love to see us boasting one of the most incredible facilities in all of sports. I was actually in Atlanta for the ATL United game yesterday. That is one of the most incredible facilities I've ever been in, can't even hate. You walk in and it honestly takes your breath away. And that games was fun, if MLS takes off in Charlotte like it did in Atlanta that would be huge for the city. This would be huge for the Carolinas.
  2. Good post, need more threads like this. 

  3. Real as fug WHo all gonna be in the Hive tonight? Shouldn't be the loudest CLT sporting event since the mid-90s And btw I say we trade up for H Henry
  4. We need to be careful, some of the songs are so explicit families aren't going to want to bring their kids back. Would love to see MLS though
  5. if you have any interest in soccer at all come to clt independence games this summer.... it's poo talking like you won't experience at any other sport. stand with the jacks militia. they have drums, flags, other instruments and sing the entire game.
  6. Lmao love my school they like yeah we gon do this but we gonna show y'all our trophy at the same time
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