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  1. Never once did I say no good teams run a 4-3 in college anymore lol
  2. I'd love it. One reason our pass rush has faltered is because we can't find any good DE's to fit our scheme. One reason for that is because more and more colleges are going to the 3-4 now. The best pass rushers at the college level are starting to rely on speed and athleticism as opposed to strength and power. You'll see now, even with this draft most of the best pass rushers are labeled as "EDGE" players as opposed to DE's. I think the route to building a great pass rush again could be through a 3-4.
  3. Or maybe McVay realized he needed to take some of the beating off his RB, so he went out and found a tremendous RB to take the load off him.
  4. Second best player on this offense. Him only playing like 15% of snaps is just absurd. He should be on the field every single play
  5. FuFuLamePoo

    Cam Newton

    Best player in team history
  6. God this is such a perfect summary. Fire Rivera.
  7. FuFuLamePoo

    Its time to fire Rivera

    Agreed, he will never win a Super Bowl
  8. FuFuLamePoo

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    Awesome, so fuging proud of our franchise right now
  9. Good post, need more threads like this. 

  10. Real as fug WHo all gonna be in the Hive tonight? Shouldn't be the loudest CLT sporting event since the mid-90s And btw I say we trade up for H Henry
  11. just don't think we're ever gonna win an SB