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  1. This year is going to be a huge opportunity for him, I think he'll play well even if his hands will still be iffy at times
  2. This is some of the most insane fuging poo I have ever read. Marty Hurney has compiled a record of like 102-122 as the man leading this ship, absolutely fuging abysmal. You really want to extend him because ONE draft looks OKAY on paper? I agree the draft looks good overall even though I didn't like the Brown pick too much. But we have not seen a single one of these players play, and you think it's time to extend him? This fuging snake that has a proven record of losing? Marty is a terrible GM. It was proven the first go around and it's happening again. Tepper wanting to embrace an "analytics" approach was clearly a heaping pile of hot fuging garbage. If you "embrace" analytics you take Tampa Bay's 2021 first, don't spend a top 10 pick on a run stuffer, and you don't let so many quality young players walk for nothing. Do you guys realize we have a top 5 RT on our hands, and his contract expires in a year? There should be an extension delivered to Taylor Moton tomorrow morning, he is one of the most valuable players this team has right now. But I have zero fuging doubts that Hurney will never come to this conclusion, instead he'll let him walk. We've seen Curtis Samuel just run right past people for well over a year now. Other (smart) teams clearly realize he's a special talent and were trying to get him during the draft. I'm glad we kept him because I realize he can be great, but it won't matter. This new offensive system couldn't be a worse fit for him, he'll walk after a 600-700 yard season this year and then thrive somewhere else like Kansas City or Philadelphia. Meanwhile we could have gotten a third round pick for him. This guy does not plan for the future at all. He doesn't fuging understand it. Don't even get me started on the CMC extension. I do agree CMC offers more value than a standard running back, but I'm still afraid this deal will blow up in our faces. This is just the start. I really don't know what more you people need to see. Marty Hurney is a bad GM, he always has been and he always will be. He isn't going to change and our ceiling is severely limited as long as he has any power here.
  3. Really can't ask for much more in a 7th round pick. These are always shots in the dark and nothing more. Stantley has great size and athleticism. Perhaps our coaches are able to mold him into something or maybe not, will at least be fun to follow either way.
  4. Yeah please please please invest in athletes on day 3
  5. There are a few CB's out there I think would be strong picks here. Amik Robertson, Bryce Hall, and Reggie Robinson II
  6. Packers and Chargers really taking the cake here. Not overly crazy about what the Jags have done.
  7. Day 3 is all about taking athletes and just hoping you might can develop one or two of them. That being said, there are some good players still there. In the fourth give me ADG, Amik Robertson, Reggie Robinson II, or Isaiah Hodgins
  8. Fulton is a fuging dog at CB that made life miserable for Ruggs and Jeudy with his press game. Exactly what we need in this division this shouldn’t fuging be hard Johnson would also be an amazing pick
  9. Yeah I’d be okay with it at 69, 38 would be a massive overreach if Jaylon and Kristian are there
  10. Epenesa isn’t athletic enough to play DE in the NFL, he’s basically a 5T and that’s it. Would be horrific since we are running a 4-3. Another unathletic player in the top 40 would simply be a disaster
  11. Epenesa would be a horrendous pick, literally
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