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  1. Dude, seriously, the majority of the stuff it showed him doing are football related drills and workouts. It isn't like you are going to see him throwing passes and stuff in the videos since he isn't fully cleared for that. He is working on what he has availability to at this time and keeping himself fit as he does it. It doesn't have to be business all the bloody time. If doing these productions makes him happy, entertains him, and doesn't make things grow stale for him then let the man do what he wants. Christ, you'd think the video was showing Cam just sitting on the couch chugging beer and eating junk food.
  2. See, the same old poo another day has already started. Demonizing a person for not voting for a person that they don't agree with the policies of is down right sad. I don't believe in voting for the shiniest of two turds, never have never will. If a party wants my vote they will earn it, simple as that. My vote for 3rd party is just that, a vote for 3rd party. It doesn't magically add a point to whatever side just because you don't agree with it.
  3. I agree with Nanuq, policy should most definitely be the focus of the election. I didn't like Trump last election and already knew I wasn't voting for him. Once Hillary won the candidacy I thought "You know what, I don't like her either given everything that has happened but I will give her a chance to convince me that I can trust her and her policies.". All I was rewarded with for giving her that opportunity was her basically saying, "Vote for me.....at least I'm not Trump!". The end result was I, as well as many other people, voting third party instead because neither side gave a valid reason as to choose them. I have a pretty good feeling that if things go the way the media has been pushing it, with Biden winning the candidacy, then it is going to basically be the same old poo different day come election time. Who will come out the winner this time if that happens, beats the hell out of me.
  4. I know other wouldn't have liked it but damn Raiders. I would have liked to have seen Hunter in a Panther uniform.
  5. Yeah ESPN might have a slight delay then. I'm watching on NFL Network
  6. Wonder what Raiders received in exchange for that trade with the Jags.
  7. Which network are you watching? I might be mistaken but it seemed like it was announced on my TV before his post.
  8. Anybody else wish they would do both the 1st round and 2nd round in the same day. I hate them splitting things up so much. Then again, I guess it does give teams time to readjust their boards and plan according to what took place that night.
  9. Ah cool, didn't even notice or realize that until now and this season. Thought I had missed something or that the site made a mistake lol.
  10. So I'm looking at the NFL website, can somebody give me a reminder as to why we picked 16th in the 1st round but 15th in the 2nd round, according to the website?
  11. Eagle fans are beyond pissed at trading up for a T.
  12. Vikings needed OL help but a center was most definitely not the spot they needed to focus on to help. Feel like that was a rather dumb decision.
  13. Not the QB I'd have expect them to pick up. Should be interesting to see if that pans out for Ol' Gettleman. Eli has to watch his back now for sure.
  14. Lmao, just heard somebody call him Nick "Not as good as his brother" Bosa.
  15. NFL must be telling the teams to hold off on their picks until time is mostly up. They are milking the hell out of these picks.
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