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  1. I like and respect Cam but I do think the shot at Teddy was a little uncalled for. Talk poo to the organization and those with decision making ability, sure, I'm okay with that but Teddy didn't make the decision. Plus I'll also add in that Teddy has had to fight back from his own injury, that has quite often been a career ending one in the past, but also could have been a life threatening one if not handled appropriately. I think the man definitely has earned some respect for just being able to recover from that type of injury and get back on the field. This being said, Cam was in workout mode. I've seen a lot of people that say stuff to hype themselves up in workout mode that they wouldn't normally mean or say. Something to give you that push and drive to keep going.
  2. I'm skeptical of the signing but that being said maybe the change of scenery will do him well. I'll give him the benefit of a doubt and a chance to prove himself. Welcome to the Panthers.
  3. I just want to hear their explanations for a call and for a no call much like they were doing in the XFL.
  4. Hey now, no need to attack Bersin. While he wasn't an all star WR and he was horrible as a return man, the man was always there to to make those "must have" catches. If we needed to make a catch to move the chains he was usually good for it.
  5. Hmmm, not bad, as far as I can tell this was the 1st tech issue of the night and it was only a minor sound level issue.
  6. Odd pick by Philly. I don't know if you pick a QB to be a backup in the 2nd round when you have so many other starters to pick from.
  7. Oh man, this dude has such a tragic history. His father dying to save him and then his brother dying by lightening. I'd root for this dude to succeed even if he wasn't picked by the panthers.
  8. Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the info. I know a decent amount about the draft process but didn't really think about the rules when a tie happens.
  9. Somebody fill me in real quick why we are the 6th pick of the 2nd round when we were the 7th in the 1st? Did a team have to forfeit a pick and I just can't remember what happened?
  10. Ignoring our recent history with the Broncos, there is just something about Elway that I just don't like.
  11. Niner's defense is going to be beastly adding in Kinlaw to the mix. He was a guy that I wouldn't have minded us taking especially after the show he put on for the scouts.
  12. Well, considering even his interview he kept the same no energy, no excitement, boring tone while he was talking. Like I said, he didn't sound like he was happy at all.
  13. And? That is pretty much every year and we still see excitement once their name is officially called.
  14. Jesus, for a person that was just taken 1st overall he sure seems to not give a fug. Really lame reaction lmao.
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