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  1. Seriously though, is everybody really going to ignore that the ball was thrown to where DJ would have been had he not turned around and slowed himself down? I don't see it as an inaccurate throw at all but instead a miscommunication on the route. It goes along exactly with what Rhule said in his conference that the team was just simply out of sync all game.
  2. At the time all that was said on that pass was that he'd have to look at the film to tell what happened. He did say he felt like the team was very out of sync the whole game with players running the wrong routes and etc. though. Correct me if I'm mistaken but with the facilities being shut down due to Covid, they lost some practice time didn't they? If so that could explain everybody being so out of sync.
  3. Funny you should say that. I watched the replay of it on the NFL web site and it looked exactly that. Teddy threw the ball as if to hit DJ in stride however DJ turned around and lost some speed for a moment and it looked it was just enough to put him out of position to make the catch. Hard to really say who blame would fall on in that situation to be honest. Now that I think about it the announcers even say as much that Teddy was trying to lead him down the field. Going even further, this play could have even been a cause and effect or the INT that ended the game since instead of doing a leading throw (though he was under pressure this time) he tried a bullet throw.
  4. Man, if only he would have reached out for the first since he was so close. I get the idea of "ball security" however on 4th down, when the game is over if you don't pick it up, you got nothing to lose. You reach and make it, 1st down and game continues. If you reach and it gets knocked loose, game is over anyhow.
  5. Honestly, the refs got fuging lazy on that call. No way everybody else looked at that and saw incomplete pass and yet they saw fumble. Hell, look at other cases of this type of tackle where they are so quick to blow the whistle and yet they let this one go. I think they just wanted to go home so they decided to call it fumble and end of game.
  6. Yeah, not a fumble at all. I know it likely wouldn't have mattered but we saw what a couple of seconds can do when the Vikings took out the Saints a couple seasons ago. All it takes is one blown coverage. Hate when refs fug up like that.
  7. Vikings were so stupid to go for it on 4th instead of kicking the FG.
  8. I am a little worried about them sucking so badly though. I would hate to imagine them actually going 0-16 and getting the number 1 pick and having the balls to pull the trigger on Trevor Lawrence. Even if they don't though you know somebody is going to trade them the everything for that pick. As long as it isn't against us, I'd like for them to win 2 or 3 games maybe. Push them away from those top spots a bit.
  9. Honestly, people thinking we were going to get the 1st pick even if we lost out haven't been paying attention to just how bad other teams like the Giants, Vikings, Broncos, and Jets have looked.
  10. oh so they want to call offsides on us but ignore when they did it.... ok refs. I see how it is.
  11. I didn't see a "Come Back" even on the highlight of it. I did see the WR go towards the middle of the field and jump up for the catch.
  12. Let's be honest, we have never been a great red zone team for years now.
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