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  1. I'll likely be going for the 49'ers to win. The only part of that I don't like is that, it allows that loud mouth Richard Sherman to get another ring but I can live with that. The chiefs, I have nothing against, though they have been just a bit too arrogant for my liking these past few weeks. I also haven't exactly been a fan of how much the refs were ignoring their OLine blatantly holding in the last game while calling the Titans on it.
  2. So the organization has been doing this for years now and has never had an issue arise out of it from people of any other beliefs nor any violence arise from it. I don't see the need to remove something that clearly hasn't been a problem. I see it as a moment of prayer in general. If you don't believe at all take it as a chance to reflect on the things your appreciate in your life, if you believe in a different religion feel free to say a little prayer to your own god, and so on. Now had we had multiple egregious incidents linked to this then I could see stopping it but at this time I see no problem in it.
  3. Not going to lie, glad you included that first part. I would have been calling him Sue-lay-Mon. Over all though sounds like a nice hire as long as he has the "threatening calls" thing out of his system.
  4. Yeah, I don't like this ref staff at all. I thought all the ignored holding in the College Championship was bad but atleast they were ignoring it on both sides. These refs are ignoring all the holding for the Chiefs while calling it on the Titans.
  5. Chiefs lineman was holding pretty badly on that long pass.
  6. Big boy TD. Always got to love when the big guys get one lol.
  7. Though it makes me sad to see him go I say cheers to him. He was a great leader for the defense and his football IQ was beat by next to none. Maybe we will see him back as a coach one day because I just can't see him staying away from the game in some form of capacity. Thanks for all that you did for the team Luke.
  8. Didn't say it wasn't a flag. It is BS though that he clearly wasn't intentionally doing but gets ejected on the first time. 2nd I could understand but the first is BS.
  9. Yeah that pure BS. He shouldn't have been ejected.
  10. If it was a little closer to him then I could see a flag but he had no shot at catching that even if he didn't go down so I'm fine with the no call.
  11. I don't think you can call that incidental since it was enough to turn his head around.
  12. I see it in the NFL as well but man I hate that screaming to try and distract the returner stuff.
  13. With as much holding as the refs have allowed this game it's definitely hard to get pressure. It'll be interesting to see what kind of adjustments are made.
  14. OMG LMAO, that coach sounds like he is a wrestler for the WWE with that fuging voice HAHAHA
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