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  1. I try to control myself when it comes to political topics but this is one I cannot. I absolutely, positively, WILL NOT vote for Biden. I've seen enough of him acting way too touchy feely so much that I cringe anytime I see that asshole. I've seen him sniffing women and young children's hair, kissing them with them being very visibly upset about it, and let's not forget that incredibly awkward story of him talking about how a kid would rub his leg hair down in the pool to see it come back up (who the hell just lets a kid rub on their leg like that?) which he then promptly follow up by saying "And I learned about roaches and I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I love kids jumping on my lap." . He shares a lot in common with Trump actually. The touchy feelyness and the "My poo don't stink" attitude. Seen multiple situations where people are asking him legit questions and that he didn't like so he basically told them to vote for somebody else or vote for Trump and refused to answer. I even seen him get asked a question from a member of the press and instead of giving a short answer he pulls a piece of paper out of his coat with preprinted stuff on it and just walks off. I don't trust the man and he damn well is doing everything but trying to gain that trust. I refuse to vote for somebody that I cannot trust and that goes for both Trump and Biden.
  2. I know nothing about this person but damn. If you are going to make a video doing a song or rap then take a moment to memorize the lines or at least put the lines somewhere off screen where you can see them. I mean at least try to make it look like you aren't reading the lyrics straight off of your phone.
  3. Glad to see Cameron Artis-Payne tearing it up out there. I feel like he has a good chance of a NFL team calling him up based on what he has shown so far. Honestly, now that we have new coaches, If he keeps performing that well in the XFL I wouldn't mind us taking another look at him as a person to take a little of the load off of CMC's back.
  4. Sorry Greg, I love ya but I can't and won't cheer on the Seahawks in any form or way. I would have went with Buffalo since they made it to the playoffs and have a pretty decent team in place as well as many of the Carolina connections that made him even contemplate going to rebuilding Washington with Ron. I wish you well but to heck with the Seahawks and it's rather annoying fan base.
  5. Interesting, I just read into how the XFL handles overtime. They use a kind of NHL approach to it.
  6. Hell of a play by Houston's QB Walker. Reminded me of a healthy Cam breaking a tackle, avoiding a couple others and then running it for a first!
  7. Ouch, hate to see that happen to anybody. Pretty damn rough having pretty much the whole pile come down on your leg.
  8. For XP's I like their idea for 2-point and 3-point conversions though I still feel like FG should be available for the 1-point instead of it being the same as a 2 and 3 point just closer to the goal.
  9. What do you guys think of the way replays are done here? I kind of like that I get to hear what the booth people are saying about what they see so I can at least attempt to understand why they decide on certain calls.
  10. I got to say I like the uniforms I've seen so far for the teams. I want to see LA's home uniform given the color scheme I see from their helmet.
  11. Now that is some major clock mismanagement. Even in this league where it's easier to manage it.
  12. That was a nice pass. Much better than I saw from the Dragons.
  13. What is their rule on it? I was busy and didn't catch what happens. The game has been pretty interesting though for sure. Dragons seem pretty weak on offense though.
  14. Seeing Greg suit up for Seattle would be sickening. Go someplace like Houston, Baltimore, or maybe even Buffalo and help them out instead
  15. I'm more of a make the call type person on the blatant ones. I mean blatant hold that leads to a 40+ yard gain doesn't really equal a blatant hold on a 5 or 6 yard gain. Make the call on both and nobody gets an advantage vs. if you don't one side clearly gets more advantage out of it in this type of example.
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