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  1. I'm not going to lie, i kind of feel like if we clean house after this season, then we need to look into a new training staff as well. This is a lot like Greg last season, "He's ready to go back out and play" and then next thing we know he hurt the same thing again but worse. It seems to be a fairly common trend with this staff and coaches to rush players back from injury before they should.
  2. NFL needs to change some stupid ass rules when it comes to penalties that close to the goal line. Coaches and players that close commit penalties ALL the time because they know it has pretty much 0 consequences. I mean look at this case, they called that timeout smiling their asses off the whole time. They knew that they wouldn't give up a first by doing it if they didn't ignore it and used it to get a free look at what we put out on the field. In cases like that 4th and 2 if they commit what would normally be a penalty that would give a 1st down anywhere else on the field then they should award a 1st that close as well. It doesn't make any sense otherwise. Then again it is the NFL and their stupid ass refs so sense isn't exactly their forte........
  3. That is pure HORSESHIT! Every fuging call I've seen has been where the ball is when the player land out of bounds. Why NOW is suddenly a different fuging rule!
  4. Watching that replay, boy, Ray Ray I commend you on that return but protect that ball better. Almost dropped it.
  5. Thats better Ray Ray. Return more like that and get whatever jitters you had on those other completely gone.
  6. Don't you just love listening to this commentary. The announce team are dancing all around calling it a terrible spot. "The spot.......well......the spot was the spot." How about call it what it actually is, the spot was BS lmao.
  7. BS!!!!! Even in the overhead shot you can see he had the first before his knee hit! Refs fuging us over is getting REALLY stupid!
  8. Honestly I feel like Sam Mills deserves to go into the HoF more than any other guys from our team's history right now. No offense to Jake, Smitty, and everybody else of course but Sam is THE perfect story you want immortalized in the Hall. He was always told he was undersized and that he would never make it, he proved them wrong and made it and dominated at it in the process, he was a hell of a coach even when facing down cancer, and in the process pretty much shaped the Panther's franchise with his words. I mean, his words were so powerful that the team still uses them to this day. To add to this, he is one of the very very few things that both Panther fans and Saint fans can agree on (for the most part. still have arguments about who he impacted more.). If that isn't what you want representing the best of your sport then I don't know what to tell a person lol.
  9. Wasn't watching when this happened. If anybody can find a video or something of this play I'd appreciate it.
  10. I can just see Ryan elbowing his new coaches and GM on the Jets "Hey I know this guy that was let go recently that would do good here!"
  11. Here is their explanation for it. They basically claimed he struggled in preseason and that when he came in it made Dan Bailey start doing better. Heck they brought him in to try and do both K and P jobs and then he leaves with neither. So they really gave a 5th round pick so they can put temporary pressure on their current kicker to do better. I somehow feel like that won't last into the season now that he doesn't have that person behind him anymore lol. https://www.vikings.com/video/pelissero-explains-why-vikings-moved-on-from-vedvik-sloter-and-treadwell
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