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  1. Another shitard tweet less than 24 hours ago Howie Hawkins? Really ? You gullible morons.
  2. Paa Langfart


    If we were in a military war this would be more deaths of Americans than the battles of Fredericksburg in the Civil War, the Battle of Belleau Wood in WW1 , and the the battle of Manila in WW 2. And that is ONE days toll. Let that sink in. Meanwhile back at the nations command and control center, the shitard in chief plays golf, rage tweets idotic vomit about " morning joe" , " billmaher" , and the " suburban housewife" and his lackies lick it up and ask for more. Just fuging pitiful ignorance and stupidity . Noidea what kind of fool it takes to still support this maniacal imbecile.
  3. Found this in the comments section of WashPost today on one of the articles.
  4. Kamala gave a strong well thought out "speech" today. Shitard is going to get his fat a ss burned badly by her. Biden picked right.
  5. I am still not convinced a real season of football lies ahead this year,but I am already looking forward to next year and the year after.
  6. To all the complainer s. Who would have been a better pick? I think Americans are pretty much done with electing people with little to no governing experience. What name makes more sense than Harris? I myself think she has balls and brains aplenty for the job and will get things done while an understudy and if she gets the main job of something happens to Biden Iwont be losing any sleep over it.
  7. Putin setting up the orange shitehead to demand the FDA give approvals for vaccinations before they are vetted.
  8. Yeah, must be h ell with FOUR new cases in your country in over 3 months.
  9. Dude get a licensed electrician to check into it. I am more diy than average but electrical problems can burn your house down and possibly kill you.
  10. Is this one of the fools at St urgis exchanging covid on a massive scale?
  11. New Zealand marks 100 straight days with no new cases. Meanwhile in the US we had over 44,000 new cases confirmed yesterday and projected to have 300,000 deaths by December.
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