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  1. Paa Langfart

    Stop defending Cam

  2. First off I said a couple of years. That is two. And I never said just get rid of him. I was probably the first to say last week to sit him and get him to the best orthopedic surgeon we can find. But the fact remains he may be done. Sit him for a year if necessary. Make do with Heinicke or whoever we can pick up. Indy did it with their qb. But we need a real back up plan if he cant come back in 2020. That means drafting a qb or finding a replacement journeyman to hold the fort down. This spring. Rushing Cam back from surgery isn't going to do him or this team any favors.
  3. Its been going on for a couple of years now. It isn't getting better it is getting worse. Cam is getting older. Surgeries are not always successful. It appears that this may be one that wasn't. JMO of course but my eyes don't lie. And neither do yours if you take off the rose colored glasses.
  4. Stop reading poo into this. Most fans just want to see their team win no matter who is playing. So what is your answer Philly ? Trot Cam out there for a couple more years until it is painfully obvious to even the most mentally challenged that this injury isn't going to get better, while the rest of the team busts their asses trying to make up for a failing shoulder ?
  5. Paa Langfart

    Stop defending Cam

    When Delhomme fell off the edge of the map nobody was afraid to admit it nor were there many people here defending the indefensible play he gave us. Why is is so difficult to see that Cam may be done and it may be time to move on ?
  6. I would pay Rivera top money as a DC but not as a HC. Offer him a but load of money as DC and Hire an OC who is good with that.
  7. Paa Langfart

    I’m going to tell you a secret...

    The guy is an idiot or has not a clue as to what is going on if he lets a player he is paying $20 million a year play hurt in 2 meaningless games.
  8. Paa Langfart

    I’m going to tell you a secret...

    These the same people. right bro.
  9. Paa Langfart

    I’m going to tell you a secret...

    Then I guess we know that tepper is poo as an owner. What sort of competent owner lets their franchise qb get drilled into the ground when the season is lost ?
  10. Paa Langfart

    I’m going to tell you a secret...

    Please stop making excuses for Cam. It is always everyones fault but Cams in some peoples eyes. Just fuging stop and admit that for what ever reason Cam looks like poo. He might be hurt, has a poor o line, whatever but this year he sucks ass. IMO he has given up. Doesn't even seem to give a poo anymore. Time for a reckoning with a new head coach. Maybe a new qb if Cam cant get it done anymore.
  11. Yes he did = all we need now is a head coach
  12. someone get a screen shot of peyton wiping sh!t off his face
  13. Not only that he should have been hustling back to the los I, instead hes fuging dilly dallying like a show boat. Him and fuging Rivera make a hell of a pair.
  14. I have seen him when he is checked in and pressing in the same situation - he has checked out. You know it as well as I do.
  15. Fug all you assholes blaming it all on a shoulder - Cam has mentally checked out of this team. Did you see him after the 1st down run?