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  1. Yep. S cuzzballs would rather the country crash and burn.
  2. this was 1984 not 85 as I previously thought -scan from an old photo
  3. Thanks for the inside insight. I remember the homosexual scorned lover angle and at the time I thought it was nothing but typical navy bullshit. Will try to post one of Iowa firing her guns that I took off the coast of Nicaragua in 85 once I get to my pc. We stationed about 2000 yards away from her and it was a d amn impressive display. Iowa would helo the various central American big shots out to the sh ip to impress frighten them. Was also the first time I saw live sea whiz firing.
  4. So the last I heard on that was that the bags of powder had been stored at Yorktown NWS at too high of a temp - was there ever a definitive cause found?
  5. Fogerty would make a better potus than t rump.
  6. Not sure but how many shows about jb have cross dressing characters?
  7. I just read about a new series coming out about John Brown and a fictional cross dressing follower of his. You may want to check it out.
  8. You weren't on Iowa by any chance? We took them through the canal both directions and provided asw and aa missile support in the mid 80s during Reagan's big stick show of battleship firepower in response to the sandinistas. The highlight of my 4 1/2 years was when the senior chief of my division invited me into the chief's mess to meet a grizzled old master chief Medal of Honor recipient.
  9. Yeah I served in the Navy as an officer. Personally borrowed some gear off guys at ST6 when we were doing drug interdiction in the Caribbean in the mid 80's. So, I met a lot of guys both in and out of the service some of who were seals. Some on the right and some on the left. I knew exactly one real shithead out of the naval academy and one sociopath out of a ROTC program when I was in service. Neither were seals. The rest I would trust my life with when I served. Got a BIL now who was a seal. I have worked a lot of different jobs in my life - from farmhand on up to middle management jobs. US Navy sailors are the finest bunch of guys I have ever met - most of them the E's. Even one guy in my division who I remember visiting in the brig in Little Creek , who got a DD and carried his meager belongings off the ship in a plastic garbage bag in disgrace. The dude was an alcoholic but a straight up guy otherwise - he did his job and kept his poo ready - liberty time was another matter. I put my balls on the line a several times for guys busted for thc in their piss- it fuged up any chance for a federal career for me and certainly put me on the CO 's shitlist, which was not a ball of fun in a small command. I don't regret a minute of it. It was real education for a white bread kid from WV. I highly recommend it.
  10. I know trump botched this from the start. No poo. And no poo things are about to get worse. And no poo a check wont solve everyones problems. But it will solve a lot of folks problems or at least get them closer to being solved. And where did I say the shitbag in chief is right and everyone else wrong ? Are you high ?
  11. You know damn well that no sort of guaranteed monthly income is going to go through the pubes in the senate- or t rump for that matter. Folks standing in food lines, and losing their homes is happening now. Help is needed now. I know to all the big shots here on the forum $3500 is chump change, but that amount would make up over 15% of the income I have lost this year due to covid. I am not worried about myself as I do have modest savings to help see me through and I will make it because I am fortunate enough to be in that position and in reasonable health - but a lot of folk will not. I think about one of my neighbors in particular who worked in a school who no longer has a job there, in her early 60's with health problems and most likely no health insurance and trying to live off a paltry $240 a week or so from the NC DES if that hasn't already run out. Trying to feed herself and an even more in poor health relative of hers and pay the bills. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands like her right here just in our state. $3500 is not a paltry sum for a lot of folks. It can make an absolutely huge difference. I guess if you have a decent high paying and non high risk job left after the carnage, you can sneer at it and say it will only buy an x box or not enough for childcare for the kids. That is privlege. You are lucky. And that is all it is. Luck. Remember that. It may be your turn in the barrel next. You fugs better be giving to your local food banks and charities. I planted the biggest crop of winter vegetables I could this year and will be giving to my neighbors who are hurting.
  12. So cra, for a young family of four who could have received an extra $3500 or so sometime in the next couple months. Maybe one parent out of a job. You think that wouldn't buy some groceries or pay the electric bill?
  13. Yep. Tillis is a pathetic pos. Afraid Cunningham may have cooked his goose cause he couldn't keep it in his pants.
  14. You must still be getting a paycheck.
  15. BS. Folks on medicare and medicaid get every damn thing here you say is going to go away, and 332 already pointed out VA provides it as well.
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