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  1. You want to hear some f bombs that are actually funny and youre sick of everything Ron Rivera watch this
  2. So many questions about why cheat against the bengals. Well I think its like this. If you don't practice cheating when you play the bad teams, how are you going to be any good at cheating when you play a good team ?
  3. I also knew a couple folks who knew Cignetti. From what I heard he wasn't a bad guy. just not a good nor great coach. Same way I feel about Rivera - seems like a outstanding dude to me in all respects and I respect the guy by all accounts I have heard of him- just not who you want running your coaching squad from the results I have seen.
  4. Pro Cam and anti Cam fools are equally as dumb. Just be friggin real folks. Take off the rose colored glasses and the hate blinders, see what it is and accept it.
  5. I know he has a football pedigree from his dad, but I don't remember his dad having a whole lot of good years at WVU when given the opportunity. Maybe Jr. is different and obviously not auditioning for head coach. When I remember WVU coaches that have done well one name stands out - Bobby Bowden.
  6. That guy needs to be fired because any orthopedic foot doc will tell you to get surgery with a Lisfranc foot injury if you want to ensure it heals in a timely manner.
  7. So it took cam a full 4 months to make a decision on what doc to use ? Really ?
  8. consistently holding onto the ball when he gets sacked would be a big improvement - every time Allen gets sacked or is about to I'm thinking its going to be a turn over.
  9. for everyone hahahahhahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. This ketchup is making me horny ooops wrong forum
  11. I expect our D to be even more complete ass than it has been come Sunday.
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