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  1. Someone tell me this is a joke post.
  2. More important things than the economy out there you know
  3. and this is what has the attention of the potus - fuging incredible and frightening
  4. yeah its only good for your nutjob Bernie to glom onto and that is all. Just to do bernies bidding.
  5. That is $1500 after tax dollars. that is a shitpot full of money to the majority of Americans.
  6. lmao - fuggin guy is losing what few marbles he had left
  7. Go on the offense against someone maybe some someones. Distraction is the key. That and the base of empty minded numbskulls.
  8. Yeah I have been wondering about why Matsko gets the hype he does on here. Definitely has an underperforming unit
  9. Reid is all about Reid. If you think he gives two shits about this team you are mistaken.
  10. not me. mankind is a blight on the earth. how many kids you got again ?
  11. Guy is a dumb ass and an attention whore - any kind of attention as long as he gets it - plain and simple.
  12. This will end up in tb, but that appeared to be a dirty head shot, late hit, and in pre season. JMO but I see a big fine coming for the guy who is in a constant battle with his employers boss.
  13. But stoic Ron CURSES in the halftime locker room !
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