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  1. lol. desperate times for the Bernie bros.
  2. A guy that probably actually is playing 3d chess.
  3. Thank you Marty Hurney for giving that 3rd round draft pick to the Bears for this guy so many years ago. One of your best moves ever as Panthers GM.
  4. I wish to hell Buttigieg is the nominee - I know its a long shot but I think he has the most workable ideas to get things moving ahead in this country. If any of you haven't been to his web site and read his ideas and plans I would highly recommend you do so.
  5. I certainly hope so. It would be great to have that option available.
  6. That is assuming that Grier progresses enough to be a potential starter. That is assuming a lot from what we saw in pre season Grier.
  7. I thought I read someplace that we could save several million dollars by releasing him.
  8. Cam wants to come back possibly before he is actually ready because he has a lot of future contract money at stake. If he doesn't come back this year he is probably gone from the Panthers squad and will be pedaling previously damaged goods to a team who thinks they can fit him into their run heavy/errratic passing offensive system. And if Allen continues to be a much cheaper option that keeps winning there would be no reason to give Cam a new contract. Cam would probably be much more at ease about taking his time to heal if Allen wans't 4-0.
  9. It is a Perfect letter. This letter will cause a love affair to blossom between the two leaders.
  10. Even with a healthy Cam that still means a bunch of wasted time outs. I vote for Allen
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