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  1. Naw no one in dotards administration would do anything like that, it must be fake news. He's actually a great guy and is stepping down to spend more quality time with his family.
  2. if you actually gave a fug about " our climate " you'd go vegetarian or better yet vegan. Yeah its always Someone Else's fault . LMMFBAO
  3. It does have something to do with providing subsistence for me and my family. I can, freeze, dehydrate, and make wine all from the produce I grow. I even make my own charcoal. I sell the surplus of what we can't use and on good years that can be a good bit. And I give my elderly and less well off neighbors stuff fresh from the garden as well. But unlike what rodeo says it isn't easy - not on the scale I do it on anyway - . Its friggin dirty, difficult, back breaking work that doesn't really stop year round if you do what you should be doing and keep your place up. We save several thousand dollars on food every year. I have no problem with people growing their own stuff- IMO people ought to be getting closer to nature and away from mind numbing electronic bs. But stop blaming my generation for every thing wrong in your life for christs sake. We weren't all handed some sort of gold plated spoon just cause we were born during a certain time frame.
  4. you seem really ignorant on people growing food for personal consumption what an ass
  5. No soil - I use perlite in the buckets - the buckets are recycled from the local bakery. Just look up dutch bucket growing on you tube - lots of folks doing it.
  6. lol. I grow my tomatoes hydroponically . And I've been farming and making money off it for a good while - maybe longer than you've been alive. blue berries, assorted vegetables ( including tomatoes from my hydroponic grow ) and I keep bees and sell honey.
  7. You have a garden, not farm. Big fuging difference. And by the way, looks like you got blight going on them maters.
  8. stop spouting your non sense. he got 52% of white womens votes. hardly what a sane person would consider " droves"
  9. Hey look everyone - I got a lawn. I'm a turf farmer now !
  10. I am 4 weeks into a non walking foot cast that runs up to my knee - hopefully tomorrow I move up to a walking cast for 4 weeks then hopefully no more cast.
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