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  1. Well i never said i was luke . I'm his Brother btw so yea ,
  2. lord this place is so dry , Op was being funny i'm sure---> and i went with it as did others , This place is so uptight .
  3. Hmmm ? I see why kids are not all that smart nowadays- Teachers are dumber then the Students it seems , you just linked a/your source link that was made 4 hrs after i made that post . Oh ---> & I fear You may be suffering from a cranial rectal inversion. Google that .
  4. He used Jordan Gross E-Mail --- luuuuuke was incognito /sigh
  5. yea never said was from Ln lol .. wow u all bent on this lol ... Ask for Jonathan Messinger/Dave B Physician assistant studies You down with --->
  6. It's ok man a few knew it . hell we joked about it a few time fishing at/around BIGCats boat dock on LN ,, Tell your brother i will see him on the 21 . Fishing Trip is still on ,,,
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