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  1. I think people are severely overstating KK's demise. Casual fans get caught up in just total sack numbers, when in reality sacks can be random. You have to look at pressures and win rates and also his run D. Also you have to compare that success to the rest of the league to really get an idea of his performance. For example casual fan says "he only beat his man 10% of the time he must be terrible". In reality the average DT only beats his man 8% of the time so in reality he played well. You can't judge a player by just watching him, you have to have a benchmark to compare to. That is what makes the PFF scoring system so good. I'm not saying his play wasn't down somewhat last year but he is far from a JAG.
  2. DJ Moore Curtis Samuel Jarius Wright or Godwin Chris Hogan or Godwin Torrey Smith or Godwin If Godwin shows out I could see him taking a spot from Smith, Wright or Hogan. Smith would present the most cap savings. Wright would be the second most cap savings and I thought Wright played really well last year. If Moore and Samuel continue to receive the majority of target I would probably release Smith based on cap savings. When Smith was signed Moore was a rookie and Samuel was really young in his development. I know everyone is in a jury to get release Smith but there really isn't a big reason for them to do it already. He doesn't have a roster bonus or anything. They can release him later and get the same savings. At this point you never know if someone gets hurt, he is a bit of an insurance policy.
  3. People look at the CAP situation entirely wrong. Looking back he was actually a decent pick for a 5ht rounder. He filled it cheaply for 4 years. The problem is only 46 players are active on game days and they view him as a back up first down back. Look at his early years, you had Stewart, Tolbert, and Fozzy. He wasn't a backup to Fozzy and/or Tolbert he was the backup to Stewart. If Stewart was hurt he became the starting primary RB. They didn't need him active on game days if Stewart was health, even if Stewart got hurt you could let Tolbert handle those duties, not to mention we have a QB that could do some power running. Even if he was "better" they wouldn't have him active because they have to sit someone. Last year he backed up CMC and CJ. Same thing, doesn't matter if he was a "better prospect" he isn't going to be active on game days. That 3rd RB is a logical spot to make inactive on game days. That is why I think filling it cheaply with a later draft pick is smart. I'm not saying you shouldn't try to upgrade, but I really don't think it was as bad of a pick as people think. People need to remember there are only so many carries to go around. Even if you have 3 great RBs the coaches are still going to give the majority to the one that view as slightly better. Playing CJ last year wouldn't have added to our rushing attack it would have just replaced what we already got out of CMC. Even though I wouldn't mind seeing CMC having a bit of a reduced workload.
  4. Everyone is quick to take this guy over Short based on a twitter feed from PFF. People should look to see how he compares to Short and even Love according to PFF. I'm not saying he isn't a good player but people need some perspective.
  5. I'm not sure he really projects as a 3-4 OLB.
  6. I've stated this several times in different threads but apparently it is missed by most. Why does everyone automatically put Love at NT and Butler at DE if we go 3-4. Butler is actually a lot bigger. Last game of last year we ran some 3-4 looks. I went back and looked at the personnel groupings. All are listed as DE, NT, DE Cox, Butler, Love Cox, Butler, Love Butler, Poe, Addison Peppers, Poe, Butler Love, Poe, Horton Love, Poe, Peppers Haynes, Butler, Poe Peppers, Poe, Butler I'm sure I missed some plays but I didn't see Love playing NT at all. From what I could tell Short didn't play that game so I'm sure that will change the rotation but I find it interesting that Butler was used as the back up NT. Based on this my best guess is : 3-4 DEs: Short, Love, Butler, Cox 3-4 NTs: Poe and Butler I personally think we will still added another D-lineman. Also I'm not sure what to make of Obada. Maybe they use him as a DE on rushing downs. Not sure how much he can bulk up. Also I wouldn't put much in the fact that Addison and Haynes got snaps as 3-4 DEs. They are going to be OLBs, those were probably passing situations where we changed our look at the last minute.
  7. There is no rule on the split we have to have. Personally I wouldn't like going to only 8 spots on the OL. They are too hard to find and take time to develop so I don't mind keeping extra. Also why does everyone continue to put Love at NT?
  8. There seem to be a percentage of fans that seem afraid to let go of the 4-3. I wonder why? I'm sure all teams run some variations of the 4-3 and 3-4 regardless of what is considered their base. Also I'm sure there are some that are more hybrid then others, but at a certain point I wonder if you are diluting your talent. I'm fine with being versatile but here are only so many resources (draft picks and cap space) to go around.
  9. I just think there is a good chance we carry 6 3-4 Dlineman. Short, Butler, Poe, Love, Cox and one more.
  10. We usually carry 9 D-lineman for 4 spots with our 4-3, do you really think we are only going to carry 3 for 3 spots with a 3-4? I'm thinking at least 6: Short, Poe, Love, Cox, and Butler. That leaves one spot. Really I could see 7. A lot of years we have a 9-6-9 split among D-line, LBs, and secondary. Could be 7-8-9 now. Eight LBs: Kuechly, Thompson, Carter, Irvin, Addison, Burns, Miller, Haynes I'm not sure where Obada fits in yet.
  11. Addison will be playing OLB. DE- Short, Love, Cox NT - Poe and Butler (Butler will play DE some also) I really think we carry at least 6 D-lineman so I expect us to add someone. They will rotate them and also a lot will be determined by down and distance. You might see something like Love-Poe-Butler on a running down and then Short-Butler-Cox on a passing down. If you watch the last game of last year you can see us running some 3-4. Short was out that game but they had Cox and Love as DEs and Poe at NT. Butler played both NT and DE. So the formations I saw were: Love-Poe-Butler Love-Butler-Cox Addison was playing OLB.
  12. Why again is everyone convinced Love is going to be behind Poe and Butler is at DE? Last year they played Love at DE and Butler at both DE and NT.
  13. But where did they play Love last year when they went to a 3-4? Where did they play Butler when they went to a 3-4?
  14. I agree, I'm thinking at least 6. DE- Short / Love / Cox DT - Poe / Butler That's only 5. I think we try to pick up someone else at some point. Also I expect Butler to play DE some based on down and distance, but they had him at NT some last year. Why does everyone keep putting Love at NT and Butler at DE in our 3-4? We ran some 3-4 alignments at the end of last year. People should look at those to get an idea of who might play where.
  15. We had 4 picks in the top 100 of a draft class that seemed to have some depth at positions of need for us. For this reason I was hoping we would find at least 3 starters out of those 4 picks and possible get lucky and find 4. I'm not convinced we did.
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