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  1. There seems to be a lot of discussion about who would a possible new coach but isn't their a good chance a new GM would happen first? What is the chance Tepper would keep Hurney but let go of Rivera? Seems like if one goes they both would and then the new GM would be instrumental in hiring the next coach. If that did happen who would be some candidates that people would like to see as GM? I keep thinking of an old tweet by Louis Riddick: I still have my doubts on how much RR and DG were on the same page. Seems like the best organizations benefit when everyone has the same vision.
  2. There are 20 teams with the same or worse record than we have. Also we are only one spot out of the playoffs if I'm not mistaken. I think the next 4 games will decide a lot. We go 3-1 we might make the playoffs and then I could see him keeping his job. 1-3 though?
  3. Decent list but he named 12/22 starting spots so it seems obvious that would be a good foundation. If you factor in asset allocation (who I would spend high draft picks and cap space on) my list would be something like this: Offense: QB, LT, RT, WR, WR Defense: DL that can rush the QB x2 CB1, CB2, and CB3 LB that can cover Safety that can cover Seems like guards, centers, TEs, RBs, run stopping DTs, box safeties, and LBs you can find lower in the draft or cheaper in FA.
  4. I would prefer to gamble on a younger, inexperienced guy and give yourself a shot at the next Sean Mcvay than hiring a "name" retread with a proven record of being average.
  5. Campbell-Poe-Short More 3 man fronts?
  6. AU-panther

    FYI: the panthers have no cap space

    The vast majority of times you hear about a player restructuring their contract they aren't taking a pay cut. All they are dong is coverting salary into a bonus that is paid then. It would be like your boss giving you the choice between $120,000 in January or $10,000 each month for the year. Why would you not take it upfront? With Cams salary this year alone you could free up around $7m. Doesn't cost you anymore in the long run unless you plan on cutting Cam before the end of his contract.
  7. I'm not a big fan of trading assets for the right to pay an older player, who will probably start decling soon, big money. His salary for the next three years is $15m, $12m, $15m. Like others have said would be responsible for the entire $15 this year. https://overthecap.com/player/calais-campbell/385/ If he was younger and was due $10 million each year for the next 3 that would be different. People always forget that you don't trade for players you trade for their contracts. His value isn't just determined by his play on the field but the type of salary you incur. It just all depends on what it would take to get him. On the flip side there would be no guaranteed money so you could make the argument that you could you pay him $7m this year and $12m next year and if he starts to decline you could release him before the $15m year. If this is Peppers last year it could be a good bridge until we develop some younger players. We definitely need to look at drafting some this next offseason.
  8. "effective" is relative. http://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/14032/torrey-smith 12 catches for 110 yards? On pace for less than 400 yards? 10th highest cap hit on the team Could be taking snaps from younger guys. What develops players more, a vet in the WR room? or more snaps? Every off season people complain when we don't sign proven vets, but then when the season gets going the same people are calling for the younger guys.
  9. I'm sure age is some of it but also there are also some analytics at play here. Someone on this forum(I wish I could remember who) posted some stats a while back that showed that Peppers converted an abnormally high percentage of his pressures into sacks last year. Based on that alone people should have expected some regression as far as the sack numbers go. I will admit having only one is surprising but nobody should be shocked the numbers are lower than last year. Maybe he is converting an abnormally low of percentages of pressures this year, whereas last year it was abnormally high. Maybe he is getting close to the same amount of pressure as last year. I'm sure someone with PFF would have a better idea of that. Either way I do agree that we need an influx of younger talent on the defensive line. Missing on the Hall pick definitely has hurt.
  10. Most people don't realize that the vast majority of NFL rosters are made up of guys making less than $1,000,000. Anybody making more than $5,000,000 is really one of your "big money" guys. Think about it this way. If I told anyone on this forum that they could build a roster from scratch but they can only have 10 players that make more than $5m a year. Would they sign Smith? I think sometimes GMs are more comfortable paying these 3-8m salaries than they are paying really huge money, >$10m, to really good players. When if fact a lot of these 3-8m guys give you replacement level production. Some people say "its only $4m" but if you can get that same production for $800k, that is substantial, especially when you multiply it by several players. That allows you to sign that expensive player that actually does give elite production.
  11. You can't really judge the trade on how Worley is doing versus how Smith is doing. The real question is has Torrey been worth $5m a year? Keep in mind that puts him as the 10th highest cap hit on the team this year.
  12. Completion percentage and timing aren't necessarily always connected. Accuracy, timing, and touch are all terms that work together but are all different on their own also. Let says a QB is throwing to a receivers chest sitting down in a zone. That isn't as much about timing and more about accuracy. Cam actually tends to throw those pretty well and part of that is arm strength. He can fit a ball into a spot before the window closes almost better than any QB in the league. I've seen him make throws that would probably be interceptions for alot of the QBs in the league. Also dumping off a bunch of short passes to a RB isn't really about timing but it helps your completion percentage. Completion percentage by itself can be really misleading. 60% in a deep passing attack is more impressive than 65% in dink and dunk offense. Also two QBs can have similar completion percentages but one might have a lot more "good" completions. By that I mean a pass that hits a receiver in stride is different than if the receiver has to dive for it. Both count as a completion but one might end up in a first down or touchdown. Over the course of a game those "accurate" completions add up. PFF actually charts some of that. In regards to timing, there are different types of timing for a QB. It can be the ability to hit a receiver on a go route in stride. Timing can also be the ability to throw with anticipation. Releasing the ball before the receiver makes his break, throwing it to where he will be, not where he is. Here again Cam's arm strength allows him to throw some of those passes later. Think about a QB throwing a deep out, I would guess Brady releases the ball sooner than Cam does. On the surface someone might say Brady is throwing with more "anticipation" than Cam but he physically has to so the ball gets there in time, he just doesn't have the same arm strength. I haven't took time to chart it or anything but Cam does see to throw behind players more than leading them too much. Not behind them to the degree of an incompletion but say on a crossing route they have to slow down for it or catch it off of their back hip or shoulder instead of accelerating through the catch. Here again his arm strength allows him to "aim" for the player more than aiming for where the player will be. Also he probably thinks it is safer from a turnover perspective. When you hear a coach talk about building an offense around what Cam does well he is actually saying we are going to stay away from what he does bad. We don't see as many crossing routes as some QBs, Cam tends to throw a lot of outs and seams when Olsen is healthy. The other timing, and the one I think LT is referencing, is the timing of the play. If the play is designed to be a 3 step drop, they are expecting the ball to come out when that back foot hits the ground on that third step. I don't know the play calls but I'm sure LT has a pretty good idea of what to look for. Speaking of "touch", I think of it as the ability to change speed and trajectory to get the ball where you want. A good example of that would be a QB taking some velocity off a pass by increasing trajectory to maybe drop a pass over a LB but in front of the corner. Cam tends to throw a flatter pass than some QBs, here again he has more arm strength than most QBs. All QBs have strengths and weaknesses. Maybe Brady has more touch and timing, Cam has more arm strength. Maybe Brees is 10% more accurate but Cam is a 100% runner. At the end of the day if you ask me to pick a QB to build an offense around to average 28 points a game, Cam would be on a very short list of my first choices.
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    Rewatching the final sequence

    surprisingly so Makes you wonder if we are too easy to read.
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    Rewatching the final sequence

    I might have missed it in the previous 8 pages, but if not ^ All 3 plays the throw seemed predetermined from the snap, which I'm not a fan of. No idea of that is on the coaches or Cam. First play CMC ran a nice route, Cam just missed him. It happens. Second play an overthrow. Looked like it was some kind of back shoulder or jump ball for Funchess. Third play, if you stop it right when Cam starts to throw, you can see Wright looks to be held. Cam is throwing to a spot, expecting the receiver to be there. Seems like three low percentage plays. Not a big fan of just having one option or throwing to a spot hoping somebody will be there. In that critical of a situation would be nice to have some options. What is wrong with going through reads and throwing to an open person. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but according to the box score on espn.com,we had 47 secs and 2 time outs before the 2nd down throw to CMC? Not sure why the shots to the end zone. If anything we could have left them too much time. Also, does anyone find it curious that Voth tweeted this? Are we trying to blame someone or maybe deflect blame?
  15. AU-panther

    What do we do with Williams/Moton?

    But if you keep him until summer of 2020 you will have had a $12.15m cap hit for the 2019 season and then after you release him you will have to account for another $9.8m which will be the left over dead money. That is why I added them together. It might help people to understand the total cost of him being on the roster for one more year as opposed to being released next summer. If he is on the roster for the 2019 season and then released in the summer of 2020 he will have accounted for $21.95m worth of cap space. If you release him next summer he will count $14.7m. There is nothing you can do about that $14.7m, all of that is dead money. People get caught up in the June 1st numbers but it really doesn't save you anything in the long term, all you are doing is spreading the charge out over 2 seasons. With that being said there would be no reason not to do a June 1 cut and gain the cap space a year early, It rolls over so if you don't use it, its still the same amount overall.