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  1. Hard to say. I'm not sold on Baker, but I'm not sold on Teddy either. With Baker he is going into his 3rd season so there is reasonable expectation that he might improve. Teddy on the other hand has been in the league long enough that usually you have a pretty good idea of what you have. I think the everyone's optimism with Teddy is that this system will fit him perfectly, we will see.
  2. PFF doesn't claim this list is some sort of power ranking or expecting W/L. The problem isn't with PFF its that people don't understand what they are looking at.. The list is nothing but a snapshot of the talent on a team by each position. PFF is quick to point out that certain positions are more valuable than others, hence the reason they talk about WAR ratings a lot. Also everyone knows that coaching and chemistry can heavily influence wins and losses.
  3. I used the word "play" to refer to activities outside of work, and I actually said "especially with wearing a mask". I actually agree with you on the importance of wearing mask so relax. My point was I think we could do a better job of really protecting the high risk. Maybe everyone wear a mask and then subsidize the high risk to stay at home. During the lockdown the government paid low risk people to stay at home, meanwhile you had high risk people still working in "essential" businesses. 22 year old healthy bartender gets unemployment to stay at home but 65 year old person with diabetes is still working at the grocery store? Are we trying to stop the spread or trying to stop the deaths?
  4. I'm not so sure about that. Cam fans can be so insecure. Its coach speak. They just spent $60m on their guy, of course they are going to say positive things about him.
  5. What I haven't understood through all of this is why we haven't done a better job of protecting the high risk. Even with the total shutdown you still had a tremendous amount of high risk people working in "essential" business. Seems like if you did a better job of removing those from the equation you could let everyone else go back to work/play normally and your net deaths would possible go down, especially with mask and social distancing.
  6. You don't need the team and coaching staff to commit to losing, just don't sign TB and Anderson. That saves draft picks, saves cap, and increases your chances of a top -3 pick.
  7. Miami had the same number of wins as us last year and they were trying to tank. Wouldn't surprise me if they won a few more this year. I think RR will have the Redskins playing smart, and good solid defense. That always gives you the chance to win some games during the regular season. Really so much of who is in the bottom 5 will be determined by QB play or really lack of.
  8. You and I tend to agree on this ^ but I'll try to make a counterargument. Option 1: They think we will still be bad enough even with Teddy that we still have a great chance of drafting one of the top 3 QBs. Then Teddy would be a great "bridge" QB for the young guy to learn from. This might actually happen even with Teddy, but the chances are definitely less you would have to believe. Option 2: They think Teddy has a chance to be a franchise QB in our system and if so we really don't need a QB next year. No matter how great a college QB prospect is, they are still a gamble, just like Teddy. At this point we can fix the rest of our roster next offseason. Teddy wasn't so much about winning now but more of fixing one of our needs now. We have enough needs that we can't address all of them in one year, so you fix the ones you can, when you can. Option 3: They really think they can outcoach everyone and win now. This is the ego I often refer to. By the very nature of their jobs, coaches and GMs, tend to think they are smarter than their counterparts. Personally I think they are probably thinking option 2. You could make an argument that almost every unit on our team needed help. Eveyone knows you can't fix them in one off season. So maybe thinking went like this. QB: either sign someone or draft someone next year. Teddy became available at a price they were happy with. Fix this year. RB: Happy with CMC WR: Anderson became available. For whatever reason they feel like he fits what they want. Fix this year. OL: Quick passing attack with Teddy. Not as important. It can wait somewhat. TE: Maybe not used as much in their system. It can wait. DL: Great prospect lined up where we were picking in first, we'll fix this year. Maybe if Okuda would have fell we would have fixed DL next year, who knows. LB: signed Shaq, the rest will have to wait? DBs: lets draft a few, if they work out we are ahead of schedule, if not fix next year? To me the biggest questions marks are QB, OL, LB, TE, LB, and DBs. Hopefully some of those surprise us this year and that is less we have to address next.
  9. Here again, its not a projected win/loss ranking. QB play and coaching heavily influences that. If you took the time to actually look at their roster you would see that they have as many "good" players as a lot of teams in the league. OBJ, Landry, Garrett, Vernon, and Conklin just to name a few.
  10. I know some of you are too cool for PFF, but for everyone else, here is an article ranking every teams roster. They have us 29th, can't really say I can argue with that. Also people need to realize this isn't a projected W/L list. For example one team might have a better roster but another might have the better the QB, and we all know that QB can make a huge a difference. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-roster-rankings-all-32-teams-ravens-first-jaguars-last
  11. The DBs are looking good? Based on what? potential? some name recognition? Outside of Boston how many of them have had above average seasons?
  12. I would probably go with Smith. Are your stats a product of you being that much better than whoever would replace you, or are you stats a product of you getting a lot of touches?
  13. Good chance our offense is top 10 in points scored. Good chance our defense is bottom 10 in points allowed.
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