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  1. But people people who understand football have a pretty good idea, so while they aren’t going to be correct 100% of the time they are are going to be correct the majority of the time. Even if they are incorrect 10% of the time that margin of error is going to be applied across all players for the most part so their rankings should be fairly useful.
  2. I don't think it not working had anything to do with them running it earlier. Look at the replay and check their alignment. They weren't crowding the line like you would expect for a QB sneak or FB dive, if anything they were probably expecting a normal handoff to CMC. If anything the pre snap alignment makes you think its going to be an easy make, it just wasn't executed.
  3. People are always going to second guess plays like this. At that down and distance I would guess a fullback dive will get 1ft as often as a normal handoff to the RB, regardless of who the running back is. CMC might have been stopped 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage, which has happened before. Also for all of the people convinced that CMC could have broke it outside, look at the alignment of the Raiders. They didn't crowd the line like some teams do in that situation. They clearly were expecting CMC to get the ball. A FB dive or even a QB sneak should have had a hign chance of working. Its a logical play call, against a favorable alignment, just wasn't executed. The LG got pushed back, which got in the way of Armah and Ferrell beat Manhertz.
  4. and the results were: they rotated about like normal heavy on the D-line, not so much everywhere else, outside of formation changes and injuries Seriously people, quit taking everything coaches say so literally.
  5. This ^ This idea that a D-line solves all of your problems is archaic and shared by fans and many teams alike. Think about Belicheck, he very rarely pays big money for free agents, but look at Revis and now Gilmore. He understand the importance. Everyone thinks that a D-line makes your secondary's job easier but its actually he opposite. Your secondary gives your D-line to do their job. If the other team is constantly getting the ball of quickly its hard for any D-line to get pressure. Forcing a QB to go to his 2nd or 3rd read helps a D-line as much as adding any individual on said D-line does. Our defense was bad last year and everyone knows its going to be bad this year. This offseason we concentrated on the line, next year hopefully the secondary. I could see us going the free agent route next year.
  6. If I'm thinking correctly his statement was in response to the 4th and 1, and I like the fact he is taking the blame, but honestly that play is on the players and that is ok. Sometimes its not about outthinking or tricking the opponent, you have to line up and push them more than they push you. For such a young team with a new staff, you are basically putting faith in your team to win that battle.
  7. In another thread people we’re talking about how Short doesn’t fit a 5 year plan. Also some were saying that there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to our offseason moves and that there doesn’t seem to be a plan. If you look at us trying to be competitive next season, instead of 3,4,5 years down the road then the moves do make sense. So yes, the team didn’t explicitly say 5 years,but a lot of people are looking at the decisions from a longer term viewpoint.
  8. By this point I think we all agree they aren't doing a full blown tank, but there does seem to be a lot of talk about a 5 year rebuild. Publicly they might be saying 5 years to cover themselves if things go bad, but personally I think they are expecting to be really competitive in the second year and I'll explain why, and KK is part of that reason. Lets think about what they did this offseason. Offense: Here is what was added or we already had, QB - Regardless of what the fanbase thinks the coaches are high on him Three offensive weapons - CMC, Moore, and Anderson 2 Tackles - Moton and Okung Those positions are a good foundation for any offense. Defense Here is what was added or we already had, The have KK and Burns, added YGM and Brown. A lot of football people believe in building the line first. Safety - FA and high draft pick. Need safeties to run their system. Spent the rest of the draft picks also on defense. I think its by design that we went free agency on offense and draft on defense. If this is the rebuild year, that gives the rookies a year to get up to speed on defense and on offense that gives the older guys a year to learn the system. I would think offenses have bigger playbooks than defenses and are more dependent on reps and time. The fact they kept KK tells me they think they can be good next year. I know its fashionable around here to bash KK but I think the staff thinks higher of him than most fans. If they thought he was bad they could have released him this year and saved cap space. Also if it was really a 5 year rebuild you would probably go ahead and release him. Why would you spend that much cap for him to keep him for 5 years from now? But, if you think you can compete next year, $12.5m isn't bad for a quality DT. Speaking of KK, fans tend to get caught up in sacks, which is understandable because most fans just watch the ball when they watch a football game. KK's sack totals have definitely dipped the past few years but some of his other metrics are still pretty good. KK was hurt most of last year. Here are 2018 pass rush win rates: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25074144/nfl-pass-blocking-pass-rushing-stats-final-leaderboard-pass-block-win-rate-pass-rush-win-rate He was third in the league among DTs, behind Donald and Jones. The team might not admit it, but I think they are really thinking the can be very competitive next season, not 5 years from now. As a fan I hope they are right. If Teddy doesn't work out, then we are probably drafting in the top 5 and we get a rookie QB and it becomes a three year plan. A lot of people have been confused about the moves made by the front office, but when you look at if from a 2 year perspective they make sense. You aren't going to fix everything in one off season but there is some logic to their order. I not saying this was the best course of action, but I do think it is the mindset of the team regardless of what us fans think.
  9. Maybe a typo? I can't see Burns covered up by a tight end and have a lot of running plays straight at him.
  10. People tend to think about player evaluation relative to their draft class. Scouts evaluate players to a standard that is independent of that. While Trubisky and Luck were both the first QBs off the board during their draft years, I'm pretty sure they were viewed differently by scouts. Trevor, by most accounts, would go first every year since 2012. Fields is a guy that would go top-5 almost any year and Trey was getting alot of buzz about being worthy of a top10 or higher pick. Think about how often teams either reach or have to trade up for a QB in the first round. This is a year if you have a top 5 pick you have a really good chance of getting a quality prospect without reaching. There are no guarantees with any prospect but I'll take chances with the higher picks. Honestly if we decide TB isn't the answer, I'll happy with any of the top 3 prospects espcially if we don't have to trade up for one.
  11. Presenting opinion as fact is the national pastime of the Huddle A lot of that has more to do with preventing teams from changing personnel groups for different formations. Either way I expect us to rotate on the D-line like most teams do, and other players will change based on formations (for example base vs nickel vs dime) like most teams do, but I don't see us rotation our outside CBs as general rule over the course of a season. You might see a little at the very start of the season with all of the rookies we have but it won't last.
  12. I don't know if it is as much a college coach mentality as it is just coach speak. What is he going to say, "no we aren't going to rotate at all" we want more "wear and tear" on the players. People need to stop putting so much stock into what coaches say. They are going to answer questions how they think they should answer them more times than not.
  13. And what rounds did we draft those guys in? Simply put I don’t think out front office puts as much value in the secondary as other parts of the defense, historically speaking.
  14. You can run 3-3-5 with pretty much the same personnel D-line: Short-Brown-YGM LBs: Burns-Shaq-Carter S: Chinn-Burris-Boston CB: Pride-Jackson
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