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  1. I'm not saying you would trade up for him either, personally I think it will cost to much. With that being said I generally hate the idea of trading up, but QB is the one position where It makes since because the reward is so high.. I'm not sure what you are basing it on that he is good and not great. I'm not saying he is going to become great, but from an evaluation stand point, coming out of college he would be a number #1 pick a lot of years, if healthy, which of course is a huge if. I dare say he would go ahead of recent QBs such as Mayfield and Goff. All this talk about teams moving him down draft boards because he played with a lot of talent is probably smokescreens, Burrow played with a lot of talent also. Also you can't compare Tua to players such as Brown when talking about BPA, that's not how BPA works in the draft. BPA isn't in a vacuum, nor is it like the Hall of Fame where you compare players relative to their own position. A players value is how much he helps a team win, not how he compares to other players of his position. There is a reason certain positions consistently get drafted higher than others. Tua as a Pro Bowl QB is worth tremendously more to the success of a team then any other position even at a hall of fame level.
  2. I would not be surprised at all. What if that is why we are seeing rumors about Samuel? Maybe if they draft Jeudy they look to move him. I would, love for us to take a receiver in this class, just not with our first pick. That is one reason I'm not too opposed to a trade down at 7. I would love to get a WR in the 2nd, and still be able to get a CB and DL in the first 2 rounds.
  3. If you think Tua has a chance to be a very good to great QB it doesn't matter who else is there. A QB is so much more important to the success of your team then any other position that if you have a chance to a get a franchise guy you don't pass. A QB is like a pitcher on a baseball team, they have a bigger influence on you winning and losing then any other position and its not even close. A "healthy" Tua would be the number one pick a lot of years. You don't pass on that hoping to get Trevor next year. There is no guarantee that you are going to be that bad. Franchises can go decades without getting a top pick, if he is healthy you would take him. Honestly though if he makes it to 7, there is a reason.
  4. What exactly are you basing this on? I would say WR is above DT, or at least most DTs. There are very few DTs who really rush the pass consistently. A lot of your best run stopping DTs aren't even on the filed on third down. You actually get the most value out of a run stopping DT when you are losing. By that I mean the other team is winning so they are running more. In my mind order of importance goes: Tier 1 - QB and this Tier is way ahead of Tier 2 Tier 2 - Someone for the QB to throw to (WRs), Someone to cover those guys the QB is throwing to (CBs). Someone to protect the QB (OTs) someone to pressure the QB (edge) Tier 3 - Everyone else Salaries that teams tend to pay support this. Also PFF has done some differently analysis on WAR, and tried to quantify which positions add the most to your chance of winning versus replacement level players and it is pretty much in line with this also. DTs are a bit of anomaly because there a few really high priced ones. But here again those are ones that can get to the QB consistently. Quality run stopping DTs tend to be found later in the draft and also are a lot cheaper in free agency.
  5. I remember hearing during the combine that pretty much every SEC offensive lineman when asked their toughest matchup said Brown. That says a lot. I'm not saying I would automatically pick him at 7, it would depend on who else is there, and what trade down offers I had, but I think he is a lot safer pick then Kinlaw. I do have some concern about his ability to rush the passer at the next level, but I still think he has a great chance of being a quality pro for the next 10 years. The issue is you can find run stuffing DTs later easier than some other positions. Personally I think it is terrible not to draft a WR this year. The class is loaded. There are going to be some good pros in that 2-3 round range. Also WR is a high value position that has heavy influence on winning.
  6. There are needs all over the defense but CB is easily the biggest need. Lets say we don't do anythign from here on out: DT - Short and Kerr DE - Burns and Wheatherly CB - Jackson and ? The size of contracts that the team hands out tells you a lot about their thinking. Any player that gets more than the league minimum, the team is expecting something out of that player. Seems like the most pressing need for a "starter" is at corner and after about the second round the chance of getting a starter goes down tremendously. I fully expect CB to be one of the first two picks by us, if we don't add anyone before the draft. If I have to a starting CB and DT and my choices are: 1st round CB and 3rd DT or 1st round DT and 3rd round CB I'll look for the DT later any year. Quality run stopping DTs are a lot easier to find later than quality outside CBs.
  7. A late 2nd, pick 60 roughly according to https://www.drafttek.com/nfl-trade-value-chart.asp The Raiders don't have a pick in that range though, but they do have 2 first. Our picks 7 and 38 are close to their 12 and 19 in value. That would be a very tempting trade for me. I think at 12 you are a realistic shot at one of the top OTs, top WRs, the second CB, or Kinlaw. Speaking of WR, I really don't like the idea of not drafting a WR in this class. Don't fight a draft, if its loaded at a position take advantage of it.
  8. Is that you Hurney? Actually a lot of GMs fall into that thinking, but history probably tells us otherwise. Is you chance of helping your team with pick 7, really that much better than 12 and 60? Picking the best player and adding the most talent to your team is two different things.
  9. Hard to say without knowing specifics of the offer Burrow, Tua (if confident about medical), Young, Okuda, and Simmons I have a bit ahead of everyone else. What if the question was more specific, If Raiders offered picks 12 and 19 for our 7 and 38, what players would have to be on the board for you not to take it? In that situation, maybe Burrow, Tua, Young and Okuda and I might change my mind on Okuda depending on how much I like the next few CBs on my board.
  10. I hope its not true. If you really want to acquire assets to move up in the draft to get your QB you do it next year, and you DON'T sign TB.
  11. That would be so stupid on their part. The importance of a QB is on a entirely differently level than any other player on your team. An above average QB will get you more wins that an all time great at any other position.
  12. That would be tempting. You would have 3 picks in the top 50. You might end up with something like Thomas (OT), Mims (WR). Fulton (CB)
  13. Even if we don't draft one, they could possible still release him. The past few years the WR market has been crazy, I'm sure Hurney thought he was getting a deal, but this year its different. With this draft class I fully expect there to be some decent guys hit the market during preseason.
  14. I would probably go to that 12-15 range, depending on who is left. If we were at 6, and chargers were at 7, I would think our phone would be a lot busier.
  15. Seemed like a panic move. Correct if I'm wrong but couldn't they still release him. I think he just has a small signing bonus.
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