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  1. Brady and their system makes their offensive line look better. There is a reason they let their Olineman walk in free agency. While most teams are complaining about how hard it is to field a quality offensive line they run a system that doesn’t need it, imagine that. Answer theses questions? How long does the average sack take? How long does Brady take to get rid of the ball? if you get rid of the ball in 2.5 seconds your Oline doesn’t have to be that good and also you neutralize the other teams defense line.
  2. It’s almost like some GMs outsmart themselves. As the original poster said there is no reason to “swim against the current” I think a lot of GMs and fans would be better off when they realize in the draft you miss more than you hit. No matter how “sure” you are of somebody chances are you going to be wrong. If a class is deep at a certain position take care advantage of it.
  3. All drafts are thin after the third round. Casual fans severely overstate the talent in every draft. The vast majority of the players drafted will be worse than what is already in the league.
  4. It’s an easy argument, you don’t pick a lineman with a 88 grade over another position with a 92 grade(making up numbers here but gets the point across. Here is another way to think of it, think in terms of tiers. Ignore the QBs,, there is one guy in tier one, Young. Probably 3-5 guys in tier 2. You don’t pass on a tier 2 guy to take a tier 3 lineman.
  5. Its looking like KC found them a generational talent at QB, not something you can count on just because you decide that is what you are going to do. If anything the 49ers blueprint is probably more dependable.
  6. True, Patriots and Brady have been doing the same for years. There is a reason they let pro bowl OL leave when other teams are desperate for them. This idea that you need five 1st round picks on your Oline is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that our line doesn't need to be improved, but all things being equal I would spend more resources on the Dline before the Oline.
  7. and you get close to $20m in cap savings. Personally I don't think this decisions is about next year, its the contract after that. Lets say he does come back healthy this year and plays well, are you then willing to pay him $35m a year for a long term deal. Also everyone is just assuming Cam is willing to play out the last year of his contract without an extension. I doubt anyone here really knows what is going on behind the scenes.
  8. How much capital do you really think it will take? They have two 2nds if I'm not mistaken.
  9. For all of you armchair GMs out there, what are realistic trade possibilities for Cam? I would think it would have to be a team that thinks they are close to winning, just need a better QB. Maybe a team with a great defense, just struggling offensively. Maybe an organization that is looking to make a splash for their fan base. I'm thinking: Chargers Bears Raiders Jaguars Tampa Bay Who else?
  10. I'm not convinced that would be enough to get the 1st pick. At 7 Cincy wouldn't be guaranteed to get any of the top 3 QBs. If we really want to trade up Tua is probably a more realistic target and even then I 'm not sure how feasible that will be. Wouldn't surprise me if the Dolphins tried to go to 2 or 3, and they have a lot of draft capital to make it happen.
  11. If Wilson or Rodgers had an injury the year before they expected to get extended would they be willing to play on a "prove it deal"? Would the team expect them to? I find it amusing that some of the biggest Cam fans around here are also the ones expecting him to play on a bad contract. I can't fault Cam one bit for looking for a good pay day and can't fault the team for not wanting to be the one to do it.
  12. Lets assume Cam is gone and we are rebuilding, what type of rebuild are you hoping for? Go after an experienced QB, such as Bridgewater, sign some FAs and try to compete while you look to develop a young QB that you possible draft his year? OR Go full rebuild, roll with the 2 QBs you have, don't sign any expensive FAs, clear off the books of high dollar contracts, cut any underperforming players. Personally I'm going full rebuild. I'm even looking to trade down some in the next two drafts to accumulate more picks. I'm looking to fill out the roster as much as I can with cheap, fixed 4 year contracts. Also I would release any player that I didn't' feel like their production would be worth their cost 2-3 years from now. Unless Tua falls, which I don't see happening, I don't draft a QB this year or sign a stop gap QB. Sign the stop gap QB next year when you draft your future QB. That way the next guy you draft can start in his second year. Maybe Allen or Grier develop and you don't have to look for a QB, or they play decent enough to be able to flip for future assets. Even if it is a comp pick down the road. 2020 - Allen and Grier 2021 - Draft pick and stop gap 2022 - Draft pick I would also consider releasing any player who has an expensive contract in the next tow years, that isn't young enough to still be good in year 2022 and beyond. Paradis, Short, Poe, Turner, all fit that bill. Use that cap saving to extend your younger core guys.
  13. It amuses me that people still think there is a good chance Cam is going to be a Panther next season. Pretty much everything points to him not being.
  14. Personally I think its the opposite. The QB and OC play such a large part of the success of the offense. I think a defense is more based on talent, where as offense can succeed more off of scheme, and those two positions mentioned earlier. I would guess you could put Brees and Payton with any offensive personnel in the league and they would still put up points. Really though if you are truly rebuilding you are just trying to accumulate good players, and you find those through the draft. You don't add FAs during the rebuild, you build your team then add them later. Finding above average players in the draft is a lot harder than people realize so you can't get handclap yourself by looking just for one side of the ball. Also I would add the QB last in a rebuild. Adding him to a terrible team would be a quick way to stunt his development or make yourself just average. One exception to that would be if one fell in the draft, Tua, like I said good players are hard enough to find.
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