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  1. I think he will be traded or released this off season. If traded it will probably be for less than some on here think. Pure speculation on my part: I could see Cam wanting top tier QB money based on the percentage of the offense he contributes. Also he was a league MVP not that long ago. Furthermore he has looked really good at times in this new offense when healthy. On the other hand I can see the team not wanting to invest that kind of money in Cam. Especially at his age and recent injury history. Also some would make the argument that Cam might not age as well as some other QBs. His ability to run is a large part of what has made him so dangerous in the past. I'm not convinced this idea of letting Cam play on basically a 1yr/$19m prove it type of deal is as viable as an option as some people think.
  2. Everyone wants to turn this into a Cam or Allen question and honestly I think how Allen does is a bit irrelevant. What they do with Cam isn't about Allen or the $19m next year. Everyone needs to focus on the real question here, which is "would you prefer to release/trade Cam or pay Cam $150m/5yr with about $70m guaranteed?
  3. Cam has leverage. Look around, players are taking more control of where they play everyday. Yes, he is under contract, but he can say if you don't sign me long term right now there is no way I'm resigning when the contract is up. At that point you lose him for nothing, or a comp pick at the most. He can sit out. He can err on the side of caution with any injury. If a player wants to force his way out, he can make things difficult for a team. The smartest thing he can do at his age, and given his recent injury history, is to sign a long term deal with a lot of guaranteed money.
  4. I don't think the questions about keeping Cam is about the 19.1m, its about the 35m a year over 5 years (with probably close to 70m guaranteed) that will expected.
  5. It amuses me that people think that Cam's possible exit from the Carolina Panthers is related to Kyle Allen's performance. Especially the Cam fanboys, like if they can prove Allen isn't playing as well as his record indicates then maybe the team might be more inclined to keep Cam. With that being said though I do somewhat agree that Kyle might not be playing as well as his record would indicate. The irony though is if he was a first round pick people would have an entirely different opinion of him. People would be making the excuse that how almost all young QBs, even 1st round picks, struggle their first few years, and we would be ecstatic that we were still winning games while he was going through his development. Since he wasn't a high draft pick though we convince ourselves that he has a low ceiling.
  6. I've been saying this for awhile now. Everyone wants to make this about his $19m next year or Kyle Allen but I think it is more about the extension. Elite players, especially QBs expect to be extended a year early. These are decisions that were going to have to be made this offseason, maybe the injury moved that up a little but either way it was soon. In theory how Kyle plays is largely irrelevant. Granted if you have a backup that is playing well the decision might seem easier, but ultimately you don't give a guy a monster long term deal just because you don't have a capable backup. I can't really blame the Panthers for not wanting to commit to a long term deal, but I also can't fault Cam for not wanting to play under a one year deal. Anyone who has an opinion of "I would just let Cam play the last year on his deal and then sign him to a long term after" or "I would sign Cam to a midlevel deal that accounts for the injuries" is making huge assumptions about factors that they probably don't know anything about.
  7. That is article is somewhat useless in that it makes a very big assumption. The author states that his ideal situation is for Cam to play next season and then the team can decide on an extension. Does he know that Cam is willing to play under a one year deal?
  8. The situations aren’t similar. Everyone is focused on him being an ERFA. The issue is he doesn’t have the accrued seasons. Hilton did. According to the article I linked an undrafted player can not get a negotiated deal until they have 2 accrued seasons. For drafted players it is 3 seasons. Holding out is pointless until they have the accrued seasons. The team isn’t allowed to give them a long term deal even if they want to.
  9. The way I understand it: He can not get a new contract next year. Doesn’t matter if he sits out. If he sits out he won’t accrue a season. The team is not allowed to give him a new contract even if they want to. If it was that easy to get a new contract every rookie who played well their first year would sit out the second year. There is a reason they don’t, they can’t get a new contract.
  10. See above, I don’t think he can get a new contract even if the team wants to give him one next year. He doesn’t have the accrued seasons. He can sit out all he wants, the team still can’t give it to him.
  11. I can see some negatives for starting Cam bs the 49ers. The team might not like the the boat being rocked since they are winning. If Cam plays bad vs the 49ers, which they have a pretty good defense, you really will have a QB controversy on your hands. The most likely way to ease Cam back into the starting job is to let KA play against the 49ers. If he is as limited as some on here think then he is going to play bad anyway and we will lose and you can easily insert cam back into the starters job. Much more likely for Cam to start with a win vs Tenn at home. If KA plays well and we beat 49ers on the road then maybe his so called ceiling is higher than some think and you consider letting him play out the season.
  12. I’m not convinced the team could sign him to a large deal even if they wanted to. UDFAs have to wait until after 2 accrued seasons if I’m reading this correctly. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hogshaven.com/platform/amp/2019/6/5/18635534/salary-cap-nuggets-no-8d-salary-rules-for-undrafted-college-free-agents-udfas
  13. I’m not saying Cam shouldn’t start but you have to be carefully basing a decision on a players “ceiling”, especially if that player doesn’t play at or close to that ceiling consistently. That applies to both Cam and Kyle. In regards to Kyle you have to be careful of factoring in the wins too much and look at his individual play. Not that winning isn’t important but you can win because of or in-spite of your QB.
  14. I wouldn't bank on Grier having a couple of years to learn. 2020 is Cams last season under contract. the logical time for an extension would be this offseason. Most premier players would like to get an extension before their last year of the deal. Of course we could be stubborn and make him play on the last year of his deal and even play the tag game after that but that is a good way to cause some drama. I see one of 4 options this offseason: Cam is released and we save a lot of cap space next year. Cam is traded. I wouldn't expect what the Dolphins got for Tunsil. Cam signs an extension. If he comes back healthy and plays well he should expect to sign a deal in the $30m range. If he doesn't play well or seem healthy what is the point of offering a mid range deal, say 4yr/60m? If you aren't convinced he is worth $30m you mind as well go with Allen or Grier for a lot cheaper. Try to force him to play on the last year of his deal. Basically a 1y/$19m prove it type of deal. What I hope happens, Cam comes back this year healthy and plays great and leads us deep into the playoffs. Then signs a long term extension in the offseason and plays great for the next 5 years for us. What I'm afraid is going to happen, he comes back this year, plays poorly and is released or traded (maybe for a 2nd or 3rd) in the offseason.
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