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  1. How does Kerr compare to Brown? Also , where do Teddy and Cam rank overall among QBs?
  2. Sometimes I think the grade confuses some where as the ranking might help.
  3. The right coach is whoever Trevor likes. You can get his input beforehand, you could even talk to Dabo to see who he respects and hope he influences Trevor. Either way you can find out what Trevor is thinking. Even if he doesn't work out you can fire the coach later.
  4. Too much parity in the NFL to plan ahead like that. Look at Miami last year, they tried to tank and ended up 5th I think. Unless you can guaranteed you will get the first pick you will pretty much always be getting your second choice at QB.
  5. Personally I think there is a very good chance Burrow, Fields, and Wilson all go top-5, and I think there is a very good chance we are drafting in that 6-10 range, so I think Lance is our most realistic option at this point, so another question about him. I read somewhere that his short range accuracy isn't the best, is that a concern for you or something you have seen in your film study? I think accuracy (not to be confused with completion percentage) is extremely important and one reason some QBs struggle making the jump and one reason Burrow was doing so well this year.
  6. He might have been the best QB of that draft but that doesn't mean he would be higher rated than QB3 and QB4 in this draft. Fans tend to evaluate players in a vacuum within their current draft class, evaluators don't. Teams could easily have a higher grade on Wilson or Lance than they did on Trubisky. My only point is I think you are undervaluing the chance that a team would take or trade up to the top 5 for QB 3 or 4 in this draft class, but like you said we'll see in a few months.
  7. Here again, Trubisky went 2, one year starter, never underestimate how much teams will reach for a QB. As a Panthers fan I hope you are right, I'm just a realist though.
  8. If Fields goes #2 I think there will be someone trying to trade up for Wilson. This is a really good QB class (on paper) and there are a lot of teams that need QBs, unless you are picking in the top 4 it will be hard to be patient.
  9. If the Jets hire the correct coach and GM the entire narrative changes. That along with huge amounts of cap space and biggest market in the country it wouldn't take much for him to start liking the Jets. They are expected to have almost $81m in cap space. NFL Salary Cap Space | Over The Cap People need to realize that if there is a reduced salary cap next year, then it will definitely be a buyers market for teams. A lot of teams are going to have to shed salaries and therefore there are going to be some good players taking some reduced salaries. $10m next offseason would possible get you the same production as $15m last season. Just another reason we might end up regretting some of our spending last offseason. With the right leadership the Jets could be a very quick turnaround.
  10. I agree that they both were older guys are cheaper deals, but that comparison isn't really fair to Kerr. PFF has him as a top 15 player, I don't think Love was ever anywhere close to that, and honestly the eye test back that up also. Problem is fans tend to have bias towards their own players based on their pedigree, "Kerr is a journeyman on a cheap deal, he can't possible be that good". Take the names and numbers off of the jerseys and watch the coaches tape, he was a heck of a signing. Wouldn't' surprise me at all if they didn't add a year on to his contract and give him a raise, he has definitely out played it. We could draft a 1T this year and let him develop and rotate with Kerr for 2 more years. Along with Brown, Roy, and Efe that is a pretty good DT group at a really cheap cost.
  11. Trubisky went 2nd in his draft, and they traded up for him. This 2nd tier of QBs as you call them are probably better than all of the QBs in some other years. Teams will always overdraft QBs. Sewell is the only non-QB I'm fairly certain a team in the top-5 will stay put for, especially if it is Cincinnati. If Sewell is off of the board I could easily see Chargers and Dallas trading down. My best guess is QB3 goes in the top-5, so if we are picking 6 I think we are at QB4 which at this points seems to be Lance. There are 13 teams with the same number or less wins than us, of those only 2 are set at QB (Cincinnati and Chargers), also I think Dallas resigns Dak. That means there are at least 10 teams who might be willing to trade up, good luck staying put hoping your guy falls to you. That doesn't even count teams like NE or Bears that have better records than us who might be in the market for a QB.
  12. Where do you have Lance at this point? Also explain to these people what you don't like about Fields, so many just see the stat sheet and the measurables and automatically think he is one of the top 2 prospects.
  13. For normal trades, these charts are fairly accurate. For QBs though there tends to be a premium. For a prospect like Trevor, put a premium on the premium. 3 first and 3 seconds would be a good starting point, but I have my doubts Jets would take that.
  14. Trying to force one particular position in the first round is stupid. Just because you view one particular position as your biggest weakness doesn't mean you have to spend your first pick on it. Teams always have multiple needs and also with the nature of the salary cap in the NFL needs are always changing. In the first round I'm looking for high value positions, that I have somewhat a need for, that can't easily be found later in the draft or cheaply in free agency. At this point I'm thinking, QB, OT, DT (3tech), CB, S based on value of wherever we end up picking. Would also consider LB or TE if the value was that much better than the above choices. Also WR might be a consideration considering what we do with Samuel. Not sure if we will want to pay Robby, DG, and Samuel. Might need a cheaper one on a rookie contract, but there seems to be good value on WRs in the second also. QB, OT, WR, and CB all seem to have some value this year in that 8-12 range but its still early.
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