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  1. For a fan base that has whined about Cam not having protection for the last 4 years, people sure are quick to not want to spend resources in that department once there is a chance it might be ok.
  2. But teams don't think like that. People need to quit thinking in terms of rank. For example: if OT #1 is gone, draft OT #2, if OT #3 is gone draft OT #4. Teams think in terms of grades and tiers. Their board might look somethin like: Taylor/Dillard Williams Gap Gap Ford/Little
  3. A couple of those 16 might be QBs. Either way I do agree that we should be able to get one of those 16 at 16 but it just depends on who it is. Would you feel the same if it was Bush or Hockenson. Would you take one of those 2 over Ford and an extra 3rd?
  4. and this is why I would strongly consider trading down this year. Of those 16 1st round grades there is a good chance some don't fit our system or are a need so at 16 we might be picking the same type of graded player we could pick at 20 and get extra pick in that 17-75 range.
  5. With some of the talk about us trading down I'm curious who are the players that you would happily stay put and take are. I'll take Bosa, Williams and Allen off of the board for obvious reasons. Who else do you run to the podium and take at 16 with no consideration of being wiling to trade down. For me I would stay put for Sweat and Burns, after that I am strongly listening to offers about moving down a few spots.
  6. Tillery and Winovich are my two undervalued players that I'm a big fan of. Depending on who is there at 16 I would be opposed to trading down and taking Tillery and then using the capital to move up and grab Winovich in the second. I think some teams are going to get two good players in the late first, early second range.
  7. I understand why people, myself included, like the idea of Burns. He seems to have a really high ceiling at a very value positions, but overall I would be happy with this draft. Honestly Burns would probably start the season as a backup and play rotational snaps. Ford would probably be a day one starter at LG and there is always the chance he could move to a tackle spot next year. In some ways he is probably one of the safest first round picks we could make. The next two picks, Winovich and Savage, I could see both going before where she has us picking them so they would great value at 47 and 77.
  8. Part of the reason you go 3-4 is that you aren't as dependent on having great front 4 personnel. Most people seem to think with a 3-4 you can use scheme more to make up for lack of talent. This team is more than one player away. Also I would prefer to fill out a team with some young cheap talent through the draft and then if you want a superstar use your cap savings form having the cheaper drafted players filling positions to then go and sign a high dollar free agent.
  9. Everyone keeps saying this, but from what I remember from watching some snaps from the end of last year, they lined him up at DE and had Butler backup Poe when we went to 3-4 looks.
  10. It really feels like if things go well it could be something like: 1st: Edge 2nd: Safety (of those safeties they have met with you would think one would be there in 2nd) 3rd: OT 3rd: CB With that being said I"m sure every pick will be different then what I just listed:) What is throwing me off is an interior defensive lineman, whether its for a 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE. This class looks great for filling that need, I'm just not sure where.
  11. So OT, CB, and Edge are top 3, I think most of us would have put that on short list of needs going into the off season. I think sometimes fans get in the habit of trying to forecast what position in which round, I know I do. Something like edge in the first, Safety in the second, OT and WR in the third. In reality you can't predict what other teams do, you have a list of needs and a list of possible players that fit your system that you expect to be available at certain points in the draft. For example we have the most visits with OT. I don't think that might mean that is our biggest need, but instead maybe a position we might think we might end up filling at very broad range of point in the draft. Whereas edge we might feel fairly confident we can fill with one of the first 2 picks. You have to be careful with trying to force positions with rounds, that is when you start reaching. This is why you have to look at the draft as a whole and identify which positions are strong, and also the depth of those positions. For example I think the top of the DE class is good, but I don't see the depth that say the DT class has.
  12. I'm not sure if I would give it a C+ but I do think it isn't nearly as good as the interior D-line group. Also the fact we are focusing on it probably makes it seem a bit better than it is.
  13. With the depth of talent at DL in this year's draft some teams might be hesitant to sign anyone until after the draft.
  14. People tend to judge a classes strength by the 1st round prospects. This class seems to have some interesting guys in the 2nd and 3rd round. Would not surprise me at all if we picked one as high as second.
  15. I think there is a good chance we still draft one. I would guess somewhere in the 2-5 range. I've thought all along we would sign a cheap vet and add a guy in the draft that could take time to develop. A lot of the times we only have 5 on the 53 man roster. Samuel Moore Hogan Wright Draft pick or Smith Cutting Smith would save some cap, but if you don't get one in the draft you can always keep him. Everyone has been itching to cut him but there really isn't any reason to do it early in the offseason. That cap savings will still be there later.
  16. This draft has enough talent at some of our positions of need that we should be looking for starters or at least players that will considerable snaps. Whether we draft a power back to compliment or a similar back to CMC to back him up I really doubt they would get considerable playing time. Seems like a poor use of resources considering the needs on this team. Draft a guy in the 5th or later or go with CAP for another year.
  17. I like Sanders but I think he might go higher then people think. This year's running back class is weak so he might be in demand. Honestly we have enough needs and the draft is deep at those needs to the point I'm not sure I would draft a RB in the first 5 rounds. CMC is going to get the bulk of the carries anyway. CAP could fill in or we could take a flyer on a late round guy. Seems like every year there is a UDFA RB that contributes to someone.
  18. People forget that it only takes one team changing their mind to drop a player a good bit. Lets say Detroit likes Burns a lot more than Sweat for whatever reason maybe Sweat does drop to 16. Same with OTs. I fully expect at least one to go before 16 but I'm not sure which one, and honestly different teams might like different ones. I fully expect 3 edge players to go before 16, could be Bosa, Gary, Sweat or easily be Bosa, Gary or Sweat. Impossible to predict who the 4th is going to be.
  19. I could see a team using him as a 4-3 strong side defensive end on running downs and then moving him inside on passing downs. In that regard you could convince yourself he has some versatility that will keep on the field a lot. He is a bit of a classic example of a guy with good tape, at the end of the season a lot of people thought of him as a first rounder. Then the measurables weren't great and he didn't have a great week at the senior bowl. Either way I don't think he is in play at 16 for us and if he makes it to 47 he might be depending on what our coaches really plan on doing scheme wise next year. Actually if we stay predominately 4-3 like we have in the past I think strong side DE is a huge need for us. We don't really have that stout guy that can hold up against the run and get some pressure. Burns is another one that is going to be a bit scheme specific. He weighed 249 at the combine, which was more than most thought he would, but he probably bulked up some for the weigh in. He might actually end up playing closer to 240 which is somewhat light for 4-3 ends. In the regards some teams might see him as more situational, especially early in his career. I think 3-4 OLB might end up being his best position. Sweat on the other hand I think is a little more tailored towards 4-3 end, but there are rumors of the heart condition. All it takes is one team. Detroit could pick Burns at 8 or he could fall to 20. In reference to that CBS mock, if we get Savage at 47, Deiter at 77, and Boykin at 100 I would be extremely happy, even with Ferrel at 16. Speaking of Ferrel he was the dream pick around here until these other guys tested well.
  20. PFF recently released their top 50 prospects for this years draft. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-pffs-top-50-big-board-for-the-2019-nfl-draft I find it interesting that several players we have shown interest in seem to be highly thought of by them. Maybe that is a good sign for us. Murphy #6 Dillard #13 Burns #14 Savage #28 They seem to factor college production into their projections a little more than traditional media list you see. An example would be Gary, who they have at 48.
  21. People need to realize that teams don't positions in the first round they pick players. We not going to pick the next available best edge rusher. Maybe edge rusther is our biggest need and if all things are equal we go that way but aren't going to just the "next" guy. By now I would think they have a pretty good idea of they want and who will likely be there at 16. At this point the list should be getting pretty small. Maybe it is something like: Sweat Burns Dillard Murphy
  22. If we need an upgrade over Poe they shouldn't be paying him what they are.
  23. He actually tested unbelievable well at the combine. If we don't draft a OLB in the first round I would really consider him in the second. Although I think he might go before 47.
  24. I have been saying this for awhile. If you watch film from the end of last year you will see that they often played Butler at NT and Cox sometimes at DE when they went to 3-4. There were times that Butler also lined up at end. I could see something like Short, Poe, Butler on running downs and Short, Butler, Cox on passing downs. Either way if we are really going to a 3-4 you could make the argument that 3-4 DEs are as big of a need as anything we have on DE. Look at it this way, what is the biggest position to upgrade: 3-4 OLB-Addison 3-4 OLB-Irvin 3-4 DE-Cox/Butler
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