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  1. I wish I could say I can't wait to show this thread when he doesn't come back. But you know what you will be like these other guys on here when their wrong, they disappear.
  2. Your dumb as hell and don't know poo. Igo and Zack know more than you ever will. If you want to stick in your fantasy land go ahead because your feelings going to be hurt when this is all over with.
  3. Maybe you would learn something from listening to an expert like me?
  4. Hey more than that at Academy, had them for $25. Yeah owner is not going to come out and say we are done with Cam. Lol some of y'all just don't understand damn football.
  5. Damn I was listening to WFNZ yesterday and they had Damien Lewis on there and he was going off on people about Cam. He said he will be healthy and we will pay if we don't sign or keep him. He said he is top 3 in QBs and he has another 12 years to play. I was like damn are you freaking crazy. I'm sorry but people need to realize that Cam is not coming back.
  6. He isn't going anywhere they are playing well. They ain't playing like us lol. They've gotten better as the year has went on. The person writing this article is dumb.
  7. Why does everyone keep saying Fangio he is just in his first year as head coach. Broncos are playing pretty good right now, he is not going anywhere.
  8. That's all unctarhole888 can do is poo posts because he doesn't know football and can't understand when someone knows more than he ever will. He then says hey I got them on ignore but still reads posts to poo them. When actually he is reading and thinking damn I wish I would listen to that guy.
  9. IDK why don't u make another thread about Tepper and inlcude him as well.
  10. You just keep posting some of the dumbest poo on here. We would be in the same spot with this sorry oline. I'm sorry but y'all have to quit with the if Cam had been playing all year we would be a super bowl team. No we wouldn't and I'm glad it's time for a damn change.
  11. Dude please quit making threads this is straight up garbage. Don't come back after we turn everything around. Just go pull for someone else of u don't like the sh!t. Tired of listening to all you whinny ass little girls on this forum.
  12. Go find you another team to whine about, nobody is telling you to stay!
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