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  1. This guy for having SB give to him by NFL and a ref that pulled for Broncos. Also I would to make that forehead bigger by pounding it a couple time. #keeppounding
  2. But what has it got him? Losing in big games? Come back when those stats make a difference. Saints are trash, and will get their ass beat.
  3. I'm do know in the video I seen yesterday said be ready to go and be at camp on the 27th. So I don't know if it actually starts that day or just when they have to be there
  4. Yeah people on here are freaking ridiculous. He is throwing when alot of us didn't think he would be throwing this soon. Let's get excited because this team is fixing to get on a roll!
  5. Can't wait till we beat that ass twice this year!!!!
  6. Yeah u got a way of putting McCoy's jersey up against the others. I really don't see any difference sorry.
  7. Yeah because Ginn threw the passes.
  8. TUA is garbage. I would love to see y'all get him and keep on sucking for years to come.
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