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  1. Lol, that would suck. Here comes people with their fake sources crap.
  2. I wonder if that's if Sweat is gone. I really think he is the pick.
  3. Wow a QB his age just went over 30 mil a year. They said he is in the top 3 now and this coming from a guy before last year said he might retire. Damn not good for us wanting to pay Newton.
  4. That's good I just don't want to draft someone first rd and see them on the bench lol.
  5. Are we going to draft someone and bench Short? Can Wilkins play anywhere on dline?
  6. That cocky little poo came out and said after he was drafted he felt disrespected and would show he was best one drafted. I read an article before draft that said his attitude was terrible and was an ass to teammates. Guess what he proved he was a bust plain and simple.
  7. Why in the hell does a team draft him in first rd last year and then want to draft another first pick this year. I watched him he is terrible, and was terrible in college.
  8. Grier is better, s sorry ur stuck on the garbage Rosen train. Good thing his train won't be coming to Carolina!
  9. Sorry bud I watched film and he is a gunslinger and Rosen didn't have any of those traits. Sorry but it's not happening anyway.
  10. Yeah because saints wanted to win so bad and played their team like it was an exhibition. But whatever makes u feel better!
  11. So college stats Rosen 59 tds and 26 int, Grier 81 tds and 23 int. That was a full 3 years for Rosen and Grier's was for only two years. He did 10 td and 3 int in just 6 games at Florida. So he threw in two years 71 tds and 20 int. So hell yeah I'm taking that all day. Grier will be a starter in the NFL maybe not for us, but I sure hope we do so I can remind u and everyone against him. Rosen was not good and Arizona got leftovers because they didn't try to move up and get Mayfield or Darnold. But keep trying to explain why we should waste a third rd pick, it's pretty hilarious!
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