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  1. Dude this was a practice game. Will u leave huddle when we start playing regular season games and winning. We have terrible posters on this site.
  2. Yeah someone else overreacting to a meaningless practice game. Most teams that go 0-4 in preseason usually go 12-4 or better in regular season. I knew the huddle would go crazy if a game happen like this before the season started.
  3. See ya Smith and u save money! It's a no brainer, dude is GARBAGE. I don't care what anyone says his vet leadership doesn't damn matter
  4. Yeah because Allen looked so much better. The huddle is full of dumbass's, we are screwed if Newton gets hurt damn.
  5. Line looked terrible but man he was like 10 of 14 passing. With two of those being dropped tds without Julio. If the line don't get him put out this year they will be tough.
  6. Like to see them do better than what I heard they look like for two days against Bills in the practices!
  7. They are actually looking at moving to an area near me in Oakboro, NC not SC
  8. Buffalo came to see what other players they want off of our team!
  9. I just want to know what they saw in him to make him a first rd pick. I was in shock when it happened and still in shock everytime I watch him suck on TV.
  10. Goodell is thinking who in the hell is this and how did they get drafted in the first!
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