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  1. Just horrific news with all people involved. Really made me sick, including my grandpa passing this week. Just had a pretty bad week
  2. Umm u do know KB has not been out there in years. LOL
  3. Yep his wardrobe would definitely match!
  4. This staff is not looking good at all. This is going to come back and haunt Tepper.
  5. I'm with you, I think this organization could be going into a all time low. Looks like we will be becoming the Browns for awhile.
  6. No you need to be dealt with always coming at people being racist and saying its terrible to pray before the game because it might offend someone. If your offended maybe you shouldn't be at a football game. Then you ask someone even if they go to church. What a terrible person you are and ask me to calm down. You need to be dealt with and I will be turning you in.
  7. Yeah that which is what the opposite all y'all know it all's where saying before the season began. When I said Cam was done and we would have a terrible season. Man I love it when I'm right!
  8. Alot of people going to wish we went after more NFL experience, after this experiment blows up Tepper's face. I don't know what the hell he is doing and thinking.
  9. What a crappy question to ask someone damn see how is this not looked at and cleaned up on this site. Man we have some one sided moderators on this site.
  10. No I got attacked before I said anything. If you don't know what your talking about don't start running your mouth. Nobody asked u a damn thing. What he said is a personal attack and this site is ridiculous.
  11. 2 years if there is no change, you can't go a 3rd year. I'm sorry but that 7 year contract don't meant sh!t
  12. How does this piece of crap not get banned for sh!t like this but I get banned for way less. I feel like our site is ran by a bunch of people from the Browns organization. Just garbage!
  13. This should not even be a question and to the 15 people that have said no so far, you can
  14. Nope think u got the wrong person
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