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  1. steven8989


    Sorry but the truth hurts. If u can't handle it go somewhere else.
  2. steven8989


    What are u talking about all of Panthers years are rough. We can't even win back to back and alot of it's on Cam. He has never tried to correct his footwork and is too damn hard headed to listen. I think we will be fine and it's time for a change. Don't see why everyone thinks he has been so elite because he really hasn't. I think they won't to blame is sorry as play by saying he has a hurt shoulder. That's bull crap!
  3. What about the Redskins? LMAO
  4. Sorry but he is telling the truth. People need to start holding Cam accountable. He has played terrible during this losing streak causing us to lose at least 3 of them because of his piss poor play. Don't want to hear he is playing hurt, if he is take him out. Guess what Ron won't because he wants to keep his job. That's why he should be fired, he is playing our 100 million dollar QB on a bum shoulder. I'm starting to wonder about Tepper myself and really don't see the brass balls everyone was talking about.
  5. If this don't fall on the coach then what does. Every get we get up we always go away from what is working. Rivera needs to be fired ASAP!
  6. steven8989

    Its BountyGate Week

    This still goes on they just got caught.
  7. They met before TB game seems like that went great! Thanks TD
  8. Really wasn't a good season just a couple games against sucky teams. Hardy was never that good or worth that tag money. #NailsSucksHardy
  9. steven8989

    Eric Reid deserves a long-term contract

    He has played like poo. He was why we gave up TD before the half at bucs. Donte told him to cover guy behind him so he could go after Winston. He didn't even try to go over there. These defense is always out of position. Can find better imo.
  10. steven8989

    For the Cam doubters

    Yeah and Rivera isn't going to bench him because he is trying to save his job. So Cam is probably not going to be ready for next year after he waits till end of the season for surgery for what another losing season. Tepper should have already fired him.
  11. steven8989

    For the Cam doubters

    That's what they have said the last 3 games.
  12. steven8989

    Coaching Bio Links

    We need an offensive minded coach. Not another Rivera type coach, please no!
  13. What Funchess are we talking about. I don't see him?