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  1. I can't believe ur mom can spell my name right but u can't.
  2. Never drafted a Clemson player It will stay that way after tonight!
  3. Steve Smith said DJ isn't even a number one so I would say Samuel is a number 3.
  4. That's what u will get if u go alot of defense this draft. We are going against Brees, Brady and Ryan twice. Most games we are going to have to score over 30 to have a chance anyway.
  5. Ok brown that's the only two that every one thinks
  6. Hey how about we don't draft ur guy Simmons you have to give up being a mod. I mean damn bet something or shut it
  7. I read some draft person put out the mocks did nobody any good this year. The draft will be wild because of not having pro days. They said everyone is going to be surprised how wrong they are.
  8. I would take Lamb. Like I said we can work on defense next couple years no rush with Brady and Brees in the division. Let's just have shootouts I rather lose scoring a bunch then just getting beat 30-3 with a defense
  9. We are not taking Kinlaw dude quit with that crap.
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