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  1. Getting trashed by the Steelers yet again. Nothing ever changes. One more score by the Steelers and I'm turning it off.
  2. Ah, the beautiful sound of booing Cowboys fans at home.
  3. Our overall team record against the Steelers is not pretty. That said, those losses were often when we barely had a roster to compete with. For too long, we've been trying to be like the Steelers only to be flattened by them every single time. Time to ditch that line of thinking and simply be better than the Steelers on Thursday.
  4. If anyone remembers the game against the Raiders on the road, Cam threw an absolute bomb to Ted Ginn for a TD. I've seen enough of him this year to say that there is no way he could throw that today. The upside is that he may not have to. Guys like McCaffrey, Samuel and Moore can get the YAC to compensate. It is disappointing that we had such an early bye, though.
  5. outlaw4

    Defense PIE

    For once, the defense actually didn't blow a lead. Something to build on.
  6. Kalil should be the break glass in case of emergency option. Assuming breaking said glass doesn't injure him in the process.
  7. Osweiller backwards pass to Amendola who then throws across the field to Drake for the TD.
  8. There might be more deep shots in this game alone than we've taken all year.
  9. Looks like we're not the only ones on the wrong side of that type of play.
  10. The refs wipe away a brilliant catch for... something. I don't know what they saw that deserved OPI.
  11. So do we get a penalty to start off the second half too?
  12. Crossing the Ravens off the list would be nice but the Steelers would be a gargantuan feat. https://www.footballdb.com/teams/nfl/carolina-panthers/teamvsteam?opp=25 One close win way back in 1996 followed by nothing but utter dread.
  13. outlaw4

    Nfl turning point segment

    Looking at those angles, we might've gotten lucky with the defender falling down on that 4th and 10. I mean, is anyone else even close to being open? Doubt Cam would've been able to turn towards McCaffrey there. Also, the radio call on the Eagles 4th down was even worse than on TV.
  14. Jake had better playmakers but the rules were not the offense-friendly versions we have today. Different staff as well (Dan Henning was not exactly well-liked here). Finally, Jake had a number of years in the league already before coming to Carolina. Cam would win based on talent and raw skill but I wouldn't discount Jake's moxy.
  15. outlaw4

    Falcons - Giants

    QB sneak with Eli Manning? Twice? I can't even...