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  1. Absolutely nasty stiff arm. A shame he had chronic ankle problems. He played through it, however, and rarely did I question his effort. One of his many great moments...
  2. I'm sure Jon Gruden and Antonio Brown will get along just fine like with Gruden and Keyshawn Johnson. And Keenan McCardell. And Amari Cooper. ...so how long until Brown is traded again?
  3. And that's the ballgame. Thanks for nothing, Rams.
  4. Patriots 20 - Rams 3 Final - My halftime prediction
  5. All but resigned to another Pats win. Goff is absolute garbage.
  6. Even if the window was open, Ron and Hurney would try to go through a door.
  7. Just waiting for the eventual photo of Ron standing in front of Big Ben and all the jokes that will follow.
  8. When that field goal went through, I heard the most beautiful sound... the Sound of Silence.
  9. If Andy Reid can't even get to the Super Bowl with a red hot QB and home field advantage, I don't see him ever getting a Lombardi. None of this "They'll get better next year" deal because we all know nothing is every guaranteed next season. Teams could figure out Mahomes, injuries, etc, so many things could go wrong. Even if they do, they'll probably face the humongous roadbloack that's the Patriots once more. What a shame. Really thought he was going to pull a Bill Cowher and finally break out by winning with a brand new QB.
  10. Someome explain to me why in an era of explosive offenses that a touchdown in the opening drive of overtime automatically wins the game.
  11. Gonna take a miracle for the Chiefs to win. Way too much time for Brady.
  12. Reid choking in the Conference Championship like with McNabb in the Eagles days.
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