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  1. Absolutely nasty stiff arm. A shame he had chronic ankle problems. He played through it, however, and rarely did I question his effort. One of his many great moments...
  2. That worst case scenario is better than what we dealt with last season.
  3. I think life gave me a break and made me really sick today. Don't have the energy to feel much of anything right now.
  4. It's time to reach deep and find a way to win. You cannot allow it to end this way.
  5. We're going up against the Denver D, bad special teams, refs, injuries and apparently the football gods. Can't we catch a break somewhere?
  6. Seriously? I mean, can't even get the fumble? It's like someone put a voodoo on us.
  7. Don't get it all at once, offense. Just put a drive together and score.
  8. Coldplay seems like the perfect halftime act given our performance.
  9. Whatever offensive plan we have right now, it needs to be burned and re-done at halftime.
  10. When we said to play loose, that doesn't mean hold the ball loosely.
  11. I'm not liking using our second challenge already. With the bad calls out there, I'd rather save it for later.
  12. Gotta get the ball out faster. O-line's not looking good so far.
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