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  1. CatTower

    The Remaining Schedule...

    L @ Detroit L vs. Seattle L @ Tampa W @ Cleveland W vs New Orleans L vs Atlanta L @ New Orleans 2 - 5 Finish 8-8
  2. CatTower

    Someone tell me I’m wrong

    Meanwhile, the Steelers could send 1 guy and get to the QB last night.
  3. CatTower

    Good loss?

    You can bet the next time this team goes on National TV, it's going to go down much differently. A humbling experience to say the least.
  4. Why did he keep his head up? He slid at the last possible second, I don't even know why he was looking back when Reid was in front of him. I'm not going to make excuses for Big Ben because I see an idiot with a big lead that took an unnecessary risk and paid the price for it.
  5. Eric Reid should not have been flagged. Big Ben put himself at risk by not sliding before. You'd think a smart QB with that big of a lead wouldn't be taking crazy chances to gain an extra yard.
  6. Cam wasn't running full speed like Big Ben. Eric Reid had no time to react to a guy that decides to slide at the last second.
  7. He's playing soft. No reason to bruise his brain if NFL already had the Steelers penciled in as winners before the start.
  8. Yes! That was a bang-bang play. Big Ben slid way too late with Eric Reid running at him. I guess the NFL wanted him to just wave him past instead of playing actual football.
  9. Only a superhuman could've made that split second stop when you have this guy running full speed down the field.
  10. CatTower

    Close a decent discussion topic?

    Bots are just set on auto lock right now. They want to keep this forum professional.
  11. I'm about to write a book on overcoming the anxiety of flying. My main points center around the unfounded fear of peanuts. I'll say more later.
  12. Everything this team has been done is very respectable and should be honored by NFL fans young and old. Every problem has been dealt with while the team has shown poise and confidence on the field. Signing Reid was the start of a new America's team that will soon shine throughout the world after we replace Cam with Kaep. Have faith brothers. The true win is playing for our great God and remaining humble. Hoorah!
  13. This team shouldn't even have 6 wins. They are a 4 win team. We should be proud of how well they have held up against the Steelers today. I expect we'll be looking for another QB very soon.
  14. One day when someone uncovers all the shady stuff that goes on at NFL HQ, there will be a movie made about the beatdown they ordered today. Have faith brothers.