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  1. ESPN says against Tampa Bay, their home game http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25816820/carolina-panthers-houston-texans-play-london-1st
  2. KC had a chance to get a TD at end of regulation. That was their chance and they blew it. You don't go to OT against New England in a Championship game.
  3. Boy, sure glad we let Butker go.
  4. Big Question, will the Refs give Brady and the Patriots their normal home cooking after being exposed in the Saints game?
  5. CatTower

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Refs are human, but there should be a rule change that allows a coach to challenge something like that.
  6. Figures Gurley is having a bad game. He's a bulldog and dogs hate whistles.
  7. Doesn't matter, down 13-0 to Saints in their stadium. Nothing is going to bring them back from that.
  8. Prepare yourself for the Brees and Brady, Good Guys commercial fest for the next 2 weeks.
  9. CatTower

    Which Super Bowl matchup...

    Just give Brady another ring so there's no question who is the GOAT. Not a Brady fan, but I do like having a clear #1 that others must overcome like MJ.
  10. Dude should go play for the Rams if he wants a ring next year
  11. Such an insightful topic and so much evidence provided, how could anyone argue otherwise
  12. I'm actually a bot paid by Cam. He told me to tell everybody the shoulder is fine and it's actually everybody else's fault that the team didn't go to the SB this year.
  13. Nope you're wrong. Every NFL superfan cares about Brees because he is in the greatest QB of all time conversation. NFL makes so much money off these diehard fans that they do everything to appease them. Brady vs Brees is a matchup that will be talked about for years and keeps people talking football. NFL has been a scripted joke for the past decade.
  14. CatTower

    Draft Kyler Murray

    Lol, he isn't 5'11. This guy would make us even more 1 dimensional than what we have with Cam. If you want to look at a QB, use a 3rd or 4th to look for one. We aren't at the point where the team needs a major overhaul. Cam is going to get the best treatment in the world, that shoulder will be good enough for at least another year or two.