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  1. Let's not jump to conclusions here. He could still have plenty of money. Writing bad checks is just 1 bank account, he could have multiple.
  2. You don't know Teppers mindset. He's a data guy and surely understands the value of Lawrence. I haven't seen any moves that signify we aren't in the running.
  3. It's almost comical at this point the extent this board criticizes Bridgewater while at the same time belittling anyone saying anything negative about Cam. Maybe this site should be called CarolinaHaters instead.
  4. What was his sack percentage though? If he's not getting sacked, then waiting for best open wr doesn't seem bad.
  5. It's going to come down to the defense. I'm pretty confident we'll average around 20 points scored, but do we have the pieces to stop other teams from scoring?
  6. Overrated? So instead of a once in a decade player, he's more like a once in every 5 year player? Face it. Lawrence is the perfect mold. If you built a QB in the lab, Lawrence would be that guy. Not a single flaw.
  7. Wouldn't this have more to do with O-Line/wanting to avoid getting hit? Teddy has scrambling ability.
  8. The problem is that you guys are thinking individualism instead of United. You say this person or that person could opt out. Well let's scale that up and say everybody opts out. Are we just going to enter a Mad Maxx situation then? Discipline, look it up people.
  9. 15 pounds before camp seems pretty normal. I'll be impressed if he still has it by October.
  10. Athletes are much higher risk of contracting covid due to their often social personalities and access to exclusive parties/events. Keeping them in a bubble would be the only viable solution. Otherwise, expect handfuls of cases a week once the season begins. I also question if players that carry big weight will make an effort to be a little lighter this season in the event they catch covid due to the harsher effects on overweight people.
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