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  1. You guys are underestimating expectations. There will be big expectations for the new coach to turn this thing around and quick. That's a tough job with a HUGE question mark at QB. Our best shot at a decent coach is getting one of the top QBs in the draft. No Coach is going to want to gamble on Cam his first year.
  2. So many question marks and no QB. Defense is gutted and fans are annoyed at mediocrity. In a division with dominant Saints team. If you're young and have something to prove, could be a good springboard but a proven coach isn't walking into this dumpster fire.
  3. Hurney has drafted for need practically every year and that's why the talent across the team is low. We hit a few studs, but a lot of misses.
  4. It's time to stop ignoring the starting QB waiting in the shadows. Kyle Allen has nothing to give this team beyond being a solid backup. Putting Grier behind that Oline is asking for trouble. Best option is suiting Kaepernick up, let him show the world what he's got. Put the offer on the table.
  5. We drafted a QB in the 3rd for a reason. He will be starting next week.
  6. Because respect is going to fix this team? Lol
  7. What happens if he suffers another similar injury. Most guys take the huge payday. You never know when your career could end.
  8. Quickest way to contender status is hitting on a young QB. Comparing us to Saints or Patriots is meaningless because they've had their QB for a very long time. Those teams are also stacked. Our situation is either take another shot with Cam or get moving on rebuilding. Yepper already alluded he doesn't want long term mediocrity. Maybe that means cutting Cam now.
  9. Let's be real though. If Cam was 100% this season, the team would be in playoff contention. So unless Tepper knew Cam was going to be injured from Game 1, I can't argue with his approach.
  10. CatTower

    Eric Reid

    If there's anyone being a dogwhistle, it is you. Players are criticized all the time on this board, but you have decided anyone who chooses to do so against Reid is following some sort of agenda. The fact that you were the very first person to bring up his activism in this thread, should empower the mods to time you out on this forum as it is a clear sign of aggressive behavior.
  11. 9/24/2017 against the Saints 0 Touchdowns, 3 Interceptions, and 2 Fumbles. He did get a rushing TD, but either way, to act like Cam hasn't had similar bad games is someone having an agenda.
  12. At the end of the day, Reid is just an athlete. There is a reason he's using the lockerroom as his soapbox instead of other more prominent areas. I don't think we should really care all that much unless he is just being totally out of line.
  13. And, that's why he won't play in the NFL and is doing this whole charade. The legend is bigger than the man.
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