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  1. Cammunist love that drip. More honey for Cam. DRIP DRIP!!
  2. I stand here before you all today and profess my love for Cammunism. It is the ideology that Cam Newton is a great player and should be honored and respected. Through this boards history, there have been the Democracist that shout ill remarks towards the beloved Cam. We must protect our Cam Newton and label anyone who does not agree a Democracist! No longer will these vial scum fill our threads with hateful remarks about Cam Newton. Together we will ensure Cammunism rings true throughout the entire world. Hoorah! Hoorah!
  3. Reminder to anyone who visits these boards: Cam criticism is not allowed. Your opinion will be Cam Newton is a great guy. Anyone who says otherwise will be dealt with.
  4. Reminder to anyone who visits these boards: Cam criticism is not allowed. Your opinion will be Cam Newton is a great guy. Anyone who says otherwise will be dealt with.
  5. If, and that's a big IF, he maintains the pace he is setting, it will likely go down as the best season ever for a running back in history.
  6. People seem to think that QBs win and lose games by themselves. Having a QB that is a good game manager and doesn't turn the ball over puts the game into your defenses hand. And, when you have a good defense, that means wins. I'd much rather have a stable QB who is a good game manager than a guy that flips and flops putting up great games and duds.
  7. You are just trying to stir the pot by ignoring my question. Typical for someone who is looking to cause trouble. Like I said, what do you expect Kyle Allen to say when asked how is his relationship with Cam? In fact, remove Kyle Allen and Cam from the equation. What do you expect any backup QB to say when asked about their relationship with the injured starting QB? Point is, that what he said means nothing. zilch. nada. He isn't trying to ruffle feathers or cause controversy. His answer is intended to answer without providing any information. Calling my opinion mental gymnastics is just a form of stirring the pot and something that seems pretty common among the "elite" of this board.
  8. What exactly do you expect him to say there? "Uhh yeah, me and Cam don't get along. I don't think he cares about football"???? Of course, he's going to say the standard answer. It's what professionals do.
  9. You must be new to Carolina Panthers football.
  10. You guys know Campbell is 6'8" and has blocked numerous kicks throughout his career right? The line kept collapsing on the left side giving them a free runner from there too. It's amazing that people come in here blasting the kicker when he wasn't the one letting people get free run to block it.
  11. Healthy Cam, I think he left town. What did we do on the goalline with Cam against the Bucs? Wildcat CMC.
  12. I'm sorry, but I find it very hard to believe the NFL would call a PI after review on that play. DB had his eyes on the ball, and the Jag WR got both hands on the ball and was able to go up and catch it without interference. Ron calling a timeout there isn't terrible, I realize in the emotion of the game, you just want it to be over and think it was really bad. I just think he knew it wasn't very likely and it was more important to make sure the defense was correctly set-up.
  13. With less than 4 minutes remaining in both the 2nd and 4th quarters, the Panthers had 3 timeouts. I think we can conclude that it's not a coaching problem with burning unnecessary timeouts, no?
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