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  1. Chad Kelly is actually under the radar legit if he can keep his attitude in check
  2. I think this will be a continuing trend among players. Retiring early with your health is worth more than damaging your body beyond repair. Make a few mil, get out and stick it in investments. You really don't need more than a few mil to be set for life.
  3. I've been impressed with the defense. There is a lot of talent across the board. Our interior defensive linemen and linebackers are near the top of the NFL. Teams are going to find it really difficult to beat us with lots of short yardage throws.
  4. 1. First and foremost, there is no proof that Kaep can play. His last stint as a QB ended with a 1-10 record and that was 3 years ago! But, for some reason half this fanbase thinks he's can "play at a high level." Might as well give The Golden Calf of Bristol a look too then! Maybe even Favre, I heard he said he could still play too! 2. It's interesting that you are the one who bring up "zealots." As if, that is all your post is about - supporting this political agenda and ignoring the product on the field. Really, I think these posts should go to the Tinderbox because you are just trying to be divisive and create animosity. In fact, I would say the majority of people have no problem supporting Kaep and Reid's cause. But, does that mean we should give Kaep a starting spot even though he can't play? NO! 3. This fanbase really cracks me up man. When Grier was drafted, everyone was talking about how terrible it was and how everyone is going to be calling for Grier to start after ever Cam mistake. That didn't happen, instead we have Reid bring up Kaep, and the fanbase latches on like leeches. Ironic, isn't it?
  5. Guys I just looked, Reid has a 76 awareness Madden rating. He just isn't that smart, it's an assumption that he did it on purpose.
  6. Here's another example of a bad play by Reid that would have resulted in a 30 yard gain if not for a hold in the backfield. Reid has the decision to go left or right. Bradberry is already on his left while the right side of the field is wide open. Reid at bottom of screen Reid chose to cover the left side and was blocked by 16 30 yard gain by RB
  7. Yikes, this is how you know people got the blinder glasses on with this guy. He just whiffed on a tackle the play before the late hit. He ended the game with 3 tackles and not much else. But, people gonna say he was the best player just like Kaep is the next Dan Marino.
  8. Bring in Kaep. Then, have entire team kneel to start game and announce we forfeit. Why not??
  9. I'd sit him, not going to happen though. So, best case is we run a gameplan that is heavy on the run and screen. Don't give the Rams a chance to touch Cam. If we are still close in the 2nd half and Cam is feeling fine, open it up a little.
  10. You have to be trolling at this point, unless you have secret tape of Kaep throwing passes or something. I mean most guys in his position would at least go to the arena league or something to PROVE they still have something left, right?
  11. My guess is we just roll with who we have. Rivera will be fired at the end of the year and new coach gets to decide who to bring in if Cam is done.
  12. Can we for once just be cautious and sit him in a game where he's likely going to be running for his life often?
  13. Fact is we don't know Reid's thought process there. Either way, people applauding an "enforcer" type hit in the preaseason game is very wrong. I don't think any team in the NFL should be applauding that stuff in a meaningless game. If Reid can't control himself there, then I'm really worried what type of mistakes he's going to make when the game actually matters.
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