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  1. CatTower

    Thomas Davis signed with the Chargers

    TD has made it through so many injuries, it's an inspiration to see him going for another year.
  2. My belief is this team's future is heavily depended on Cam Newton's health. He is going to be up for another contract soon and with his shoulder issues, there are a lot of question marks there. I'm sure there are other teams in the league that will pay him rather handsomely and we will have to compete with those teams. In other words, we'll likely have to overpay a QB that is past his prime and is losing one of his primary weapons, his running ability. Does anyone think there is any possibility we decide to not continue with Cam Newton and go a different direction? If not, how much are we willing going to give him?
  3. CatTower

    wtf, man?

    Matt Kalil ate everything in sight, including our cap space.
  4. It takes a real sick individual to use a person as just some object for their enjoyment. We should all take note of this because he likely considers more than just these women as mere objects for him and his billionaire buddies to do as they please.
  5. Uhh.. consensual sex work isn't cool either. Look at the wage inequality in America. Some of these 'consensual' sex workers are forced into it by their boyfriends/parents/brothers. Maybe they get addicted to some type of drug given to them by some pimp and it's all downhill from there. What this country really needs is to understand that sex doesn't answer any of your problems and go to church more often.
  6. The bad thing is, this is what he does in public place. I shudder to think what he does in private.
  7. Small minded reply. As the recent events of the teenagers in red hats in Washington DC showed us, what you see on the news isn't always factual. I don't wear a red hat. I do believe in giving everyone respect unlike some of you
  8. Why don't you explain what he meant by that comment then. Why would there be a lot of people in red hats mad? The fact that this board condones this political bullying is a joke and a moderator at that. Go f yourself carolinahuddle! What if I said, glad we made the cheerleaders work for sht wages and put them in embarrassing situations, gonna be a lot of white dress women mad, lol.
  9. Please ban this person for obviously trying to start a racist argument. red hat != racist
  10. Quite the opposite. This will bring tons of hunters out to kill the black leopard and thus, the Panthers will suffer a long decade of brutal killing until protections are set in place.
  11. CatTower

    Antonio Brown Asks out of Pitt

    I could see him listing Carolina as one of his choices. With the weapons we already have, he's going to find himself a lot more open than he would on other teams due to teams not being able to target one single player on the field at all times.
  12. Except we do. His shoulder has been an ongoing problem for years now.
  13. Let's find a QB that can block and throw the deep pass. We'll line up 2 QBs behind scrimmage and let Cam pass it off to the other QB if someone is open long.
  14. Not to take away anything from the stat, but Cam likes to force his throws into his primary receiving targets which may account for Funchess' higher drop % while the short, shifty receivers he often throws when they have created separation or coming out of the backfield open.
  15. CatTower

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    It's a great idea to add a roof. I think a lot of fans don't particularly like to brave the elements and this will ensure that we get the most Panther fans in the seats instead of other team's fans.