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  1. Postseason Records Ranking #10 Carolina Panthers: .529 (9-8) #25 Atlanta Falcons: .417 (10-14)
  2. Dude eats high fat diet. Not recommended if you aren't a workhorse in the gym. High fat help with increase of testosterone as stated by a few studies(http://www.fullrangestrength.com/high-testosterone.html). It could cause problems later in life, but I think McCaffrey is the type of workhorse gym guy that it should be okay for him and not affect him long term.
  3. That's not the usual diet for a RB, sounds more like a lineman's diet. I guess it just goes to show how much McCaffrey works each day to eat all that fattening food and still be chiseled.
  4. Hey everyone, if we scream loud enough, we won't be able to hear anyone oppose our viewpoints and cause us to consider theirs. This forum is like that. This is why secret societies form and the elite rule with an invisible hand. I'm done here as I'm sure many others like me have left. Just because you bark the loudest, doesn't make you right
  5. What does that have to do with a woman having any less of an a ability to walk away than a man? I'm about to put you on ignore.
  6. You know people adopt kids, right?
  7. It's so funny hearing the lines about old men telling women what to do with their body. Like, men aren't at least half responsible for the formation of a child. Keep painting the picture of a victim though, everyone in the world wants to be a superhero
  8. Where did I say Cam didn't put his body on the line? The defensive people on this board are enough to make me puke. I'm saying he has to stick to that bread and butter because he isn't going to be a top pocket passer. No one will give him a big contract on just his passing. And, yeah, he has to fight for fumbles. There, I said it. Keep beating the dead horse.
  9. "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.". Matthew 7:6 Maybe if this world showed God respect and understanding, you'd get your proof. Enjoy your throne for now.
  10. Lol this dude wants to debate while calling his opposition depraved and inhumane. I'm guessing you agreed with the genocide of the Native Americans as well.
  11. Did you hear? When you drop all babies on their head at birth and give them severe brain damage, there's less crime. Would you sign my petition to drop all babies on their heads at birth to reduce crime rate?
  12. Is it okay to leave a dog in a locked car with the windows up when it's 120 degrees outside? Is it my right to do that? I mean obviously a baby in the womb has more value than a dog, right?
  13. Cam can't hold anything back this season. Dive on fumbles, fight for rushing yards, all the little things. He's never going to be one of the top pocket passers, but if he can show grit and will in sacrificing his body, then he puts himself in the best chance to lock up another big contract.
  14. Higher minimum wage really doesn't solve anything. The real estate market has been bought up by conglomerates(a lot of foreign ones on the West coast) and they can just increase rent prices to keep the same divide. I'm more interested in distribution of wealth. Tax people on their excess. Use that tax money to build more affordable housing and public infastructure. Universal healthcare could collapse the whole system. There needs to be better education on health and fitness or else you'll have overcrowded hospitals and poor results. The elite will use private hospitals with the best doctors and they'll just be another divide there.
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