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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.derp/platform/amp/2019/5/21/18631527/nfl-carolina-panthers-mose-frazier-wide-receiver-breaks-arm-first-day-organized-team-activities Hate it for the kid, he was my darkhorse to make the 53.
  2. KK and Trai.... A sub par year and they are easy cap casualties
  3. SC doesn't deserve that. Put it near the old Hornets colosseum for the majority fanbase who actually attend/follow the team to benefit from
  4. This guy is a walking ICD10 code of nightmares. It's time to retire and focus on life after football
  5. Sounds like Dan Morgan restaurant venture
  6. Karl Hankton.... Guy made this team for seven years just for ST play
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