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  1. It's 3d chess against checkers
  2. Depressing that much money was spent on DL with little to no yield
  3. thebigcat

    Do we drop three in a row?

    We've lost 15 in a row so nothing is impossible
  4. If Ronald really said that he needs to be fired
  5. The season is lost and we are out of playoff contention, then "Tough Ronald" will make the "difficult choice" to fire Eric Washington and take over playcalling duties for Defense. Why would he fire him now then get exposed when he has a built in excuse card for the team falling out of contention. You have to play the board and Ron is playing the longevity card. Washington should have been let go after a 50 point burger was hung on this franchise. Now Ron has a built in excuse mechanism to look at Mr. Tepper in the eye and say "I had to make the changes, we won the final two games and just missed the playoffs but it was clear this team was struggling due to D coordination/preparation"
  6. 7 receptions 157 yds 1 TD We have a bona fide #1 WR and a lethal #2 in Samuel. Once we're out with the old (Funch) and play this set with CMC this has top 5 offense in the making for a long period of time
  7. It did feel good to cheer a winner that night
  8. thebigcat

    Halftime at the Dome

    perfect. DM me the application
  9. thebigcat

    Halftime at the Dome

    hey, y'all got space on that bandwagon for 3 more?
  10. I'll get you a 9-7 custom made shirt to celebrate another year of mediocrity as we wallow away Luke and Cam's careers
  11. he's just an apologist for a failure of head coach