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  1. It did feel good to cheer a winner that night
  2. thebigcat

    Halftime at the Dome

    perfect. DM me the application
  3. thebigcat

    Halftime at the Dome

    hey, y'all got space on that bandwagon for 3 more?
  4. I'll get you a 9-7 custom made shirt to celebrate another year of mediocrity as we wallow away Luke and Cam's careers
  5. he's just an apologist for a failure of head coach
  6. he likes to think of himself as "one of the smartest guys in the room"
  7. spoken like a person who just accepts mediocrity and makes excuses for it
  8. thebigcat

    The issue on defense is pressure

    We had the chance to help this issue, we stood pat
  9. thebigcat

    Panthers NOT earning their money

    his contract is so low, had he been resigned then yes but he is still on a rookie deal
  10. Hot garbage, not doing a damn thing One eye on his money and the other on IG models, completely rolled over and played dead after getting Fletcher Cox money Love him to death but he has been whiffing on tackles, out of position, just unable to regain Top 5 form Most expensive FA in Franchise history Got paid, no longer Svcka Free
  11. Bruce Irvin went unclaimed We offered nothing for Fowler We are in the position we are in due to having a drunk GM and moronic HC