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  1. People mentioning Bojangles don't know Charlotte. Prices Chicken Coop, you'll thank me later The following day go to Landmark Diner
  2. You'll smell like a swamp when you leave courtesy of the Carolina Sun
  3. Gettleman could have handled him better. We all agreed Smith needed to go for Cam to grow but the handling of an icon was terrible
  4. You're in New Orleans and you go to IHOP?
  5. May he RIP. He didn't attend any games last year, guess his health was failing
  6. JFK to DXB on A380 ALWAYS has business seats available when check in opens. Usually $800
  7. Yea but JR wasn’t exactly at the WIC line getting food for Mark. Inexcusable the teams went 20 years without it
  8. I live in CLT so I fly AA but not my favorite 1- Delta 2- Southwest 3- Jetblue 4- AA 5- United 6- Frontier Airlines (they got a bunch of new planes) 7- Alaska Airlines
  9. How cheap could JR be that he didn’t even invest in this
  10. Flown on most major carriers. Been all over the world, personal experience of top 5 are #1- Singapore #2- Emirates #3- Qatar #4- Cathay Pacific #5- Lufthansa
  11. On second look, that isn't even a business class seat, that's like one of those economy premium seats / exit row where he would get more leg room.
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