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  1. thebigcat

    Most impressive rookie season?

    During KB rookie season, I thought we had Megatron 2.0
  2. thebigcat

    Kalil Household..

    I wanted Whitworth from the beginning, we got his cousin Shitworth instead in Kalil
  3. I'm honestly surprised Matt even bothers to play football
  4. thebigcat

    Panthers released Matt kalil

    So isn't Ryan Kalil's entire contract in essence dead money? What has he ever produced in Carolina
  5. thebigcat

    Best Left Tackle ever?

    Ogden was ridiculous
  6. Players have a shelf life and short window. He forfeited $14 million last year and had a rich contract from Pittsburgh. He's going to a crappier team, didn't eclipse Gurley contract and fell short of his $15/year self imposed value. Add in he's going to an abysmal team, he'll be released by year 3
  7. He missed out on 14 million last year by sitting out. Bell didn't win
  8. Pit gave him in essence 3 years at 45 million. He didn't get a better deal in NYJ and he's about to be an afterthought as a player playing in that shithole. At least Barr had some decency and turned away that nightmare organization
  9. thebigcat

    Browns the new super team

    Just got done ordering me a Mayfield jersey
  10. Sat out a year and missed out on $14 million. Signs with the Jets and gets less money per year then the Steelers originally offered him Moral of story, come back home Darryl https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/nfl/pittsburgh-steelers/ContentGallery/LeVeon-Bell-mocked-after-accepting-Jets-underwhelming-contact-130014510/Amp/
  11. thebigcat


    That's not a bad trade
  12. I wouldn't offer 13 mil to Funchess over 5 years let alone 1
  13. A noble move. That foot was done