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  1. Omg lol they lost to the redskins!!! Keep pounding losers
  2. That’s a big suspension. Wonder if it’s PEDs? If so cmc might wanna cycle off
  3. The Rivera/hurney special. Keep pounding boys
  4. 32nd rush defense before this game. Every team is gonna run it down their throats the rest of the year. And the panthers can’t stop it
  5. 8-8. They’re not much better than anyone with that run defense
  6. After watching the highlights you CAN NOT!!! Give Shaq a big contract. Can’t cover, soft against the run. A-Rod shitted on him all game
  7. Keep pounding ya fugin losers. Maybe u can go 8-8, miss the playoffs, and trade ur franchise qb for peanuts
  8. Just saw the 4th qtr play on cmc 3rd catch when that POS coach for the titans grabbed cmc and almost took him out....I hope there’s fine coming for that loser
  9. Anybody else notice his injuries have coincided with his diets? Eat some elk and wear men’s clothes. Boost that T count
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