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  1. No pressure, confusion in the secondary, and DE’s dropping into coverage.....
  2. Is that why the defense got carved up by the Washington practice squad?
  3. And they’ve never won the super bowl. So by ur own logic they’re not winning it this year either......we all already knew that tho
  4. Yep but that’s all sports. The guy from the raiders today was like who cares? I’m rich with a hot wife, don’t care we lost. We care more than these uneducated millionaires do
  5. He’s def faded since the concussions and isn’t as vocal per usual pre snap. I wonder if he isn’t playing through something serious
  6. its on Rivera. He’s in charge, he’s head coach. U can’t lose a game by one score with two timeous in ur pocket while in scoring position. If they’re taking knees on ur 1 u use those timouts. That type of pussy poo trickles down.
  7. Again. They lost by 6 with 2 timouts in their pocket? Inside the 20 with plenty of time. That is coaching. I can get 7 there as a coach and I’ve never coached
  8. Lost by 6 with 2 timouts in scoring position With the chance to get a first down. THE COACHING SUCKS.
  9. They’re gonna end this game with 2 timeouts
  10. Very cool cam, Norv, Rivera, and company
  11. No catch. Don’t forget the screen. Cj is still alive right?
  12. Yea this d is trash. Luke looks concussed and there’s no pass rush. Needed one stop and couldn’t do it