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  1. Don’t need him. This team already knows how to roll over and quit
  2. I expect cmc to be gone in the next year or so
  3. Pep, smitty, cam, and Luke. All HOF talent. Nothing to show for it. Cmc is next
  4. Apparently Luke didn’t buy into the sermon.
  5. How soul sucking are Rivera and co that they sucked the love of the game out of competitors like cam and Luke? That’s some all time awful roster management
  6. If it’s gets us 6 Super Bowls I’ll allow it
  7. Yea I got a lot of jerry Jones/dan Snyder/ Donald Trump vibes from tepper in the last couple of days.
  8. I hope there’s some x’s and o’s to go with all the motivational speak
  9. the only boy who could ever reach me...
  10. That says more about the players than the coach. And the players on this team rolled over and played dead this year.
  11. Looks like these bums finally stopped pounding. Cut everyone and burn the stadium down
  12. Omg lol they lost to the redskins!!! Keep pounding losers
  13. That’s a big suspension. Wonder if it’s PEDs? If so cmc might wanna cycle off
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