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  1. go get deshaun Watson.
  2. There’s no incentive to trade for him when he’s obviously going to be released. They already signed his replacement so teams know it’s a matter of time. This is one of the most poorly run franchises in sports right now
  3. Then just camp and preseason then. They’re really gonna get nothing for a former #1 pick and league mvp? That’s soooooo bad
  4. If the panthers are smart(they’re not) they’ll hang onto cam until somebody’s starter gets hurt in camp or early in the season. He can prove his health and a team is desperate. Most likely they’ll release him tho because this FO is retarded
  5. One minute they want cam, then they don’t. This staff has been jerking around the team leader all offseason and believe me other players notice and remember that poo
  6. This team seems as rudderless as it’s ever been and Rhule has already violated many of the things he promised at the presser. Mainly honesty with players. It’s gonna be a mess for awhile
  7. I guess technically you’re right. Nobody HAS to do anything. But the smart thing to do if u don’t want to lose a top 10 pick and pro bowl player for nothing, you trade him for the biggest return
  8. U have to trade him because there’s 0% chance he’s willing to resign here
  9. Another quitter. I’m starting to see a pattern among this teams “leaders” guess they really needed a culture change after all
  10. RIP to the goat. I wasn’t a laker fan, or even a basketball fan. I was a Kobe Bryant fan #mambamentality
  11. Don’t need him. This team already knows how to roll over and quit
  12. I expect cmc to be gone in the next year or so
  13. Pep, smitty, cam, and Luke. All HOF talent. Nothing to show for it. Cmc is next
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