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  1. Posters on this board actually wanted kyle Allen over Cam. Lmao
  2. Panthers are unprepared as usual. Can’t believe our coach still has a job
  3. Yea, I probably won’t watch any games today. Still depressed from Thursday in regards to football. I can be productive today instead of sitting on my ass for 9 hours
  4. Eagles, just like their fans, are trash. Solid on defense but I can see us having 3+ takeaways easily in this game.
  5. Falcons are overrated. They've been lucky to this point but I don't see anything that makes me believe they take our division crown from us.
  6. I've had a torn meniscus in both knees. No way he's done for the year if its just that. He would almost be ready for week one if this was the case.
  7. Saw KB went down watching the Panthers snapchat story. I was hoping it was some sort of cruel joke, but I immediately came to the Huddle afterwards and now I'm probably going to puke. Get well soon KB! What a terrible way to start the day.
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