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  1. So the montly crue stadium tour, Garth Brooks, and Billy Joel; all three with ravid fanbases drawing a total of 210,000 people who would've not been spending big money in Charlotte otherwise doesn't make a difference? How about the taxes on 720,000 a year NFL tickets (72,000x10) and concessions the city wouldn't of had? Those hotels that would've been empty those said nights are full, people are buying stuff downtown. It is not always about the money gained or loss, the NFL and concerts stimulate the economy, it might not give the city a return on their investment, but it indeed does. There is a pretty damn big difference between California and Charlotte. Half of that study kept talking about areas in California... it probably doesn't make a big difference there, the state has 3 damn NFL teams and 3 NBA teams, if they lose one it doesn't kill them. The Panthers have helped grow Charlotte, sometimes the City needs to chip in. The NFL, the owner, and the city usually all three chip in the get it built. BOA is starting to look old, go attend other NFL stadiums and see the difference. We're moving towards a day where sitting at a football game in the pouring rain in 30 degree weather is not appealing anymore, a new stadium is coming. If the city gets nothing out of it, why don't they tell NFL teams to buzz off? The NFL helps grow the national name for a stadium... If we hosted the Super Bowl, that puts Charlotte in a national spotlight... Let's say the cities pay nothing... Teachers aren't getting raises. Did the St. Louis teachers get 10,000 raises when the Rams declined the cities final offer for a new stadium? The city gets a return on their investment and people are drawn to the city... This study completely ignores that. "Noll said that because football stadiums are used so infrequently – two preseason games, eight regular season games and possibly a couple of playoff games – they do not realize a large economic benefit from those games alone. Realizing this, the San Francisco 49ers’ new Levi’s Stadium, which opened last year, has played host to several other events, including concerts and college football, soccer and hockey games." He goes on later to say that NBA stadiums host more events so that means more money. If a NBA arena hosts 90 events a year at an average of 12,000 attendance (Most NBA games have a lot of empty seats. That is 1,080,000 tickets sold... Including $7 seats for weeknight NBA games... NFL tickets cost $70+ face value... 10 home games draws 720,000 tickets sold in a 72,000 person stadium... 10 concerts draw 720,000 more... You do the math...
  2. You know the city gets money back right? Atlanta did both state financing and PSLs, you can rest assured it will be done either way. The reason the city pays the money is the revenue that stadium will bring to the economy. Businesses, hotels, and the taxes spent on things in the stadium thrive. 10 home games a year, people travel to Charlotte to see their team... That wouldn't happen without the Panthers. Don't kids yourself. Half the United states don't have a NFL team, those teachers are not getting raises. Social security is failing and you have to go to court many times to get your benefits, while wellfare has a program where you can get your foodstamp cards within hours. Let's not blame the NFL for the worlds problems. The stadium will also host concerts and NCAA events, so that gives even more incentive. A new stadium would also be promised a Super Bowl, the city will get their money back.
  3. I can't stand NFL club seats. Panthers charge fans $280 a game for silver club and make them pay to eat. Club should mean you get food.
  4. There is no case in this, people are complaining their PSLs are worth more then what the Panthers are offering, when I found comparable prices give or take 500 a piece on the PSLs. The Panthers are offering to UPGRADE their PSLs for free. It doesn't stand in court you liked Cam Newton giving you footballs, the team will face nothing for this. I would gladly take lowers on the 30 in exchange for endzone seats. So not being able to see some of the most important parts of the game is not important? I can't see anything decently past the 40 from there tbh, it's too much of a straight shot. rows 6-8 I could halfway see something. I don't mind 200 level and 100 endzone in the upper rows.
  5. Don't expect to have more in the lower, but there is like 20,000 to 50,000 if I remember correctly. Usually the average is 30,000 to 40,000 or something. Plus, probably now around 35% of the lower bowl is now club seating... I don't know another NFL stadium like that... Half the sideline, a large majority of the corners and endzone are now club seating. Go to another NFL stadium and see if it looks like ours, there is like 10,000 non-club seats in the lowers now...
  6. True. If you can see a fade completion in the endzone on the other side of the stadium from the first 3 rows of the endzone, you have some amazing eyes. I would take upper sideline over lower endzone 10/10 times. The Panthers are offering a return on investment after 26 years of use or a even better set of psls. There is no case here. It is in the agreement they can raise ticket prices, a judge doesn't care that you liked Sunday giveaways.
  7. The first 8 rows of the endzone are the worst seats in the house. You can't even barely see half the field and end up watching the game on TV. Cam Newton never gave grown men footballs, so only the kids in row 1 miss out, heck he might not even be her next year. It does kind of suck for one reason, this dang stadium was designed were 70% of the seats were in the upper deck (whose bright idea was that) that takes about 1,000 affordable lower deck seats away. I still think Panthers will end up going up on their offer.
  8. I just checked PSL source and other websites for comparable seats. They're are multiple seats with very similar values to what the Panthers are offering in cash. These seats aren't worth 7,000. People quit buying PSLs the second Tepper mentioned new stadium. This will be a mess for a bit, but there is no legal ground in court where someone can convince a judge those psls are worth more then 2,000-3,000. The Contract even says this is not an investment, don't treat it like one. Make settlement offers and argue with them, they would rather settle then go to court.
  9. Also, everyone has been begging for a super bowl. Our luxury suite selection is lacking. Go check out Atlanta's Delta sky club and go to the silver club here and get back to me. I stood on the Panthers sideline for 4 hours in Atlanta. BOA is outdated. There will be lawsuits here though.
  10. What are they giving in turn??? This is massive breach of contract!!!! They have nothing comparable to the first 8 rows of the end zone.
  11. Missing the playoffs and being mediocre is better then sucking 1 year and getting Trevor Lawrence and the #1 pick in the next rounds? Hate to tell ya man, but 2015 is not coming out of that tunnel. Even if healthy, he now will be in and out of court all year.
  12. And he has nothing to say about Cam's hair or dress. Something tells me he likes SC. That other guy they thought was a bust from Clemson seems to be doing just fine.
  13. Whatever you say lol. Info isn't welcome on potential prospects of a team that Tepper says himself is rebuilding "Rome wasn't build in a day." Seriously is a joke that if you don't post about keeping Cam, Firing a coach, or how terrible Tepper is, you get flamed.
  14. I want to see what makes you think this team will be any better then 4-12? Kyle Allen playing teams who had no film is the only reason we won 5 games. We got beat by the freaking redskins WITH LUKE.
  15. Cam does not have 1st round value. 2 1sts 2 2nds and Cam would be the asking price.
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