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  1. No, we had a crappy 3-4 scheme nobody understood. I bet Poe has a good 2020, just watch. This coaching staff sucked. Dan Quinn did something Ron refused: Admit he was wrong. They beat the NFC champions on their home field, it unfortunately for them was too late.
  2. I mean losing possibly a top 3 or potentially the best corner in Panthers history at the time for a bust DT. Nobody here felt Butler was a gamechanger or was excited about the pick. #2, They drafted someone who wouldn't be happy in Charlotte (Star). If you trade your first rounder away, you most definitely do not have to pay salary for that pick. I would've rather had Josh Norman then Vernon Butler for 5 years. Josh Norman plays in 2016, we make the playoffs... Imagine if Bradberry had time to learn under A REAL CORNER as opposed to being a 2nd round pick essentially already the #1 corner on draft day. There's a difference from Star and KK and Butler... Both we're picked when the Panthers we're terrible at generating defensive pressure. The 2015 Panthers we're top 5 in pressure. We lost 4 corners and picked a DT round 1... an insurance policy if we can't keep Star and KK (P.S, most teams don't need two all pro Defensive tackles nor can afford them). For Vernon Butler we forewent: Micheal Thomas, Derrick Henry, Chris Jones (OMG). I'm pretty sure all 3 we're talents that fans on Carolina Huddle suggested for us... We instead went with someone I'm pretty sure the NFL draft boards didn't have anywhere near that pick. Picking DTs from small schools like Buffalo is stupid because even if they have the intangibles, they've never truly played consistently against true college talent, thus it still would take them years to get ready. Chris Jones was 10X better of a pick before AND after that draft. 90% of the fan base was VERY upset with that pick as they should've been. We chose to take care of 2017,2018 needs before 2016. If you don't think we over-reached, we're talking about the same guy that drafted a QB at 4 that likely would've been there at 16. I know for a fact many people on this board alone wanted Henry and Jones, I don't remember very well if we had Micheal Thomas on our radar. This franchise completely ignored positions of need other then D-line and LB except once in a blue moon (CMC, Kelvin Benjamin). Ignoring Offense got Cam killed and will get Teddy killed too. It's time to take a bit of a risk and sign someone off the street and get someone with some real firepower. 3-4 DTs might exist in the world that will get pressure up the middle in the NFL consistently year after year. KK quit and Star has in Buffalo too, it is not important enough of a position to take in the 1st round... You can get DTs for a similar price in FA, what has Butler been doing at a similar price to POE that made him worth losing Josh Norman in 2016? The best part about it? We didn't even spend 80% of Josh Norman's cap and rolled it to 2017, so much for being SB ready.
  3. The dumpster fire is drafting a position in the first round that is not that important. Maybe, just maybe... Drafting a legit 1st round corner instead of drafting 2 late rounders and using our 2nd on one would've made a difference. Bradberry was not ready to cover Julio and Mike Evans that year, the money we saved on Josh Norman we spent on Vernon Butler.
  4. A 2 seed would host wild card weekend, Divisional round weekend, and potential NFC/AFC title game if #1 seed is upset. I hope teams offer a 2 for 3 deal if you pay up front or something, I get sick at the idea if my team is the two seed I might have to drop more then the cost of my season tickets for 3 games in 3 weeks.
  5. If we ignore the LB that people are pegging at 3 for a defensive tackle then kill me now. Sick of reading the same book over and over. That book has the same ending people, we've drafted DTs 1st round too many times this decade, that's why we're here
  6. A team that was 6-6 and had virtually no chance at crawling back into the playoffs even if they won 4 in a row got beat. The 2019 Panthers gave up after NO.
  7. Ron remembers he had them at 5-3 and they should've beat the Saints. Ron loves the past.
  8. The Panthers did not underpay Cam... 2015 off season he signed the deal we just cut him on and was in the top 3 paid qbs at that time. We paid Cam for 2 games in 2019 and he missed games in 2018,2019. Frankly, the only years we really got out of the deal was 2015 and 2017. The stock of QBs jumped extremely high 2-3 years after CN contract was signed. Cam was paid all but 1 year of his contract and all his guaranteed money in a deal that made him top 3 at his position. Ron has all but said Cam refused to come out of games hurt and there wasn't much he could do. If Cam would've came right out of the SD game and IMMEDIATELY got surgery the next morning (you know, the 2018 one instead of the BS 2017 one to try to make it easier), that would've given Cam 2017, 2018, 2019 for the arm to fully heal. Why he ever elected for a surgery HE KNEW, wasn't going to fully fix it was foolish. The biggest irony, the foot. Cam Newton was hurt preseason week 3... Let's say he says screw it, I'm fixing this now (if his arm is indeed truly healthy)... Kyle Allen comes out and we do all the same, except we sweep Tampa Bay (obviously that can be assumed by the London game)... The 49ers game was 10 WEEKS away... Meaning that he could've most likely made a return to a 5-1 football team and playing for #1 seed HFA. The Rams/ Tampa film would've never existed, Panthers win at least 10 and make the postseason and we extend Cam. Cam Newton made a choice to half ass injury recovery everytime and is now wondering why we don't want to rehire him. I don't doubt the doctor told him no surgery on the Lysfranc was risky and surgery was better, Cam hates surgery and he and Ron both admitted it. Obviously it's a Hippa violation to say Cam declined it as he has every right to. The team also has every right to cut him. Edit: I'm sorry, I almost forgot the part where he delayed it as far as he possibly could where he is always coming into training camp on the edge of rehab. I can tell you right now, the Carolina Panthers have no problem with getting surgeries done quickly, many NFL franchises have players under the knife THE NEXT DAY after an injury. Cam hated it, so he always got them scheduled as late as possible. That is something the Panthers cannot control.
  9. That was like the 2nd game of the season and Clemson was still figuring things out. They lost some guys after 2017, plus the Kelly Bryant vs TL QB battle made a difference. Clemson manhandled them the next year with arguably them having a better then that year.
  10. I can't believe we're bringing up deep bombs. KA is the first qb who threw one in Charlotte since 2016, sorry to say it's true. TB throws 6 completed deep bombs in 5 games, he doesn't' ever go deep. Highlight packages also don't include incomplete attempts. You don't throw deep when you're massacring defenses short.
  11. We have obsessed over DT for long enough. It would be such a Panther thing to do to ignore positions of need for the easiest lineman position to buy in FA.
  12. I did prove what I said. "Teddy can't go deep." I provided 6 passes that show otherwise. A QB who practices with the 1s for the whole off-season probably throws more then that.
  13. He has no deep ball. I can debunk it with one video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9uoBpnyUZs:31 All throws provided are at least around 20-30 yards some more 3:31,4:31, 4:46, 5:16,5:43 And my favorite:8:54... He literally under pressure FLICKS the ball around 35 yards to a guy being chased by 2 dbs for a td. The Saints have a heck of a core offense... They have no need to throw 40-60 yard bombs 2-3 times a game. kamara by himself can open up a game. (As McCaffery does for us). The Panthers will likely be playing ball control in 2020. The defense is not going to be better then 20th in the league, they will have to hold onto it and minimize the amount of time the starters on defense have to stay on the field. Bridgewater is accurate and doesn't make mistakes. I'm starting to think (whether it's correct or not is yet to be seen) this was more of a we like Teddy better situation morso then Cam's been gone since Nov. Why role the dice when you feel like you have a sure thing? The ugly on TB was the moral victory of the year to drop us 8 spots in the draft. We played our starting defense while the Saints we're rotating 2s and 3s to rest for the postseason after clinching HFA. I think there's a good chance Cam was plan B if TB signed elsewhere, It'd make sense for Rhule to say what he said. If we can't get arguably the #2 QB free agent (behind obviously a 6 time SB champion) at a similarly priced deal, keeping Cam might've been the choice. Teddy was obviously negotiating with other teams, the Panthers negotiation was obviously very well kept under wraps. Truthfully, the actions of Cam on the internet leading up to this made moving on likely 10x easier for DT. I honestly feel like things went downhill in January when Cam said what he said about What Hurney and Tepper said about his return. Things we're held pretty well under wraps until that can of worms opened. All said and done, I'm excited to see our offense in 2020. Hopefully Snow can earn his salary and hold teams to 27.
  14. If we seriously ignore CB and O-Line for DT, we are a joke. DTs are not as important and are stop gaps.
  15. Tampa bays defense is just as bad as ours. Father time is ready to take Brees and TB. I'm more concerned about the Falcons then the saints or Bucs. The bucs last year were not a QB away from a SB and Kyle fugging Allen put 37 on them. Welcome to an offensive leauge, the SB champion had the 18th best defense. If we can field the 24th defense, there's no reason this team can't be a 7 seed at 9-7 on wild card weekend. We finished 5-11 last year, but Ron likely would've eeked out 7-9. The offense has only gotten better. Defense don't matter anyway, they'll just PI and roughing the passer on us 100X a day. We see how the NFL values teams who play defense, Cam is in a body bag from missed calls.
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