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  1. I feel like I’ve heard the same story the past 3 years tbh. I’ll believe it when D.J Moore has a deep TD vs LA
  2. That's the hard thing. When the team is 2015,2013,2017 good, it's worth that. But paying to see the late 2018 games and 2016 is what makes being a PSL owner suck sometimes.
  3. Denver doesn’t have PSLS. They can revoke because people didn’t pay for the rights to buy said tickets. PSLs unless it’s in the agreement you must go to so many games, the panthers would have a lawsuit on their hands if they did what Denver did. I never understand why the argument never comes up why are fans are not willing to pay to come see this team? Revoke PSLs from brokers, our fans won’t even pay face value half the time, plus the Panthers still have PSLs for sale!
  4. Y'all like to talk about analytics so much, let's look at them for this. When we have played to win with less then 3% chance to make the playoffs, our franchise QB has had an injury that has derailed our past 2 seasons, now this year dropping us from pick 8 to 16. But by all means, let's play to win. The Packers shut down Aaron freaking Rodgers when they had less then a 10% chance. But Ron has to make sure he pads that win total so he doesn't get fired.
  5. If we trade up after losing 8 spots for winning that meaningless game, I will blow up. I don't buy the whole Sean Payton tanked too, you don't put out your whole starting defense when you're trying to lose.
  6. Cutting Torrey smith and signing him isn’t the worst idea.
  7. 44-0 NBA Champs Mack finals MVP
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