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  1. Teams are already starting to announce voluntary refunds. Waivers will be required to attend NFL games, there is no way in hell they can make you sign a waiver and keep your money. The PSL agreement does not state that you would have to buy the tickets in the event a global pandemic required you to sign over total liability to the team, I read it this morning. I emailed the Panthers this week about it because my father found out he is immune-deficient at a physical this month, the Panthers are planning an announcement soon. They need PSL owners to take refund because there is no way in He** the GOV who mandated masks is going to let 63,000 season tickets (if you refund single game) into one stadium.
  2. If you held PSLs from 2010-2020... You saved 1.2015: $2,000 in tickets. A home game ticket was $240 by the Eagles game on Stubhub, Playoff tickets added up to $1,000 saved on their own. 2. $225 a ticket for Dallas when tickets we're going for $250-$300 3. 2011, 2015, 2017 home matchups with Greenbay that always drive a high price. PSLs are a LUXURY... You can get 2-3 second hand for about $1,000 now, it's not exactly like you've lost $10,000. I never like to worry about my tickets, so I like having my 3 in 538.
  3. The contract states "Bank of America Stadium" It's actually in newer contracts (Like Falcons PSLS) They're not good for a new stadium.
  4. They've been talking about doing this before the pandemic, why do you care? Any PSL owner would cheer about this.
  5. Sounds good to me, Panthers won't be getting my money for these dang games this year lol.
  6. You could sell four seats to one party then separate 2 seats etc etc. You don't have to separate parties (see food places).
  7. We traded a QB who can't accurately hit any throw to one who at least routinely can make a short or medium pass.
  8. Infect the starting QB with a Covid-19 positive host.
  9. "One player says the season shouldn't happen" CarolinaHuddle: No NFL season.
  10. "Confirmed" The virus is asymptomatic or very minor in 7/10 people... At least 20 million people have been infected... For example, in SC in April my whole family was sick and only 1 out of 6 of us was allowed a test, the numbers are BS.
  11. How about give the guy the info he needs instead of posting what 99% of the world already knows? I'd essentially just get there at 8am and drive around, there are usually pretty good spots for tailgating all over the place, parking ranges from $15-$50. Parkwhiz is a good place to reserve parking beforehand, usually there is some reviews to look over. Obviously everyone and their mother knows Covid-19 could cancel the games, but just in April no food place would be having indoor dining, how did that work out?
  12. Vaccines that provide 40% immunity (barely over 1/3) is a reason to shut the country down? Fauci already admitted he lied about the masks, don't give a damn what he has to say on vaccine progress.
  13. Rich people dont work on farms and proximity to their high paying corporate gigs or football teams is worth more then land.
  14. That dumpster fire was 5-2 with the two losses being his two starts... That makes no sense.
  15. From what I understood as long as you we're making any sort of an effort to pay, you we're not going to lose anything. The Panthers face mask idea might be planned if we can have at least STHs at games... I bet all NFL teams are required to send reusable masks to all STHs.
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