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  1. No, I have empathy to a point. 1. NFL lays out the risk, complex testing with 100% isolation of player, but practices and games aren't cancelled until 5 positive tests. 2. Players& coaches are offered a chance to opt out (This happened) 3. The league informs all of them the risk of being in the high risk group and offer any coach or player the chance to opt out of the season AT ANY POINT with zero consequence. How is it me not having empathy for multi-millionaires in their 60s to 70s who had a chance to opt out and not take part in this season makes me an unempathetic person? I am empathetic for those who don't make enough on social security to make ends meet who have been forgotten because they can't get unemployment and are forced to risk their lives in the work fields to pay their rent. There is not ONE NFL HC, DC, OC (position coaches included)in their 60s+ who has not made enough money to opt out of this season. The lowest income for an NFL coach is about $300,000... That's 8 times what the average American makes... Me feeling sorry for them is like me feeling sorry for a 75 year old man who goes to Disney World... No, Disney employees and the company should not be deprived of making an income due to the poor decision of someone who understood the risks in their age group. Many times 1 case can be a false positive with the tests only being 70% accurate, that's why they should need 5 before anything is cancelled. Per your point, anyone who watches an NFL game is unempathetic because the chance of a coach getting exposed in the 2020 season is 100%.
  2. You obviously completely skipped paragraph 2. I wonder how you feel about the 60 year olds you force to go to work to keep their lights on for your essential services. I feel zero sympathy for multi-millionaire coaches who can easily opt out. It's freaking amazing, a pandemic and the people that everyone is all concerned about are people who can easily afford to stay home... This is the problem with the covid response. We should've isolated the elderly from the beginning, but god forbid Bruce Arians or Pete Carol catch covid.
  3. Comparing probably the 200,000 dead that 80% of them were in their 70s-80s (See NY's death and cause and effect, that's 20% of your deaths there) to 20-35 year old otherwise healthy males is hilarious. The NFL has offered anyone the ability to opt out and not play (or coach before the "WHAT ABOUT GRANDMA AND GRANDPA") crowd comes in. This is outrageous and overblown, for god sakes, they have to TEST and make sure these players are sick.
  4. Doubt it, Panthers played them on Sunday and have now been tested 4 days later. Most test positive (even asymptomatic 2-3 days after exposure). If no new news tomorrow, we should be in the clear.
  5. Don't understand NFL teams obsessions of drafting players places they don't want to move. Star was from Hawaii, there was no sign that he would want to settle down in Charlotte lol.
  6. Our QB costs 20 million for 3 years while teams are paying 35-40 right now. Everyone thinks just because Cam had that 1 year 19 million (that he declined might I add), Bridgewater is overpaid, he took 10 million less then what Kirk Cousins makes... I'm not giving Teddy 37 million, but he is good for 20. Only way Teddy gets anything about 25 from me at the end of the 3 years is at least an MVP year.
  7. Bridgewater did it without CMC, stop this crap. It's easier to win games when you have a 1,000/1,000 MVP level player.
  8. The only way I would be ok with it is if the Panthers beat the 4-1 Chicago Bears, the New Orleans Saints on their home field, and Atlanta again. At that point, Carolina would be 6-2, 3-1 in the division while likely being in sole possession of 1st place... At that point Carolina would have wins over 2 of the top favorites to win the NFC, with home matchups with Tampa and New Orleans on the horizon. My point is I don't like midseason trades UNLESS, the team could win the Super Bowl. We win in New Orleans and beat Chicago, then trading a pick that would be equivalent to an early 2nd rounder is not a big deal to me. That's why Seattle is smart and never keeps those picks, you give the 1st rounder guarantee and $ for what is only 5-6 picks from the much more team friendly 2nd round pick. Our best pick so far was a 3rd rounder, the 1st round pick is overrated unless it's top 15. I don't see us winning in New Orleans, so I don't see it as a problem, but if were 6-2, we need to play for the division to bring fan interest back and bring a momentum to the team. The funniest thing to me is how everyone raves over the value of these picks, but players picked in the top 10 almost seemingly never go for much more then a 2nd, even the really good ones. Personally I'd rather have a really good player with NFL experience then a hit or miss late 1st rder.
  9. You truly think Hurney is running this show? This is Tepper and Rhule, Hurney was the scapegoat for the unpopular decisions. You think Hurney would have the balls to cut Cam Newton? You know, the guy famous for giving huge contracts to people past their primes?
  10. If were 6-2 at the deadline, I would not be oppossed to moving our 1st round pick for someone young with a long contract (Preferably LB) as it would be in the 20s anyway. Anything under that, heck no. We would have to beat Chicago, win in the superdome, and beat Atlanta again for that too happen, not impossible, but I'm not counting on it.
  11. Joe Brady is a 31 year old man who is actually in his 1st OC job anywhere (Was only passing cord at LSU). HCs are over Offense, Defense, Special teams, team politics, player's personal lives, plus are mostly the face of an organization outside of the players. Joe Brady doesn't strike me as a guy who is going to jump into a HC after 2 jobs in two years. David Tepper has pissed off the whole NFL once with his massive deal to Matt Rhule, I would not be suprised to see Tepper offer Brady 3.0-3.5 million to keep him here.
  12. Why fire the GM? The GM didn't miss an onside kick, blow a 2 score lead vs Chicago... The Falcons are VERY talented on both sides, seems stupid to fire him when it was clearly Quinn's fault.
  13. How the FUG are we not putting 2 dbs on him? He's the only thing they got!
  14. What makes you think we won't win it this year? Tampa and NO have looked like utter crap, we have played clean football and were one play from being FIRST in the NFCS and 3-1 RIGHT NOW. We had a bad game in Tampa and everyone thinks we suck when we played 3 really good football games. D-line actually exists now, we have played VERY WELL defensively, especially holding Deandre Hopkins to under 50 YARDS. We go 1-1 vs Tampa and NO in the division, we have the easiest schedule out of any of those 3. We beat Atlanta this weekend, they'll likely be have an interim coach in Charlotte at home, thus could potentially be an easy sweep. 10-6 wins this division, 5 games in and everyone has two losses, nobody is going 12-4 here.
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