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  1. I’m down for whatever mock gives us Mark Fields Jr
  2. joeyxfresco

    Carolina Panthers teasing us again.

    I remember Tepper mentioning something in one of his earlier pressers about converting the current practice field space to parking once we get a new practice facility
  3. I feel a restructure or extension coming
  4. Might mean that we’ll take more than 1 DE. He’s definitely a stop gap to develop any DE we take past round 1
  5. kind of old but would be a great stop gap while we develop a young guy from the draft
  6. joeyxfresco

    Willing to Trade Down?

    We already traded down week 17
  7. Tepper didn’t make his money on blue chip investment. He had to takes a lot of risks to build up Appaloosa into the management company that it is. I didn’t expect him to be to not take risks here either. This could be a great move if it works out
  8. Can we replace the JR statue with Hurndog 2.0?
  9. We’re in a great situation going into the draft
  10. Cody Ford is my guy! Really hope he’s our pick
  11. Great watch, I like this guy. Will be great leader for our line
  12. What can our local cap experts tell us about this? Good or bad?
  13. This reminds of the Mike Wahle signing years ago. That turned out great