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  1. If Kyle Allen balls out the truth about Cams health will finally come to light
  2. Poo like this happens when trash fans trash the best thing to ever happen to the franchise. Imagine being an analyst with an agenda and going to the Panthers Twitter and reading the comments from Carolina fans. “Trade Cam then we’ll really start something” *awkward gif of Will Grier* *SB non dive gif* ”Maybe if he spends more time in the film room and less time dressing like a woman we’d win more” Panther fans give these trash analysts all the ammo in the world. Big Ben is legitimate rapist and bitches about drafting QBs and you won’t hear a peep from his decline or attitude from Pittsburg Fans.
  3. “Cam Newton only cares about Cam Newton” Worst take I’ve ever seen since he got drafted.
  4. Imagine thinking Jake could’ve won 15 games with the weapons Cam had in 2015, whew.
  5. None. Fire Ron, fire Hurney, sit Cam this year. Retool for next year and let a healthy Cam play for his contract and if we still can’t get it done with a new coach. An MVP QB shouldn’t be outed with the same one dimensional HC who let his QB save his ass for the last 3 years from the hit seat. We owe Cam at least that
  6. It’s the least he could do after setting the bad narrative that would follow Cam his whole career. The “icon” and “entertainer” buzz headline was so stupid and out of context
  7. Also, take a look at all these fake internet tough guys calling Cam a pussy behind a keyboard
  8. Yes I’m sure Cam is thinking about scarfs and no show socks whenever he breaks the huddle
  9. The 15-1 run is the worst thing that could’ve happened to the franchise. It kept Ron hanging around all these years
  10. Now. Would love to give Cam a shot with a real HC next year before we give up on him too and rebuild. Norv actually has made me miss Shula tonight
  11. Refs were doing everything possible to let Carolina win. Coaching and execution is horrible and sloppy
  12. The thing that bothers me about that call is fans crying about that costing the game but conveniently forgetting that Brees threw a game losing INT
  13. :( My favorite of the new combos. It’s just so clean. Wouldn’t mind a uniform refresh with this as our late summer primary’s. The only thing stopping them from being one of the best in the league is matching the stripe colors across the uniform
  14. Blue pants should only be worn with the blue jersey. Everything else looks horrible and unbalanced
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