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  1. What better way to start a team than with MVP QB If you’re a new HC/GM to you gamble on the rookie QB or give the MVP QB a shot before you move on?
  2. Should make a statement and fire him during the season. Let Norv tryout for a spot on the next year for the new HC
  3. My thought if train since this whole fiasco happened. Get Cam with a new coach and see what happens. No way Rivera should outlast Cam in Carolina. Ron shouldn’t also drag Cam down with him if he were to get the boot
  4. TB spilling over to the main forum is the main reason a lot of good posters left.
  5. Obviously. It wouldn’t make sense to use that same logic when making a decision on who you want at QB next year
  6. Cam Newton has shown enough To be given a chance to show he can bounce back from injury.
  7. We’ll be good enough to still be in the playoff race until week 17, but not bad enough to get Ron fired or get to get a high pick. The cycle of mediocrity starts now.
  8. Some people are more content with losing without Cam than winning with him
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