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  1. Look forward to discussing the show with you all!
  2. Hornets paid Rozier based off of what he did in the playoffs in 2018 LOL
  3. Isn’t Pepsi our practice jersey sponsor? What happens with that?
  4. Fan interaction and ad revenue are the culprits here. As an out of state fan and someone with a lot of time on my hands due to paternal leave I very much welcome and appreciate this
  5. We’re all in now boys. This is the season we’ve been waiting for
  6. Would rather sign Boston over Berry at this point
  7. They can change it again after all the pre season cuts
  8. I’m down. I was one of the few people here who loved Tre during his time in Carolina
  9. It’s obviously more important to roll out Allen 2.0 to “save the season” than get secondary help
  10. Oy. Reaching for needs in the first two days leads to a losing record
  11. Also, we’re talking about developing a young QB but we draft a 24 year old with a limp arm who played himself out of the 1st round?!?! WTF LOLOL
  12. People who think Grier can lead a team into the playoffs have no business evaluating players. This team without Cam would’ve been picking top 10 since 2014 kicking the tires on Fitzpatrick
  13. Grier won’t even win the 2nd string job over Allen. This is a guy who was a sure 1st round pick before the beginning of the season and played himself into comp pick status.
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