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  1. I think we’d be the dumbasses in that situation
  2. What a poo show Houston is turning out to be. Watson needs to get out ASAP
  3. Oh like Beane? Hopefully we don’t groom him and watch another team reap the benefits.
  4. Anybody vouching for Grier before the draft was delusional. I hated the idea of drafting a guy who was supposed to be a Heisman candidate and first pick going into his senior year but he played so bad against wet tissue Big 12 defenses that his stock dropped to a middling day 3 pick. The team panicked when reports about NE wanting Grier came out and we wanted a “feel good” story about a hometown kid who’s related to some Vine/YT guy so we reached for him.
  5. Need his gritty attitude on the line. Everyone else was checked out and Butler was giving it his all and still emotionally invested into the season.
  6. That Rams logo is complete garbage. The design firm and the team should be ashamed of themselves for it letting it get past the rough draft board
  7. Does anyone on here still care about B/R after that poo show article about The Golden Calf of Bristol outlasting Cam and if he’s wrong he’d wear a Cam Jersey next time they’re Carolina is Tampa? Is that the same website we’re putting time and effort into today?
  8. Cam should be doing something more productive like reading the playbook or practici....oh wait
  9. *puts fingers in ears* ”la-la-la-la I can’t hear you”
  10. Every move so far has been made with the expectation that Cam will be our guy. The deniers on the board are delusional to say otherwise
  11. What? $60mm to $12b is pennies to the dollar. I’m hate seeing athletes piss away their money especially good dudes like TD and Ginn who are getting worked by some scumbag.
  12. You’re getting poo’ed on but you're not wrong. Stuff like this has too much overhead and no real return. TD would’ve been better off putting that money aside with his financial advisor.
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