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  1. The only time I ever regretted not pursuing graphic design
  2. The only way we stop the cycle of people reselling their tickets to away fans is to stop PSLs. Too bad the team makes too much money from it
  3. Also, I wonder if the team is announcing the uniform change during the press conference. I don’t have team insiderzz but I know a league guy who has yet to be wrong about any uniform changes since Nike took over. They said Carolina started the process in March of 2019 but have been tight lipped on when the new uniforms will take over. From my understanding and from what Igo said on Twitter EVERYTHING was on the table down to the name, logo and colors. Seems like they decided to stick the current identify
  4. I think a cool thing they could do is let the current PSL owner take their seat home.
  5. That’s been my train of thought since they announced the 7 year deal. They’re adding Cams last contract year and a throwaway year if Cam were to leave to a standard 5 year deal just to show how committed we are to Rhules vision. The best case scenario is Rhule doesn’t have to look for another QB until the end of his 7 year deal.
  6. “Okay but what does Rhule know? My source who’s met someone from Cam’s circle once told me that Cam was gone”
  7. If we get rid of Cam we’re not bringing anyone in. We’ll let KA lead us to a top 10 pick again
  8. Wonder how long this takes before it gets regulated to TB
  9. Next year isn’t a tank year. I think we do everything we can to bring Cam back for a year, if we can’t then we start the rebuild from here. If we do keep him and we suck we let him walk and start the bad years after that. 7 years for Rhules contract is oddly specific given the 5 year rule most GM and owners follow. 1 year with Cam if he wants to come back 1 year to tank if it doesn’t work 5 years to build a team to contend I think they laid out Rhules contract with hope that Cam is back for at least one more year
  10. He’s on the teeter of it and a casualty of being too lenient with it. 51 gave us keep pounding, 89 was our best WR of all time, 90 put us on the map and is a future first ballot hall of famer, 59 might be the best defensive player of all time for the franchise and 1 is our only league MVP and made us look better than what we were for 9 years. 58 is a fighter and key part of the franchise and has a spot in the ring of honor but I can’t see us retiring his number and then opening the conversation for guys like Gross, Mushin, Gamble, Khalil, Olsen, etc
  11. Only 5 jerseys that deserve to be retired by Carolina up until now 51 89 90 59 1
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