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  1. E CaT PanTHer 2

    lol eric reid has been blackballed

    agreed. a retaliation penalty should have been called. but if we're looking just at the personal foul and ejection, it was completely warranted
  2. E CaT PanTHer 2

    lol eric reid has been blackballed

    dumbass fuging thread. reid clearly came in late after ben had already started his slide leading directly with his shoulder hitting ben on the helmet causing his his head to ricochet hard off the ground. it's the exact same play against the falcons that caused an ejection as well reid being blackballed? lolll get these dumbass political threads out of the main forum
  3. E CaT PanTHer 2

    Cool stat bro

    i don't want to get ahead of myself, but offensively, I think the Panthers can go toe to toe with the Saints, Rams, and Chiefs. Defensively, we've allowed 38 points fewer than the Saints, 46 fewer than the Chiefs, and 20 fewer than the Rams (however the Chiefs and Rams haven't had their bye week) If our defensive line can start getting a little more pressure, we could arguably have one of the best all around teams in the NFL. A win against the Steelers, and I think every team in the NFL should be put on notice.
  4. wasn't ricky manning a rookie when he had that gaudy game against the rams and eagles in the playoffs?
  5. mike minter edit: nvm, safety
  6. reminiscent of the seattle playoff game. 31-0 at the half 31-24 final score lol
  7. have you ever seen the patriots or rams up 35-7 and let a team comeback to make it 35-28? if we lose this game .... i'll have no words
  8. and here i was actually suggesting ron should bench the starters. this is absolutely fuging pathetic
  9. as much as i want to see cam and the starters in the 2nd half, ron should seriously consider resting them given the short week ahead of thursday
  10. Lolll I got more talent in my fuging pinky than you do in your entire body. I'm sorry God didn't bless you with something you've probably been yearning for your entire life. Oh yeah, that's right. You don't belive in God. Probably the reason psc is a horrible fuging author and Philly is one of the worst movie directors in existence.
  11. What have I ever said in the past that would constitute racism aside from me using the "n" word in my raps back in the day which I've apologized for?
  12. No I was pushed into commiting suicide bc I rap. And for some reason that pisses you the fug off. Again, wonder why that is.
  13. I'm not unemployed. Keep saying that. And I'm glad you have a good career, proof that African americans have every opportunity to succeed in society, and no one is owed reparations. Funny, blacks were more successful in the 1960s than they have been under any recent Democrat including Obama. Wonder why that is Wake the fug up!
  14. Loll I'm racist for saying blacks make up 13% of the population and account for 40%+ of all violent crime in this country?I'm a bigot for saying a homophobic slur once after nearly being pushed into committing suicide? Like I said, get the fug outta here. Ya'll accuse me of culture appropriation and not giving reperations for African Americans? I'm sorry ur sorry ass can't rap worth a fuging damn, and I'm sorry that's pushed you to wish death upon me. I think any sane individual without the usual biased lens on this board can see what's really going on. You got absolutely nothing constructive to contribute to society. Just quit while ur ahead and save ur self from the embarrassment of being a sad little untalented ass hater that you've somehow managed to garner the reputation of over the years. The only reason Philly and psc have ur back is bc they feel you need support, being the sad little black apologists they are, not bc they care about ur well being and the future prospects of ur career. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll start to make progress in society.