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  1. hopefully they also include anti white, jewish, and christian hate groups, including all the hate spewed by ANTIFA and BLM as well. the goal should be to eliminate all hate from this country. by only focusing on white nationalism, these social media giants are proving once again to have an agenda that's clearly politically motivated, and not driven for the betterment of society as a whole.
  2. i was suspended for a month. I posted multiple times in the Mueller thread before posting in this one. lying again, as you usually do
  3. the left is so fuging corrupt it's beyond incomprehensible the two tiered justice system is very real in america
  4. so Imaginary refuses to believe something that's so blatantly obvious and then calls everyone who does a conspiracy theorist? typical leftist denial and deflection
  5. So these emails and text messages were doctored? This is exactly why Foxx recused herself
  6. i'm done with this fuging forum. can't believe i actually renewed my all pro subscription after my 1 month suspension. this will be the last month I contribute any money to this liberal cesspool. deuces
  7. Im trying here...just shot down Rodeo....I'll be here more once the regular season starts....Cam has the best set of receivers since he was a rookie...cant wait...

  8. This is it.  It's bad dude.  So, so, bad.  So many idiots in that thread sucking off GMAN.  

    1. nctarheel0619


      I kind of deflected from it for the most part.  Smart on my part.  

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