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  1. juliosantos

    Is there any way?

    This has nothing to do with football so you should have posted it else where
  2. juliosantos

    Is there any way?

    It's a forum , if you don't like my threads then don't view them
  3. I use to do that when I was getting crushed in madden
  4. juliosantos

    I always wondered ..........

    Pass blocking is terrible but he is a big weapon in the pass game so that makes up for pass blocking and his short yardage has been good
  5. juliosantos

    I always wondered ..........

    That's if we can play defense .i believe our offense amcan keep up up but if they win the turnovers and our defense sucks we lost
  6. juliosantos

    what we need to do this offseason

    Seasons still alive but do I think the saints are going to blow us out after what I saw last Thursday ? Yes they will . Unless rivera does his job and corrects the issues but it's the same issues going on every year with pass defense so I doubt he fixes anything
  7. juliosantos

    what we need to do this offseason

    Not giving up seasons still you , just stating our needs
  8. juliosantos

    Missing Huddlers Alert

    Prob got banned
  9. juliosantos

    Devin Funchess: JAG

    Oh hurney will
  10. juliosantos

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    He'll be going to the Bucs saints or falcons next yer I bet
  11. juliosantos

    I always wondered ..........

    We didnt need that bum cj Anderson , he did nothing but hold us back when he was in the game , we don't need bell . Mccaffrey is the most underrated running back in the NFL , and our 2nd best player behind cam , it's no longer just cams offense it's cam and mccaffrey offense , Idk why everyone was so upset with norv when cj wasn't getting carries? There's a reason why Denver let him go , he sucks . He was an insurance pick for us just in case mccaffrey didn't workout in norv turner offense but norv has done a great job with Christian
  12. I've always wondered. -Do you ever hear Rams fans say "We need to give Malcolm Brown more carries?" -Do you ever hear Chargers fans say "Get Austin Ekler more touches? -Do Steelers fans say "Jaylen Samuels is underutilized" -Do Giants fans say "We're going to run Barkley into the ground. He needs to split touches with Wayne Gallman" -Do Cowboys fans say "Our offense is too dependent on Zeke. He's going to wear out" -Do Saints fans say..."Why is Kamara getting so many touches? We have to run the offense through Ingram" -Do Chiefs fans say...."Spencer Wear is underutilized. He needs to share the load with Kareem Hunt" So why do we think like that with our starting RB? His yardage totals are up there with the best in the league, he's having a breakout season, Norv has found out how to maximize his talents. He's being used efficiently and a good chunk of his touches are in the open field where he's not taking punishment. What more does he have to do for his own fan base to respect him as the every down, starting RB?
  13. we need to rebuild this defense , pick a big free agent db or de up , let funchess walk offense is fine as of now , build this defense during the draft . we need a solid pass rush and some more secoundary
  14. its crazy how chicago a team that sucked so much is better then us