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  1. 1upkiller

    Offseason moves we need to make

    This all won’t matter, because we’ll have a new GM and a new coach. I have a feeling that Tepper is gonna bring some head office guys from Pittsburgh and he’s going to try and mold us into the Steelers of the south.
  2. We have some personal that could transition into 3-4. Addison could play OLB with his size, Short at DT, stick Poe at NT....it’s possible but your gonna have to pick up players in FA or the draft. Clowney is a FA next year, he’s been in the Texans 3-4. Oh the possibilities.
  3. 1upkiller

    Suggestions for our next DC

    Joe Barry Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Coach, LA Rams
  4. 1upkiller


    Mc52beast, you in the 757?