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  1. That was a fun watch. Thanks @bLACKpANTHER!
  2. Playing devil's advocate here, and just bringing up another scenario for the hell of it, but maybe the remote approach helped as well. Instead of a dozen people talking over each other, there's a much more focused approach. I have absolutely no idea what it's like in the war room, so likely have no idea what I'm talking. But I'm seeing more and more good discussions pop up lately, so want to join in on the fun.
  3. Echoing this statement. Don't fan the flames or humor people trying to derail the thread. Just ignore and move on.
  4. No. Traded pick #148 (round 5) and our 3rd rounder. So #148 to move up 5
  5. SlingTV is offering Free Happy Hour (from 5 PM to Midnight) for at least a few more weeks. NFL Network is included, no credit card needed. https://www.sling.com/deals/happy-hour
  6. I believe he uses MSN. Good luck getting him on AIM.
  7. The reason I wouldn't be surprised if that happened
  8. The hate Drew Brees gets is so unwarranted. He's as good a dude as there is in the NFL. Good on him, and I'm not the least bit surprised. As @Jesse said, this is much bigger than football. Put your stupid hate aside for a minute.
  9. But... How does one pause mid-sentence when there is no mid-sentence
  10. Out of curiosity, do you think Kuechly would make a good coach? Thomas Davis overcame a ton of adversity, switched positions multiple times, had to have the perseverance to come back from 3 straight ACL tears. These are not things that are the result of being naturally gifted. It's about adaptation, although on a personal level. Do I think he'd be a great coach just because of all of this? No. Do I think he wouldn't be a great coach just because he was a great player for us? Also no.
  11. You can buy one that plugs in that warms the water. I'm not at that level of hierarchy yet
  12. Followed on Twitter (MGitkos) My wife and I got a puppy at the end of April. He's a Husky-Shepard mix. His name is Kuechly (Keek for short). Can provide documentation as proof. Our dog gets confused when we watch Panthers games.
  13. Give him some more credit than that! It was 6 for a a whopping 0.87% of the votes :P
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