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  1. EgoDogg

    Corona Virus

    You can buy one that plugs in that warms the water. I'm not at that level of hierarchy yet
  2. Followed on Twitter (MGitkos) My wife and I got a puppy at the end of April. He's a Husky-Shepard mix. His name is Kuechly (Keek for short). Can provide documentation as proof. Our dog gets confused when we watch Panthers games.
  3. Give him some more credit than that! It was 6 for a a whopping 0.87% of the votes :P
  4. Humidity is awful here, too. And I'd much rather the hot summer over the cold snowy winters.
  5. I think you misread my message. There are at least twice as many Eagle fans here as opposed to Steeler fans. Lol. And we get a little too much snow here for my liking.
  6. Kevin Norwood looks like he should AT LEAST be playing with the 2nd string team.
  7. There's always a chance of losing your top two QBs. In that case, it's nice having somebody that can go in and not lose the game. Not to mention Webb adds value on Special Teams as well. Hell, he prevented a Devin Hester TD.
  8. Great read by Marlowe! Hoping he squeezes on the team somehow.
  9. My wife and I are looking to move into the Carolinas within the next few years, but we'll see what happens. Where I'm at is probably 60% Eagle fans, 30% Steeler Fans, 10% Cowboys / Other.
  10. Ya'll don't get it. We're trying to evaluate which WRs can block the best. That's how you choose which receivers make the team. Catching passes is so 2015.
  11. I live around Scranton / Wilkes-Barre. I try to take a trip to Penn State once or twice a year though. I went to one of the Satellite campuses (Wilkes-Barre).
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