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  1. I will assume the team thinks Cam isn't expected to make a full recovery and his days here are numbered.
  2. There was a great interview / article on Obada in The Guardian today. A bit of a long read, but definitely worth it in my eyes. Full Article: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/mar/25/efe-obada-nfl-interview-donald-mcrae
  3. Armah was just on Good Morning America in regards to the incident.
  4. It was actually 0-16. A perfect season.
  5. 2019: Devin Funchess: $13 Million D.J. Moore + Curtis Samuel + Jarius Wright + Torrey Smith: $11,765,690 No way Funchess should be making that kind of money. That's insanity. Edit: Good for him though. He's gettin' paiddd. And should get plenty of targets in Indy. So even if he drops half of 'em, he should still have a ton of yards. Good career move on his part.
  6. If Gettleman gave Matt Kalil a 5 year, $55 Million contract, anything less than a 5 year, $75 Million offer for Williams would be insulting.
  7. And then there's this awesome throwback from '03
  8. Might as well share the wayyy more cringe-worthy sequel. Definitely intentional, but I'm not so sure the growler knows that.
  9. It's impressive how these threads always go down the same path. I'd be okay with OBJ to the Texans. Get him out of the NFC and out of the NY spotlight.
  10. .... After everybody is always getting corrected here whenever they say "Curtis Samuels," Ron Rivera goes ahead and says it, himself. Haha.
  11. My sources disagree! I have the same sources as Sanjay & Julio
  12. Hey @Jeremy Igo, There have been a lot of bad posts lately, claiming to have "Insider sources," and that doesn't seem to be anything that's going away anytime soon. A forum request to help users realize who they can trust would be to have badges for users with verified sources. A user sends you proof of their source, they get a badge, you know they can be trusted. It's going to be a 'boy who cried wolf' scenario, and I would absolutely hate to see people with legit insider information (occasionally happens) get dismissed and mocked due to the people who claim to have sources for everything. I shared a few examples of extensions which can help with that if you decided to implement something like that. Other examples of badges: Verified Source PSL Owner Former Player Current Player Staff Moderator There may be better extensions available, too, but the couple below were found via a quick search. This could be a way to add another level of legitimacy to the users. Badges next to name (Preferred since you can have multiple): https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8497-itzverified-member-verification/ Badges on corner of post: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7277-hq4-badges/
  13. Eric Reid? If he doesn't count, Dontari Poe did that work the Falcons last season and it worked... Plus $7 million would have him be one of the to 10 highest paid right tackles, so it's not like it would be taking a big discount.
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