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  1. Did you read my full message? I literally wrote "Butker wins in the overall sample size and consistently, by a wide margin right now"
  2. I hate cherry picking stats, but I'm not going to include the 65 and 67 yarders against Slye because that is absolutely unfair to include looking at the numbers straight-on. Butker wins in the overall sample size and consistently, by a wide margin right now, but Slye has made some GREAT strides since last season. Instead of looking at the grass being greener, I prefer not to live in the past (by your comments, sounds like you're in the same boat, but many here can't move on) / coulda-shoulda-woulda. I'm be happy with his progression. This Season: Field Goals: Butker - 15 for 17 = 88.2% Slye - 22 for 25 = 88% (excluding 65 & 67 yarder) Extra Points: Butker - 32 for 38 = 84.2% Slye - 23 for 25 = 92%
  3. Agreed about it not being a QB only measurement. I'm just saying the thought that drafting high means a better chance of success is bogus. The same teams are often at the top and it doesn't mean squat. And the Ray Lewis point helps validate my argument. He was also a late first round pick (#26). There's talent all over the draft. High draft position doesn't matter as much as it seems.
  4. So each of the winningest teams of the past decade was just due to lucking out at quarterback? Flacco included?
  5. Because I want the team that I root for to win. I'm enjoying the games, and I enjoy wins. A lot of young inexperienced players on the roster who need to learn how to win and build confidence to carry forward. But most importantly, if you have a good coaching staff, a high draft pick shouldn't be a requirement to win going forward. So this tank for [player] philosophy is always overblown. Best Records of the last 10 Years - How many of these teams are in this bucket due to sacrificing a season for higher picks? Patriots (Tom Brady - 6th round) Seahawks (Russell Wilson - 3rd round) Packers (Aaron Rodgers - Pick #24) Ravens (Joe Flacco - Pick #18 | Lamar Jackson - Pick #32) Steelers (Ben Roethlisberger - Pick #11) Saints (Drew Brees - 2nd round draft pick | Saints got in Free Agency) None of these teams were carried by a top of draft quarterback and instead have had consistent, top of the line coaching. With the exception of the McCarthy years in Green. But Aaron Rodgers wasn't a high draft pick, himself. Good Coaching > High Draft Picks
  6. Hell of an effort, and despite it falling up just short, that was right down the middle. Bravo young man. His first real clutch attempt this season, which is always my fear with him, and he wasn't fazed. Wish he hit it, of course, but hell of an attempt.
  7. Expectation for this season was 3-6 wins. Anything in excess of that is just icing for me. If they can find a way into the playoffs and get some playoff experience under the young guys belts, fantastic. But I have my expectations in check and have been very pleasantly surprised so far.
  8. As a player, he was one of the most enjoyable players to watch in Panthers history during his prime. Heard plenty of rumors about him not being liked by the players. Then I saw him making the TV rounds, and finally saw him on Good Morning Football and I get it. He was probably a giant asshole.
  9. I could only imagine the fun our social media team would have with that J-Stew stiff arm if it happened today.
  10. Oddly enough, so did the Falcons!
  11. Why? They don't play here anymore. Imagine this coaching staff with a healthy Mccaffrey.... Oh wait. I love seeing what they're capable of building no matter who's in there. Would Cam even fit in this system? There's A LOT of variables. Plus this coaching staff was not Pro-Ready when they were both in their primes, so these what-ifs are moot. I don't understand these attempts to derail conversations and talk about memberberries. We went 15-1 with prime Cam, to the super bowl, and lost a game we likely would've had the cards stacked against them anyways with either coaching staff. Can we enjoy this season and what's going on? I'm having A TON of fun watching these games. Cam or no Cam. Kuechly or no Kuechly. Mccaffrey or no mccaffrey.
  12. After being quoted multiple times, it's apparent my attempt at calling out the OP for being childish were a bit off the mark.
  13. I don't think I've seen Nerd used as an insult in decades. Is that still supposed to offend people? I'm out of the loop.
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