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  1. That's not good reporting. Come on, we have to report on the important things. Like what color scarf Cam will wear this week. Seriously though, that's what Jourdan was such a breath of fresh air.
  2. It's a twitter thread. Click that tweet and you'll be able to see the breakdown.
  3. Better start preparing my signature then.
  4. If they showed promise in pre-season (ala Daniel Jones), then it's a different case. Will Grier did not look like he was ready for the speed of the NFL yet. And that's okay. Sometimes QBs need a red shirt year. Others are ready sooner. And there are other factors at play too. If we had a top Offensive Line, my opinion might be different. But I'd hate to see him Carr'd for life.
  5. I always thought if our season was over by mid-season / late-season, give Grier some playing time to see where he's at. But right now, no way would I feel comfortable putting him in. Allen if not a FA / Trade.
  6. Lots of competition for worst LT in Panthers history on that list.
  7. Rivera needs to earn his 3rd coach of the year award like his job depends on it. Because it does. And I'm not so sure the answer (for this season) is on the roster if Cam is going to be out an extended period of time. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough what Hurney thinks.
  8. You're right. A sheriff + Eric Reid on the same team. Might need to wait until next season for that Hard Knocks season.
  9. Hopefully it isn't a tear, or anything serious. As much as i can't stand the Saints, Drew Brees is the one person in that organization i do like / respect. Why couldn't it be that bunghole faced coach of theirs instead.
  10. I used another site (Sugar House Casino in PA). Put $500 down ($250 my money, $250 free bonus for signing up). I did the same thing though, except there's a big hit got the buyout. I was able to buy out $273.63. As enticing as potentially winning $25,500 was, i think I'm making the right call. TL;DR: I Made $23.63 for betting on the Panthers to win the super bowl. Now watch them come back and win it...
  11. Well, I'm sure there will be some other interesting stories that come out if Delhomme gets into the Hall of Fame over some other guys that are qualified. I love Delhomme, but you don't put stories into the Hall of Fame, unfortunately.
  12. What Igo does and what this is are two completely different things. Most of what Igo does is an open ended topic. You click into the thread to learn more about what he's talking about. "Terry Godwin is back" is just a straight up lie (because of intent / misleading readers).
  13. Intentionally misleading readers so they read your thread needs to become an instant 24hr ban.
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