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  1. Great read by Marlowe! Hoping he squeezes on the team somehow.
  2. My wife and I are looking to move into the Carolinas within the next few years, but we'll see what happens. Where I'm at is probably 60% Eagle fans, 30% Steeler Fans, 10% Cowboys / Other.
  3. Ya'll don't get it. We're trying to evaluate which WRs can block the best. That's how you choose which receivers make the team. Catching passes is so 2015.
  4. I live around Scranton / Wilkes-Barre. I try to take a trip to Penn State once or twice a year though. I went to one of the Satellite campuses (Wilkes-Barre).
  5. ... Now I have to hope Tolbert makes the team so I can keep this because it's full of awesome.
  6. Wife's family is all Bear fans, but she wasn't a football fan.. Finally got her to watch a game, she saw Luke, and then coincidentally watched the final 4 games of the season. Whatever works, but now I can be sure to make a purebred Panthers fan
  7. I was 7 when the Panthers and Jaguars entered the league. The summer before Year One began, my cousin gave me the two new team's helmets from the quarter machine. He asked me which one I liked more. Living in Eagle country, I refused to become an Eagle fan, no matter how many games and Eagles merchandise an uncle of mine gave me. I decided it was the perfect time to pick a team, picked Carolina because of their colors. In hindsight, I think I made the right choice, and is awesome that I can say I was a fan since the beginning. Even have my old kid's Kerry Collins Jersey still. (Let the flaming begin)
  8. Both teams provide their own footballs. The only time the other team touches one of the Patriots is during a turnover. That's how the Colts found out. After intercepting a pass, they reported the ball as under-inflated.
  9. A Brown's fan thinks it was a terrible pick. Now I feel much more confident in it!
  10. Heh.... picturing Cam in your signature saying that.
  11. I was at this (pre-season) game. The fans were priceless. Sanchez is in, the whole stadium chants The Golden Calf of Bristol. After a few drives with The Golden Calf of Bristol at the helm, the whole stadium was chanting for Sanchez again.
  12. Thanks for informing me. I don't follow college as closely as I used to. I remember how stoked everyone got largely because of Tavon's speed, and flash-backed to that
  13. Tavon Austin all over again? Anyways, at least we know he's not afraid to go over the middle:
  14. Would love this signing. Jennings was great with the Packers (and Rodgers), but going to a run-first Traveris Jackson, Christian Ponder, Teddy Bridgewater (played well as a rookie) really hurt his value I think. Make it happen, Gettles!
  15. I was hoping nobody would over-analyze that post as it was obviously (at least my thought) a joke. haha
  16. Dollar Store = 1 Year Deal Tahget = 2 Year Deal Wahooo! *Seriously, happy to get Ginn back as a returner and decent WR Depth (hoping we bring in a real #2 / #1b)
  17. I'm going to do it as of THIS POINT 2 years ago, which means Mike Mitchell, Dominique Hixon, Chase Blackburn, Ted Ginn, Melvin White, Star Lotulelei, Kawaan Short, A.J. Klein, etc. are not included. 1. Much Better on Defense Now. Slightly better on Offense then (mainly due to experience) 2. Yes. 2013 Ron Rivera learns to take "calculated gambles." 2014 Ron Rivera learns to trust GettleGod's pickups. Shula is still incompetent. 3. I feel much better about our future now than I did at this point in 2013. But I am a half glass full kinda guy.
  18. Steve Smith was disciplined (suspended) for that as well, and forced to go into Anger Management.
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