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  1. 5 hours ago, SOJA said:

    Have you watched a New England game? Damiere Byrd. Yea that one, is by FAR their best WR. Put Cam on TB and it's video game numbers 

    Yes I have. Outside of Carolina, I've spent more time watching the Patriots / Cam than any other team. Cam's issues passing go beyond the lack of offensive talent in New England right now. He has looked good at times, and he has looked downright awful in other times.

    And for the record, I'm watching with the hopes to see him succeed. And I still do want to see him do well, despite being on the Patriots.

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  2. On 11/23/2020 at 1:54 PM, BrianS said:

    You say you hate doing it . . . and then you did it.

    How do you know which Butker kicks to "take out" over his career?  Have you watched every Butker kick in context of the game situation to decide which ones he shouldn't be responsible for making?  I know, I know.  No one does that.  But the point remains, how many of Butkers kicks should be given the same consideration?  I bet you there are some. 

    I hesitate to point it out, but in fact Butker has hit a longer FG (58) this year than Slye (56).  It's not like Butker is being handed "easy" kicks.  Butker simply doesn't get as many FG's because KC, well, they stick it in the end zone way more often.

    Sure, Slye is improving and as a Panthers fan I'm very excited to see it, but he's also known to be inconsistent.  I want to see him develop that consistency over more than a few games.  I've seen him have a few good games.  Right now, Butker is the better kicker.  People who can't see that are still trying to justify why he's here instead of either of the other kickers who "might" have been.

    Did you read my full message? I literally wrote "Butker wins in the overall sample size and consistently, by a wide margin right now"

  3. 5 hours ago, BrianS said:




    Butker is still the better kicker.  I don't want to re-hash the whole Butker / Gano thing again, it's exhausting, but between Slye and Butker, I'd rather have Butker.

    I hate cherry picking stats, but I'm not going to include the 65 and 67 yarders against Slye because that is absolutely unfair to include looking at the numbers straight-on. 

    Butker wins in the overall sample size and consistently, by a wide margin right now, but Slye has made some GREAT strides since last season. Instead of looking at the grass being greener, I prefer not to live in the past (by your comments, sounds like you're in the same boat, but many here can't move on) / coulda-shoulda-woulda. I'm be happy with his progression.

    This Season:

    Field Goals:
    Butker - 15 for 17 = 88.2%
    Slye - 22 for 25 = 88% (excluding 65 & 67 yarder)

    Extra Points:
    Butker - 32 for 38 = 84.2%
    Slye - 23 for 25 = 92%

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  4. 5 hours ago, micnificent28 said:

    Wins are not a qb measurement statistic.. there is also more than one way to win. Ravens have traditionally had one of the best most consistent defenses since Ray Lewis.. does that mean having chase young wouldn't make the better instead of...  I dunno whoever their right end is? This is not that hard to understand. Picking higher let's you have a better chance at getting the best player coming out that year. Yes you can get lucky later but your odds go down as you go down.

    Agreed about it not being a QB only measurement. I'm just saying the thought that drafting high means a better chance of success is bogus. The same teams are often at the top and it doesn't mean squat. And the Ray Lewis point helps validate my argument. He was also a late first round pick (#26).

    There's talent all over the draft. High draft position doesn't matter as much as it seems.

  5. 22 minutes ago, micnificent28 said:

    Those guys are like winning a scratch off lottery. The exception not the rule. Look at the dominating young qbs in the league the kylers. Burrows. Hurbert, mahomes and so on. All those guys are first rounders. Your not winning right now and winning right now prolongs not making it to the super bowl which is the goal of all teams. Who whats mediocrity for every. Then we look like the hornets?

    Netting a super star athlete to build around would only further those wins you want and give us moore to root for.

    So each of the winningest teams of the past decade was just due to lucking out at quarterback? Flacco included?

  6. 28 minutes ago, micnificent28 said:

    If you have no chance at making the playoffs... why would you want to win  anymore games?

    Because I want the team that I root for to win. I'm enjoying the games, and I enjoy wins. A lot of young inexperienced players on the roster who need to learn how to win and build confidence to carry forward. But most importantly, if you have a good coaching staff, a high draft pick shouldn't be a requirement to win going forward. So this tank for [player] philosophy is always overblown.

    Best Records of the last 10 Years - How many of these teams are in this bucket due to sacrificing a season for higher picks?

    • Patriots (Tom Brady - 6th round)
    • Seahawks (Russell Wilson - 3rd round)
    • Packers (Aaron Rodgers - Pick #24)
    • Ravens (Joe Flacco - Pick #18 | Lamar Jackson - Pick #32) 
    • Steelers (Ben Roethlisberger - Pick #11)
    • Saints (Drew Brees - 2nd round draft pick | Saints got in Free Agency)

    None of these teams were carried by a top of draft quarterback and instead have had consistent, top of the line coaching. With the exception of the McCarthy years in Green. But Aaron Rodgers wasn't a high draft pick, himself.

    Good Coaching > High Draft Picks

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  7. Expectation for this season was 3-6 wins. Anything in excess of that is just icing for me. If they can find a way into the playoffs and get some playoff experience under the young guys belts, fantastic. But I have my expectations in check and have been very pleasantly surprised so far.

  8. 15 hours ago, Khyber53 said:

    You know what? I don't hate DeAngelo Williams. He was an excellent running back during his time here and was pretty much a model Panther up until the death of his Mom, someone who had been very dear to him. It was DeAngelo and his Mom that are directly responsible for the NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness activities, and that's a really big deal.

    None of us know what happened, but apparently Williams felt like the organization treated him poorly when his mom died. I don't know what happened, what was said, what didn't happen or wasn't said, and neither does anyone else that wasn't directly involved in the situation. I do know that grief can make people say the wrong things or take things the wrong way or just make them terribly vulnerable to even the slightest of slights. Or perhaps David Gettleman was all "bup, bup, bup" about the whole thing and just broke the guy's heart.

    Either way, I still don't think he deserves the hate the guy gets on this board. Honestly, I like the guy and he had some great games here. He and Stew and Barnidge were quite the trio outside of the games, too and a lot of fun. Good luck to him and Gary in the Amazing Race.

    As a player, he was one of the most enjoyable players to watch in Panthers history during his prime. Heard plenty of rumors about him not being liked by the players. Then I saw him making the TV rounds, and finally saw him on Good Morning Football and I get it. He was probably a giant asshole.


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  9. 32 minutes ago, Castavar said:

    Imagine this coaching staff with a prime Cam and Luke :Eyes_Emoji_42x42:

    Why? They don't play here anymore. Imagine this coaching staff with a healthy Mccaffrey.... Oh wait. I love seeing what they're capable of building no matter who's in there. Would Cam even fit in this system? There's A LOT of variables.

    Plus this coaching staff was not Pro-Ready when they were both in their primes, so these what-ifs are moot.

    I don't understand these attempts to derail conversations and talk about memberberries. We went 15-1 with prime Cam, to the super bowl, and lost a game we likely would've had the cards stacked against them anyways with either coaching staff.

    Can we enjoy this season and what's going on? I'm having A TON of fun watching these games. Cam or no Cam. Kuechly or no Kuechly. Mccaffrey or no mccaffrey.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, cookinbrak said:

    Doesn't the cold water cause your sphincter to clinch? How clean can it be if it's tightened up?

    You can buy one that plugs in that warms the water. I'm not at that level of hierarchy yet :tongue:

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  11. sounds like most of PA. i think the only place there are more philly fans than pittsburgh fans is within the Philadelphia city limits. the rest of the state bleeds black and gold. 2008 was a good year though. i wore my Dad's XXL-sized Smith jersey to school like once a week on my M-sized frame haha. it was a dress but i was a proud fan in foreign territory. i loved it. got a lot of compliments that year for my bold support of the team. as a socially inept sophomore, i relished that. haha. 

    good luck on the move to Carolina. both states are beautiful, but if you dont like heat, move to the mountains or right on the beach. haha. 

    I think you misread my message. There are at least twice as many Eagle fans here as opposed to Steeler fans. Lol. And we get a little too much snow here for my liking.

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