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  1. Why a no go? Not about to bash or anything, legitimately curious.
  2. Anyone can eat a bunch of cheeseburgers and take protein and say they are making "gains". 5 pounds on an athlete is doing something much more.
  3. Pretty much what gettleman said in his presser. He likes the ends too much to spend a pick on another. They are high on delaire, cox and miley.
  4. I hope we run through the nfl again this year. I was on cloud 9 all season last year. Ppl couldnt tell me poo.
  5. No one on planet earth makes what they think they are worth.
  6. While i watched the championship game i said to myself that this guy would be a panther....least im not the only one who thinks so.
  7. Welp if they diddnt want to play in the carolina "swamp" they should have won more games. I guess the new trend in society called being a pussy has reached the nfl.....
  8. I have never wanted the team to win a game so much other than the superbowl in my life.
  9. When the season started seattle was a superbowl favorite. Carolina was a top draft pick favorite. THEN kb went down. Panthers go 15-1 clinch homefeild through out. How in the blue hell is cam not the most VALUABLE player to his team?
  10. http://www.sipthetea.com/cam-newton-is-officially-a-father/2/ Hmmmm
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