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  1. Without military we would probably be invaded at some point I suppose and they may not like american football.
  2. He ends up in atl, I will never watch another panther game. I couldn't get past that type of fugery.
  3. No. They thought this is the game cam could have came back, if that fell through the country is curious about a 5-1 undrafted quarterback. Oh and its green bay.
  4. I'm going to get a hair cut, clean out the truck, nice little work out then I guess house Busch light till 4.
  5. This is funny because I'm not wearing pants. Made me giggle alittle.
  6. The cost to go to these games is what's do this. 40$ to park, 13$ a beer, food is higher than giraffe pussy. That's not including the tickets, fuel, breakfast on the way. Its alot man.
  7. News about cam has me all in my feelings. A loss at home could break my will to give a poo the rest of the season. Alot is on the line today.
  8. 1. Waxhaw has turned into yuppyville. I'm from monroe and feel like I'm in a different world when I make the 15 minute drive. 2. F150's have aluminum bodies. Working rednecks know that this us unacceptable. If rolling coal is not part of a particular rednecks agenda we have made the switch to well.....toyota.
  9. Kyle has played well. We will really see who he is when things go wrong and he needs to lead the team from behind or duel it out with another QB. Then its gut check time for the panthers.
  10. I'd rather be ran over than that. He diddnt even come close.
  11. Dave and his video games is what got me into two wheels.
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