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  1. Yea that's a tough one. Panthers seem to be destined to be one of those "what if" teams.
  2. motocross_cat

    Racism kills

    Depends on what center they are out of.
  3. motocross_cat

    Racism kills

    Who do I send the bill to?
  4. If we drop this game sunday to seattle we might be done. This is a biggie.
  5. motocross_cat

    Racism kills

    As a ups driver...appreciate the nice words. I want to knock people out all the time.
  6. Haynes does not fit the defense at all....we are throwing poo at the wall here.
  7. motocross_cat

    Game Day Menu

    I'm going to attempt to make chilli on the traeger grill.
  8. motocross_cat

    Sound off! Who is going to the game?

    First game I have missed in 2 years. Hopefully our home win streak continues, if not that's my bust.
  9. motocross_cat

    Well this is new...

  10. motocross_cat

    Anyone buying a Moore jersey tonight?

    Nah, donte jackson first.
  11. motocross_cat

    I admit it, I hate crackers.

    Only way to fugs with crackers
  12. motocross_cat

    This is America

    That's not america.....that's a jackass.
  13. Take a few minutes and enjoy this. Muuuuhahahahahhahaha
  14. motocross_cat

    Eagles' plan for Cam

    Interesting, I think most of his big runs are to the left. He is amphibious
  15. We got a couple of them...... ......riding the bench LOL.