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  1. The NFL claimed they hadn't seen the camera footage (lol) when they made the initial Rice ruling and used that as reason for changing his suspension. This is all poo that they got from the police and it's on record that they got and reviewed it before issuing his suspension. They'll be sued right away if they try and change/add to his punishment I think. Hardy is worthless trash. So is anyone still trying to blame Holder because they wanted their football team to be better.
  2. Watching Brown grow up this season. He deserves a ton of props for improving from his terrible preseason.
  3. Coleman has saved our ass several times now. Good job sir.
  4. You know the league/ESPN are pissed about this shitshow being on MNF.
  5. In 2012, I didn't want us to draft a LB in the first and argued quite a bit with P55 and CRA about why it would be a mistake. I wanted Dontari Poe, Michael Brockers or Fletcher Cox. Additionally, I was upset when we chose a hybrid Safety over Derrick Johnson in 2005. I obviously know wtf I'm talking about with Linebackers and deserve to be handsomely rewarded. @MatthewEarnest
  6. Not really. In all honesty, this probably caps our season at 7-9 wins, unless Funchess absolutely explodes or we trade for someone good. I don't think either is happening and it's not fair to expect that from a raw, second round WR. Look at this poo: Ginn Cotchery Funchess Brown Bersin Boykin Byrd/other dude we just signed/tackling dummy That's brutal. We'd be laughing at Tampa if that was their lineup. We need to hope we have a running game that doesn't require piggybacking from our QB this year. Feel terrible for Kelvin and I really hope people don't shred Funchess if he doesn't have a KB-like rookie season.
  7. Why do you guys suck so badly at drafting?
  8. Shaq is a good player but I wasn't huge on that pick. I've had a raging boner since round 2 though. I love our draft overall.
  9. I love the pick and the fact that we did pretty ok for ourselves in value to get him. I think he winds up starting at RT pretty soon. As someone mentioned above, running to the right is going to be a poo ton easier going forward.
  10. Sad about losing the 3rd round pick but otherwise pretty stoked. Glad we're not sitting on our hands in regards to the WR position.
  11. He looks better today. They looked fuging defeated last night.
  12. Dorsett is no Philly Brown, but that's a nice additional piece for Luck.
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