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  1. Gotta say, those confetti pics are beautiful. Incredible work Jeremy!
  2. So all we are really missing is Clemson.
  3. It's on like the second or third page in this thread
  4. As an Nc St fan I am pissed. I can understand staying neutral, but showing support for your state's NFL team's opponent is idiotic on so many levels. fug em
  5. Spartanburg High School needs to get in on this
  6. How do you think middle schools hire half their teachers? lol who the hell wants to be a middle school teacher
  7. Eh, just walk around the school until they figure it out
  8. Ohio State is definitely the coolest one
  9. Seattle has had their chance. We are dethroning them today! KEEP POUNDING!
  10. We will play Seattle for the fourth time in 2 years and the sixth time in 4 years.... And we are guaranteed to play them the next two seasons as well.
  11. I'll be routing for the Vikes like they are the Panthers. Not because I don't want to face Seattle next week (I actually would love for us to get to knock them out the playoffs), but because I cannot stand those arrogant, cocky bastards they call fans. Minnesota is being given no chance. Seattle is seemingly already looking past them, despite being without Lynch and playing in freezing temperatures that benefit the Vikings.
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