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  1. SwagAces9030

    Video: Ron Rivera on why he went for two

    It’s worthy of being fired imo. Shows Rivera had no clue of the situation.
  2. SwagAces9030

    Video: Ron Rivera on why he went for two

    But it doesn’t win you the game.... The Lions still had 3TOs lol.... worst call I’ve ever seen.
  3. I heard the Jags were entertaining offers for Dante Fowler Jr. If thats the case I feel we should at least be in the discussion for him, could cost us a 2nd but well worth it imo.
  4. SwagAces9030

    NFL has turned every game into the pro bowl

    The Ravens hold the ball for half a quarter some possessions, and have a super bowl caliber defense. Just because we choose to not address our pass rush and safeties every year doesn’t mean defense doesn’t win games still.
  5. We didn't know what we were missing without TD. I take back ever saying we should move on from him last off season.
  6. Thats gotta be their best seller.
  7. I don't understand why people took offense to the protesting in the first place. Everyone acts like they stand and cry while the anthem is playing when in all actuality 45% of the fans at games eat nachos, and leave their hat on.
  8. At least Torrey Smith was useful for something this season. Now just get out of Moores way.
  9. SwagAces9030

    We're 2 - 1 and our Defense

    Teams are going to continue to gash us on outside runs, and Coleman and the Falcons gave the blueprint. Our DEs simply are not good enough to keep everything up the middle.
  10. SwagAces9030

    Trai has a concussion

    Atlanta is missing Deion Jones and Neal for the entire season, their two best defensive players by far. The injury bug is a part of the game, so maybe we should just stop bitching.
  11. SwagAces9030

    Matt Khalil...

    Gentlemans final fart in Charlotte.
  12. CD's, VCR's and now the punting aspect of Football... God whats next? I say we make the whole sport digital that way no one gets hurt...
  13. SwagAces9030

    Browns new unis unveiled

    Does Barkevious Mingo eat food? Dude looks like a pirate from the movie Captain Phillips...
  14. Dez Bryant was a 'ticking time bomb' Why do you need DGB when you have Bersin and Stephen Hill waiting in the wings????