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  1. do you realize how silly and hilarious it looks for you to be harping on Sanders while Joe Biden trots around showing off his massive landslide victory with black voters? i don't think you really have your finger on the pulse of what black America wants, if he took your advice he would have done as well as Tom Steyer
  2. right out of the alan "saul alinksy" minsky playbook
  3. exactly and when this is the attitude of the democratic electorate it results in a GOP victory 100% of the time. in 2004 the meme was "giant douche vs turd sandwich" very similar to what you just said, and the GOP won. this scenario happens when the over-50 conservative democatic voters pick the democratic nominee counter to who the rest of the base is excited about. you can't tell progressives "no" to their candidate and then expect them to turn up for your own. sorry, doesn't work that way. progressives were never 'vote blue no matter who.' never have been, never will be. that's what the 'ham sandwich' people need to someday understand. we will not vote for a ham sandwich like you will.
  4. biden has the lowest enthusiasm of any candidate in 20 years, lower then hillary's. while it's likely NoN and GJBC do influence at least a couple people, it's pretty unlikely they'll need influencing since it's already mathematically and statistically impossible for biden to beat trump.
  5. if you guys want to have a corona virus thread in the main forum you're going to have to police your own behaviors, don't report people just for disagreeing with your political views. we're trying to give it a lot of slack due to world events but if you just do political fights and report each other, the thread will end up locked or moved.
  6. these two articles lay it out pretty clear. one wants to fix what's wrong with the country, one just wants to say vote for me cause orange man bad (even though i have no idea how to fix it).
  7. @mc52beast just a tip to pass along, my mom made our family some of these and she sewed HEPA filters into the lining from cut up vacuum cleaner bags, idk if your wife has thought of that but it filters out a lot more than just cloth does
  8. biden courted rogan, he requested to be on his podcast and was rejected
  9. Sanders won independent (swing) voters in something like 80% or more of states. now they're acting all shocked when those voters don't bow to Joe Biden when they demand it. the democrats do this every time. they pick their preferred candidate that is counter to the needed demographics: people under 50 and swing voters. then in the general election when their base of upper class women and elderly people can't carry them alone, they scream about "why didn't the people under 50 and independents show up for us!" Joe Rogan is the perfect representation of the American swing voter. he has no ideology that he adheres to, he just takes ideas as he hears them and decides if he likes it or not. he, like the vast majority of Independents, backed Sanders. when Biden became the frontrunner there was never any indication or prospect of him switching to Biden. like the vast majority of swing voters and Independents, he will return to Trump, or just shrug and stay home. the democrats had the swing voters gift wrapped with a bow and handed to them, and they actively rejected them.
  10. joe rogan supported gay marriage years before joe biden did
  11. sanders has called to postpone the wisconsin primary, biden still continues to urge people to go vote. if a single one of those poll workers or voters catch the virus joe biden should absolutely face criminal chargers.
  12. this guy should have his medical certification revoked
  13. if he announced that he'll put Sanders in charge of healthcare like Biden did with Beto and guns, he would win a Reagan/Mondale election
  14. being radicalized is for centrists, if you aren't jokerfied you aren't paying attention
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