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  1. lmfao this man was on celebrity apprentice and was around trump. he knows
  2. if you're referring to the tweet from jessica fyre, to be perfectly honest i was telling myself not to even post that, because it contains a word that black people use in relation to each other but would never pass through my mouth. ultimately i posted it because i knew @Cookie Lyon would like it and i wanted to let her see it. i think you know my views on all this stuff pretty well by now. like i even defended kyrie when he was going flat earth, because when you're a demographic that it has been proven cannot trust power, you are naturally going to question what you're told about the world. in that regard i don't blame anyone in that situation who falls for trump's populist rhetoric. but obviously everyone who trusts trump gets burned badly. we need to put the brakes on right wing populist rhetoric while we build a power base for more genuine populism that will actually legitimately help black people
  3. i'm not saying by huge levels. Mccain got 31% of latinos, Trump is polling 34%. the point is just that PoC are not radicalizing left under Trump.
  4. the cubans who support trump are literally descendants of slave plantation owners who were forced out by the people's revolution. the entire basis of them being in america is trying to keep their wealth and power. everybody who thinks dems are gonna make a play for florida cubans every election are silly
  5. sorry if i don't think it "rules" to rattle structures that people way smarter than you and i worked hard to build
  6. trump is winning more PoC than any republican in our lifetimes, even if it's only a small % higher. even after 4 years of trump signaling neonazis, there is no real radicalizing among minorities because there is not any power structure on the left that is preaching populist rhetoric capable of drawing desperate working people toward them. stem the tide of right wing populism to stop drawing people in, while building left wing populist structure to reach them.
  7. there has been a lot of general strike organizing in particular
  8. it does not have to be close for him to steal it. houston has already broken its turnout record and the election hasn't even happened yet. trump/governor abbot could just throw out houston's vote on some made up accusation. they could do that all over the country and get rid of literal millions of votes.
  9. Harris County {Houston} just passed its entire 2016 turnout Beto won there by 200k votes
  10. i knew he was a fraud when he was on Bad Faith podcast and Brie was trying to turn him on to some leftist views and he was like "uhhhh well i don't know if we need the rich to pay more." he's a republican.
  11. i just said Jake Cutler like i'm not on a football message board lol Jay Cutler i mean
  12. not to mention that Jake Cutler has not been told to 'shut up and throw the ball.' they LOVE that endorsement and it turns out they love politics in sports after all
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