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  1. "heh, you guys are so mad and wasting your time" *logs onto fake antifa account to have a meltdown everybody ignores for the next 2 hours*
  2. lovely reception. one of the most beloved congresspeople we're lucky enough to have.
  3. how does it feel trump supporters, that he just threw you all under the bus in a major way? "it's not me who is racist, it's my disgusting supporters who are racist. i disavow them."
  4. how come you never replied to this i was really hoping you would, honestly
  5. no actually it's specifically right wing. the right wing killed 50 people in terrorist attacks in 2018. the left wing killed 0. here is an expansion over the decade:
  6. trump: these minority congresswomen need to go back where they came from. supporters: yeah! send them back where they came from! trump: i disavow this
  7. funnily enough you blame the jews more than Ilhan does. you actually singled out George Soros, a jew. she's never done any such thing and criticizes only the government. turns out you're the anti-semite.
  8. "go back to your own country" doesn't spew division?
  9. why are you asking me this question after you're the one who set up this whole scenario? you're blasting Omar for not meeting your standard and defending Trump for not meeting your standard. in what way is this a question that needs to be posed to me?
  10. sure he did it resentfully after initially refusing to. why did he take so long? why did he refuse to disavow the kkk (which his father was a member of) and david duke for several weeks after they endorsed him?
  11. he seems pretty conflicted between serving the country or loading up on expensive furniture with our tax dollars
  12. you don't matter, donald trump does, and you literally just declared that he has a soft spot for the KKK.
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