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  1. i'm not usually much of a gif poster but i found a good one
  2. don't reply to me again until you can understand my posts
  3. "this does not appear to be tipped" cam was literally hit as he threw lol
  4. the Bucs touchdown run where he thought about making a tackle and reached in timidly before passively watching the guy into the endzone was one of the lowest effort plays ive ever seen before
  5. if you don't recognize that Cam was the best player on the field last night then you aren't and were never a Panthers fan
  6. Cam was the best player on the field last night so if he's done then just pull the shutters for the team
  7. if Reid is cut we're in trouble, he was cleaning up after Luke's arm tackle attempts all night. he's the only DB who can tackle, Jackson looked like he was touching a hot stove every time he reached for a defender all night.
  8. kickers aren't players don't quote me and talk about kickers
  9. Cam was the best player on the team last night by far. CMC lost that one for us, we had no run game to balance the offense. it's honestly time to start thinking of another running back if this guy is going to get stood up at the line 15 times per game and then lose us the whole thing on the final play.
  10. yeah Cam's scrambling ability made Ron think "well poo i'm really good at spotting o-line talent apparently, i can just sign random guys and stick them in whatever position and it seems like Cam does great anyway!" then Cam started getting foot and ankle injuries and reality set in
  11. we put the game in McC's hands in the end, how did that work out for us?
  12. you're absolutely right though. that drive where Cam hit a bomb to Olsen and then got sacked and hit as he threw for the next 3 plays in a row was an encapsulation of the whole game. and then Barret coming through unblocked later in the 4th was just mind boggling, how were they not doubling him by that point
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