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  1. it's funny seeing the same tactics designed to halt progress on a loop. when i was involved in the gay rights fight in the early 2000s this was a very common one; where they find some pedantic little thing to point out. 'gays can't be in the military because where will they use the bathroom,' some little shallow sticking point they can harp on to try to undercut having any progress. "you have to cancel the entire reparations movement, i'm sorry, i found a little pedantic flaw in your argument. it turns out there are present day slaves so heh looks like i win." it's extremely popular with centrists/moderates who style themselves above the fray. they like the status quo so they are ready to throw a movement under the bus over any little thing they think they find
  2. that doesn't help your argument wtf
  3. poo i'm gonna use this tactic irl. "Sorry bank manager, I'm not paying back my loan. The people who didn't receive a loan might be upset."
  4. edit: nvm don't want to hijack this thread with another subject
  5. privileged guy who brags about having an elevator in his house thinks black people should give up on justice, to the surprise of EVERYONE
  6. i dont understand how that would start a race war. were they going to yell "i'm black by the way" while they were killing them
  7. yes i've argued the same point, but the solution isn't "well let's not do anything then and just vote for joe biden" the solution is to fix the problems you're describing
  8. reparations are not about 2020, they're about 1619-1865 (and then through 1964 imo). those other 2 guys have been fuged over by capitalism, yes, but their lineage and ancestry had opportunity to build something. the guy in apartment A's did not. go back and make them all square by giving apartment A his due, and then we can fix the problems fuging over apartments B and C.
  9. if we can afford the UBI that Andrew Yang is proposing, we can afford an ADOSBI that is a UBI just for DOS. would that work? monthly 1k to all DOS for several generations? that's only 12k per year so to pay off the debt that is owed it would take like 500 years but its a start at least
  10. he was so cocksure and everyone blasted AOC so hard for saying he broke the law lol
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