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  1. racist joke: looks like the name of a new squad member
  2. the Republicans in congress "manipulated the constitution" to change term limits after FDR, should they have been dragged out of office by armed police and forced to resign by our military, who then would install their own chosen non-elected leaders?
  3. if we could do that at any point in the past decade we'd have multiple super bowls. this is the Panthers, our QB needs to be able to play at an MVP level with no line. it's the baseline of success here.
  4. haha people were saying that was a throwaway in the game thread. nah baby you don't pull out a sick spin move to avoid a sack and then just instantly throw it away when you have 5 yards of green grass in front of you. that is an attempt to hit the receiver in stride
  5. oh i totally agree that alts are the biggest issue facing the huddle. bring back the 1 dollar registration
  6. he has in the past but he also came around one day and talked about how he'd grown as a person and moved on from some of the things he'd said in the past and i personally believe him and think he's a good guy, i don't like when people go after things arsen said 4 years ago
  7. i'm sure he was insta-banned but i will just block them pre-emptively when i see them in 'newest member' on the sidebar
  8. take a lesson from me my sweet baby boys i use that button like my job (it will be soon since i've been nominated as a mod)
  9. the Bears or Chargers are the two places i had expected him to end up
  10. that was SZ James but i think it was approved after i related it to the creamy milky knockers that we men enjoy
  11. that's really sweet Philliam, i love football and i love my friends on Panthers Huddle (it'll always have that name in my heart).
  12. Kyle was essentially on his knees begging and pleading to throw an interception on that final drive. he hit 3 defenders clean in the hands. Olsen says what he needs to say for his young QB after the game but his demeanor (he was very very very unhappy) on the field at times told the story.
  13. i think it was in the first half, but not sure, Allen threw deep for Samuel and it was way underthrown and Samuel had to stop and turn around and try to snag it with his body against the DB being allowed to catch up because of the underthrow. that same scenario has happened probably 6 times this season.
  14. he's shown enough to know it's time to give Grier a shot
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