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  1. rodeo

    Pro Life

    neither is the president lmfao who gives a poo
  2. is tpusa being infiltrated by loony libs trying to frame them or something? why do their members and leaders keep saying the n word?
  3. lmfao this argument is always incredible. "eliminate most of the people and the remaining people agree with me." really shows how much the right wing wants to actually represent america vs. destroy it
  4. it backfired because the majority of gen z now identify as socialists.
  5. lmfao you are fuging delusional. sanders would be a conservative in most european countries.
  6. and the fact that a right wing barely literate trump supporter thinks so is proof that he's the worst.
  7. he already did it for trump university when the court ordered he had to pay 40 million for fraud lmao
  8. this company has continued to do a 'tribute to the troops' show every single year after the troops drugged and raped one of his wrestlers
  9. blue states pay more in federal taxes than they receive, red states receive more in taxes than they pay. the blue states carry the red states and are the only thing keeping them from bankruptcy.
  10. yes and in exchange no democrat policies or funding implemented in the past century will go to benefit red states. they can start pulling their own weight and not being carried financially by blue states.
  11. but it's the federal government moving the migrants to certain cities. it's not being shut down from a federal level. these programs should stay up at a federal level but only benefit the states that voted to implement them. that means the reagan 'social security must be stopped because its socialism' republicans should not receive federal social security, only liberal states should.
  12. agree, and we should do this for most things. areas of the country that want war should provide all the soldiers, areas of the country that oppose welfare and entitlements should get no medicare, social security, welfare, etc.
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