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  1. it is, and despite how absolutely badass Tyrone Carter is for going out there, it's about time to stop taking/posting photos of the people protesting before we find them with 2 bullets in their skull in burned out cars like happened to all the Ferguson protest leaders
  2. ye just banned him outright for that last comment. i was entertaining the flailing but he's throwing around slurs now and that doesn't fly
  3. that's a pretty cowardly strawman but yeah getting rid of them is miles better than what we have now in organized mafia hit squads in blue roaming the streets.
  4. the three "good apple" cops at Floyd's murder stood and watched their colleague while keeping people back from helping the dying man. all cops are bad apples.
  5. rodeo

    Joe Biden

    i was about to say, "you seem like you have an extremely beneficial and difficult job" isn't much of an insult. road construction crews are heculean
  6. rodeo

    Joe Biden

    "i was hacked"
  7. rodeo

    Joe Biden

    this post could be copy pasted from every racist dude aggie has debated on this board for 5 years. you guys all work from the same script, starting on the assumption that he's poor and lazy because that's how you view black people and need to approach the argument with him already in that box
  8. rodeo

    Joe Biden

    what did you learn in school about the greenwood district?
  9. i'm talking about all his other appointments. the idea that this congress that has approved most of trump's judges are going to say "no President Biden i refuse to vote for your nominee" is laughable. even fugin bernie has voted for 10 of trump's judges. democrats absolutely will not shoot down any Biden nominee. he could appoint Donald Trump to the SCOTUS and they'd approve it. btw this is all moot because democrats are not getting the senate back.
  10. they've approved trump's judges haven't they? in fact they just fast tracked about a dozen of them the other week
  11. biden urged obama to appointed more conservative justices than he did.
  12. if i were to oppose it, i would vote for someone who opposes it, like joe biden.
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