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  1. yeah that, whatever it was, tikok teens and kpop fans were behindi t
  2. teens on there were behind buying up all the tickets to his Tulsa rally to keep actual trumpers from attending
  3. this is accurate. feds were the rioters, when they left, the violence stopped
  4. lmao yeah. i get this energy off it
  5. yeah people are starting to catch on that it's fake. pointing out how there are 0 identifiable landmarks in the video to show that it's in Portland and the only cameras that managed to get any footage of this whatsoever were Ruptly, a weird far right Berlin based company
  6. i think the bible burning is 100% fake, but if it's real, what goes around comes around
  7. that bible burning thing doesn't pass my sniff test. seems like a right winger doing something that they think a leftist would do.
  8. he just tried to 'how do you do fellow anarchists' you with bands from before the ussr fell
  9. he's not oblivious to it, he's invested in it. he likes it
  10. he was never vote blue no matter who, nor was he ever 'warren for life.' his preferred candidate was warren, when she dropped out he moved to sanders. the amount of abuse and absolutely revolting behavior he received from biden bros was key in making him realize that the party is now overrun by bob corker fans, so he bailed. it's a very common storyline, most people under 50 have done the same.
  11. the guy critiquing your progressiveness openly said he would vote for Bob Corker
  12. this is a fake statistic spread by white supremacist sites. kinda just outted yourself there
  13. lmfao of course harbingers is falling for the antifa RICO thing that ted cruz already got laughed at by the FBI about 2 years ago. you can do RICO on a word that's not an organization and nobody gets paid
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