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  1. that's my local congressman. i feel so represented right now
  2. rodeo

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    "I don't want a summary of the Mueller report. I want the whole damn report," said Sen. Bernie Sanders
  3. rodeo

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    hm members being arrested all over the country for neonazi violence, decked out in swastika tattoos, but everybody relax because this guy says his local faction of the neonazi gang has minorities in it lmfao @Jeremy Igo we had 11 jews killed at a synagogue a few months ago and 45 muslims killed last week by people with this ideology. the breaking point has been reached. this person i'm quoting made a thread declaring proudly that he's a member of one of an SPLC recognized white supremacist group that has been banned by both twitter and facebook. he declared he was "self banning" and the admins let it slide because he wasn't here anymore. but here he is. don't let the huddle be home to these guys.
  4. rodeo

    Official Mueller Report Thread

    @CRA this is what happens when you let open neonazis slide by with the "no need to ban me, i'll self-ban and never come here again" thing. they come here again. proud boys are banned from twitter and facebook but welcome on the huddle
  5. rodeo

    The Pitiful Misadventures of Neonazis

  6. the report being concluded and submitted without trump or don jr testifying and cohen's poo still ongoing means it's not going to be what people how it is. it'll just say "there's a lot of bad stuff but no charges recommended"
  7. rodeo

    Wall Street Journal On Kaep/Reid Settlement

    according to anonymous people briefed on the deal lmfao. this is made up.
  8. rodeo

    Only the best

    if they're heroes maybe you should pay them
  9. rodeo

    Christchurch Mosque Shooting

    he is doing that for the same reason ben shapiro is absolutely begging people not to talk about the shooter or his motivations. because his manifesto is identical to everything new momentum and shapiro say every single day.
  10. rodeo

    Bernie going to run in 2020

    you're giving a right winger's perspective, that's why you think so. right wingers fall in line and vote for who they're told. leftists won't.
  11. rodeo

    Sleeper for Democrat Nominee - Pete Buttigieg

    'do you support medicare for all?' yes 'do you support medicare for all if i ask you but use scare language and push polling techniques?' no. case dismissed *smug face*
  12. rodeo

    Bernie going to run in 2020

    bernie people will not vote for a moderate/establishment democrat, and there are more bernie people now than there were in 2016. the choice is move to the left or trump remains president.