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  1. It’s not “like” anything. When they start awarding trophies and playoff spots for “drafting” It might be “like” something. But wins are relevant. That’s it. So let’s answer the actual question? Why was another GM successful where Marty is a failure? How is no back to back winning seasons.a knock against DG, but 6 straight losing seasons mean nothing against Hurney? And that’s what you’re sticking with? Sure that makes sense. The Giants were the 2nd worst team in the NFL. The Panthers were 11-5 and a playoff appearance(4th in 5 years). And Hurney could only win 3 more games in two years. Just a little context to it. But if you are so confident DG sux, take the bet. You brought up the comparison. I’m game. Alone? LOL. How sad is your life that you keep trying to tell me how I live. I’m at my lake house watching my son and his family ride jet skis. It doesn’t take long to shoot your excuses to hell. Light work. You and your husband are welcome anytime. Bring your own floaties. Just don’t take a wrong turn picking up your Uber customers.
  2. So what does 6 straight non-winning seasons say about the consistency of a franchise? And if not doing it in 5 years is so bad, what does it say about 13 years? You really couldn’t have brought up anything better to prove my point. Explain the reasoning behind 3 of 5 is.worse than 3 for 13. Let’s hear the “narrative” you got for this? What better indicator of what actual NFL people think of his ability? Truth hurts. Sorry you can’t handle facts. Anything I’ve said not true? Nope. Where do you want to move the goalposts to now? Put some money(or anything) on the line. Coming from someone who never wore a helmet on any level, this is all a compliment. Want to tell me about the highlight of my life again? That was fun. Almost as much fun as you getting triggered in any Hurney thread. Shall we go to the tape?
  3. And as I’ve clearly shown, it was much more than having a QB masking mistakes. You posfed this in a thread about Hurney like it justifies his drafts. These other GMs can build complete, consistent winners as proven over 20-25 years. Which is why fans don’t have to like every pick but you won’t find any of them calling for their jobs.
  4. That’s the best you got? The back to back winning seasons cop out....LOL. How about back to back losing seasons? Because the current one has 6 in a row and counting. He has a lot of work to do to get to mediocre? That’s so much better than making the playoffs 80% of the time. And by the way, the year they didn’t go to the playoffs.was all on the shitty owner and shorty coach. Wow. That is easy to just say something and act like it’s true. Who knows? But I’ll bet you anything, money, username, whatever you want that the Giants won more games than the Panthers this year. Anytime you want to compare the Giants past two drafts, and the Panthers, we can do that to.or maybe tell me where that line is for blame/credit.
  5. What are you talking about Ben falling off a cliff talent-wise. Ben was carried to his 1st SB win and he had the best DEFENSE in the league in 2008. Are we forgetting his numerous injuries they played through and still managed winning seasons. Don’t see how any of that pertains to decking skills in his first five years. Who put that Dilfer team together? Newsome. And Flacco has a good two months. The Ravens were ready to bench him mid-season, and he reverted back to average before the ink was dry. So he wasn’t hiding anything. Comparing anything Hurney has done to these two GMs is borderline insulting.
  6. It could have something to do with the FACT that another GM went 51-28-1 with 4 playoff appearances withe same shitty owner and coach. More playoff teams for the franchise than the others 13 years combined So what happened? Do Fox, Rivera, JR get all the credit for any good moves that Hurney supposedly made? All his picks...good and bad. Where’s the line? That shitty coach got another job rather quickly. How long did it take for another team to hire Hurney? Still waiting on that. New owner for two years and the team has turned into a dumpster fire. But it’s not his fault. It’s Fox, or JR, or whoever’s turn it is to be scapegoat.
  7. All of this for a guy who will be selling cars/insurance by November. Just make the Saints keep him all year on active roster. That’s punishment enough.
  8. Steelers fans don’t have to focus on the GMs specific duties. One losing season in 20 years will build enough confidence to miss some picks. After which they went 15-1 and then won a SB when Ben was far from elite. The GM has never put a team together that earned a top 10 pick. Hurney has produced 3 top(or bottom) 10 seasons, in his last 5. That’s pathetic. And Newsome won a SB with Trent Dilfer. Along with Flacco never being elite, that theory is flawed.
  9. That’s much nicer than I was going to say. Same sentiment. such a waste.
  10. Can’t believe he was “allowed” to.
  11. Prince has been “beat up” since MS ST in 2018. Just played through it. And we both know he hasn’t received anything resembling “good OL coaching”, Lot of upside like you said.
  12. If Drew Lock is any good, that Broncos offense could be loaded.
  13. This message is brought to you from those who support the “Pickles/ Grier” theory of QB drafting. Sorry, but you knew that was coming the second you typed it. And I’m bored and everyone here should be happy up to this point. From the outside, this draft seems very good for the Panthers.
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