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  1. The only confusion is your definition of debating vs. dismissing. You gave a reason. I countered with a logical reason it wouldn’t happen. You call it dismissive as you ignore(dismiss mine. How is that not hypocrisy? And you made the closed-minded comment. You are the one who rides in like he’s above that. That is why I asked why you keep quoting me if you don’t want to discuss with people like me? Not before? So what’s the confusion there? Either debate the point or don’t? Just curious. Were you this concerned when we had numerous threads, daily, about how Gettleman was the worst GM ever while we going thru the most successful period in team history? Did you question every statement against him? Because you sure don’t hesitate to fight with any statement that Hurney isn’t perfect. Is there a rule that I have to agree with every move he makes? When I defend Hurney, what does that mean? Because that has happened. Maybe your argue the point only self can show me a wall of text like this from you that defends Gettleman like this? So if you don’t like what I say....don’t quote my closed-minded posts. Is it that hard?
  2. First, I misunderstood your Rams trade down statement and see that now. Thought you meant down in round one but we were already discussing it so I should have figured what you meant. That’s on me Now.. it been more than once. And wouldn’t care if you didn’t keep quoting me . Have I said a word before this. But you pull this dismissive crap like I was supposed to fall over and say, Wow, you are so right. Giving a solid reason why it wouldn’t happen isn’t dismissing. It’s debating. When I do it it’s dismissive. When the last time I made a statement about the team that you didn’t jump in, and out, on? Why is that? And those examples are the same as “Matt Kalil” or Vern to justify Hurney mistakes. Or mic dropping Cam for an overall 25% chance at a winning season. It goes both ways. But you only want to acknowledge one side of things as hypocrisy because you don’t agree with those. If you don’t want discuss with close-minded(translation: disagrees with you) quit quoting me. Use all the words you want. Leave me out of it. Not really interested in these tip-touching lovefests about every player.
  3. Them having a mid 1st round grade on Little is part of the problem, not the answer. And if we don’t throw away our next pick, it would have been much easier to understand. But doing both, with holes still there, made no sense.
  4. I’m Dismissive? Coming from someone who tries to dismiss any slightest issue with how this team is run. With almost every post. Or when you do that is it OK? Then when I question you about what these specific “hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty” were, poof you disappear. Instantly. I posted a legit reason for your scenario not being likely. Why would LA pass on him at 31? But your made up hypothetical is much more valid...lol. Maybe you could point me to the trade where LA traded DOWN in the 1st round. Or is this something else you made up to support your BS? Throw out another diatribe based on a lie. Rape a thesaurus? Rinse. Repeat.
  5. The Bills have a LT already. Why would they take Little as opposed to a more versatile RT/G. Little isn’t playing those positions. The Broncos took a player that plays everything BUT LT. Or is that not obvious enough? I can just as easily show and back up that he would have been there at 47. No team needed a LT. They had all passed on him once. Those are the facts. Everything else is hypothetical.
  6. So one team possibly, maybe might have. Even though that same team passed on Little 6 picks earlier. Sure why not?
  7. Then it should be easy. Who that hadn’t already passed on him was trading up?
  8. To replace their LT they drafted two years ago? That wasn’t happening. They traded up for the player they wanted.
  9. Which team was taking him between 37 and 47?
  10. What exactly are these double standards you speak of that are quite obnoxious and intellectually dishonest? I’d like to see the list. And do you find comments about Hurney the same way?
  11. He specifically says he likes Burns. But has questions, like I do, about how this “switch” plays out. Can you guarantee success? Will RR switch back if it has issues early? No one knows how this plays out. Is he even a starter? Who knows? We have one 3-4 DE who has never played the position. No one else fits there. Who are the 3-4 DEs.? We may be “switching” but that doesn’t guarantee success. So you think a D grade is fine as long as He doesn’t have question about our scheme?
  12. The whole grade is an exercise in psychic. You are judging how EVERY player will do in the future. And how they are used is a vital part of that. And that D grade isn’t because of Burns. It’s using two picks on a lazy LT, and another on a QB that we hope doesn’t play. Ever. If you’re going to argue the grade, argue what he really didn’t like.
  13. We have no idea if he’s wrong or right. Our coaches have put players in bad Positions for years. Or not recognized who should play. And what happens if this season goes bad and we hire a strict 4-3 HC? Burns(and Miller) would be much less valuable in that scheme. I’m glad we took Burns. How is McShay any less qualified than the other “grades” people have raved about? It’s not. But anything said against the team, right or wrong is unacceptable.
  14. If he gave us an A grade, he could acquire instant genius status on here.
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