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  1. WTH are you talking about? Comparing a player who has made 5 straight Pro Bowls to a player who has made two in ten seasons. And not for 3 years. So what’s the issue? What certain word are you going to focus on to deflect from the actual football discussion that horrifies the delusional “optimistic” crowd. You got something to discuss, let’s do it. You did this whining about negativity all last summer. How did that work out? Seems like the negative thoughts were the correct thoughts. Maybe y’all can get Jeremy to open a “Sunshine and Puppies” forum. Where every word is a glowing review of everything. No need for the truth.
  2. When did he ever mention an extension? That’s the first I’m hearing of it. And that 11M wasn’t guaranteed. That’s like saying thay saved 15M next year by cutting Matt Kalil 2 years ago. No. You bought out hiS contract and are eating dead cap to void it. He could have been traded anytime. With value to other teams and the Panthers. Throwing away that on a An old LT with health issues from just last season Erick Flowers just signed a 3/30M contract with 20M guaranteed to play G. Who’s never had as good a season as Trai’s worst. And you didn’t get a Pro Bowl LT. That’s why the Chargers offered him up. Why else would they? If they weren’t concerned about his health/play? And since you are paying 4M more this year, and have to pay a RG for two years, how much is this savings that doesn’t even exist?
  3. How? Don’t just say it. Explain why? I already explained, as have others, why not? And if you’re posturing for 2021, why trade for a player on a one year deal, and injured, 31 yo LT. Who was going to keep your possible LT on the bench?
  4. So is it a cap move, or Turner sucking? Turner was a 5 time Pro Bowler at the age of 26. With a 2 yr/20M contract with no guaranteed money. That still has value.
  5. The minute the team decided to trade him, and eat 9.6M in dead cap immediately, those years salary meant nothing.. They are gone to the Panthers. That’s the whole purpose of having to eat the dead money. And since Okung is making 4M more than Turner this year, How did that save money? This false narrative has been going around as an excuse since the trade was made. But anyone that actually understands the salary cap knows better.
  6. Then it wasn’t a cap move. And if you just drafted your LT of the future, why do that. Instead of any draft pick, they invested 4M more into an injured, 5 years older LT on a one year deal. Then had to spend more to replace Turner with inferior players.
  7. Once again, how did this save money at any time. Please explain the logic in this cap move.
  8. Let’s just overlook that Cam took over the worst team in the NFL. And a historically bad offense. But they were top 5 in offense in 2011. What was the defense ranked that year? Should Cam have played LB as well. While throwing for more yards than any rookie QB ever. And running for as many TDs(another record) as TB has even thrown in a season.
  9. Duuuuude. Don’t take away my fun of watching another poster on here stumble through an explanation of the salary cap. You’re one of the maybe 5 people on here that actually do.
  10. How did the Panthers clear salary with that trade? Was it the 9.6M dead cap hit? Was it Okungs higher salary? What benefit was there to trading an asset for an 5 years older player with health concerns well before the pandemic.
  11. Of course they are. And if they were my children, it’s exactly what I would advise them to do. Especially this year.
  12. After a move like that, it would be more disturbing if they did. Probably didn’t take long after watching Little give up 14 pressures in ONE game. Even Matt Kalil laughed at that.
  13. And will have spent 42M on a player that put you top 5 in the draft, and hopefully can coach a young QB to do better than he did.. That should work out well when they’re trying to build a team.
  14. Is it no big deal that the NEW staff came in and decided to dedicate 22.6M of 2020 cap space to making sure the LT of the future doesn’t play LT at all. How does that figure in to the equation.
  15. Wow. You posted the main One(of many) reasons that your “we knew Paradis would suck” theory is complete BS. If the team was trying to be a contender, why in the world would they even consider signing Paradis in hopes he was healthy in two years. Seriously? Are you having trouble keeping your made up scenarios straight? Even in the same thread. Maybe you could explain how any of this is possible.
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