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  1. So if you’re a new poster who wants to poo all over Cam, just throw in a Rivera and Gettleman/Hurney shot every once in awhile, and you will be fine. It’s OK as long as the mods agree with the trolling.
  2. Except for the 3 All-Pro OL he gave us. With Moton being another on way. No protection at all?
  3. Toomers

    Cut Gano

    In reality, there is this thing called a salary cap and 8M reasons not to.
  4. Toomers

    Devin Funchess

    He could have made it a tough decision for the team. He has not. Still young but needs to step up. I would be interested in him on the Steelers at his reduced price. He drops a couple there and Ben just won’t throw to him again.
  5. Toomers

    Halftime thoughts....

    This is the culmination of eight years of antiquated philosophies in pass coverage.
  6. Toomers

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    You very conveniently forget many of these “facts” that you seen.
  7. Toomers

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    If you didn’t know, players are not judged by their abilities around here. Never hav. Never will be. It all about which GM/coach drafted or found them. Then bending everything to fit whatever agenda is needed.
  8. Yes. Because the first thing thing I think of when describing Gano is “clutch” PK under pressure.
  9. Toomers

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    Could you link that material since it’s true and all? Or are you sticking with “cause I said so defense”?
  10. Toomers

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    What is a CB supposed to do when he has to play 10 yds off with outside leverage and no help in the middle of the field? Especially one that excels when playing close to the LOS and being physical st the snap.
  11. Toomers

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    Where is this “ranking” that has him as the worst CB? You start out your hatchet job with a complete lie and expect to be taken seriously?
  12. It’s a lack of understanding where value lies in every contract. Why pay Torrey Smith 5M when you can cut him and resign him for half that. Or not and save all of it. Took the best part of his contract(no dead money) and didn’t use it. Why pay CJ Anderson money, not play him, then spend MORE money to cut him and get worse at the position. And that’s just 2.0
  13. Great work. My only issue is we have a bunch of OLBs/Box safeties trying to cover the deep third. Who is starting at FS next year. Another possible win-win. New coaches bring change. We desperately have to improve our athleticism and coverage ability across the DEF. What if you could sign Collins for 4/40M and Ried for 3/12M as our starting OLBs? Turn their one weakness into a strength by limiting who they cover to TEs and RBs.Keep them far away from WRs. Reid or Collins could play SS in nickel. But again, great work.
  14. Never mind. After 15 seconds of research, I’ll pass on whatever comes next. And forever.
  15. So your basis is “Because I said so”? Since I’m just guessing, and you claim to have all the answers. Make whatever claim you want. Just come back and own it. Right or wrong. Now bring those “details”.