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  1. Cam in a year behind one of the most successful players in CFB history. Not benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick because he was playing so bad.
  2. Because you’ve never seen a game under any rules but the current ones. I know you never saw Bradshaw play. Using stats to compare QB over different eras is pointless. Marino has the TD record for 20 years and it was broke the first season they changed. Drew Brees was a complete bust before. Look at after. Ones a top 5 QB of All-Time and the other might not even be his teams starter going forward. That’s why you don’t bother comparing them when there actual play doesn’t warrant it.
  3. His stats are better than Terry Bradshaw. too. Not a good suggestion. Peyton never got benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  4. Don’t know but Peyton was rarely behind much except 2002 and rookie year. The team was built to get a lead. Jamie’s has been outing his team in a he then torching soft zones when down 3-4 scores. They are just not comparable.
  5. He’s talking about a LB who struggles against the run and coverage being paid like a top 5 LB? With 28M guaranteed? Let’s not pretend he’s not being paid with a hope he improves because the more he plays, the more he gets exposed.
  6. Peyton also played his first 6 seasons under the old passing rules. He set the TD record the year they changed.. Jameis has also put up a large amount of garbage time stats.
  7. I guess we all do. Seems like everyone took it as ignorant.
  8. Every person in the NFL knows it’s going up every year. It’s even figured(estimated) At 199M on Sportrac. So any number seen before remains the same. This wasn’t some big announcemen or surprise.
  9. 50M off the cap and don’t even show up to the draft for two years. Bet that would stop it Then Belechik/Brady retire and leave the mess for others
  10. Exactly. This is the NFL.How much dead money are you prepared to eat for those picks. 30M? 40M? Because the guaranteed money better be that much for him to consider signing it. The whole idea falls flat right there.
  11. But again, you get upset when your words come across different than what you mean? Slow down and read what you post before posting it. Ok
  12. Minor hypocrisy? What level should be acceptable to understand what you want to say? I questioned your strange list from the beginning. Still haven’t explained why DJ Moore was on it. Every post you made had something wrong or something you contradicted later. So don’t blame others when even you don’t know what you’re trying to say.
  13. You said ALL UNITS? Correct? Like the entire DL except the guy With the 20M cap hit he couldn’t get rid of? That unit? The one that is below average until they are part of phenomenal. Before it was name a player Gettleman squired? You brought up Coleman? Where was he on 2013? Just change whatever your story is or go back to your old alt. Or here’s an idea. Post what you mean instead of hurrying to post a bunch of BS.
  14. No. I’m fine. Just don’t care for hypocrisy. And then acting like you can’t read exactly what you wrote. TRUE. the examples you brought up that gettleman "built" were all below average aspects of the team ALL BELOW AVERAGE!!!!!! That’s you!!!!! After you stayed.... and sure they were good "enough", but that was just because we had a phenomenal front 7 and our secondarys only job was to defend and intercept wobbly hurried passes, just like it was in 2013 with the legion of who If 2013 and 2015 were the same, who built those front 7s. So the DL was below average but the front 7 was phenomenal at getting pressure. Even though we hardly ever blitzed. Sure. Go with that. Maybe we can include DJ Moore’s HS stats since you had him on there too.
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