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  1. What did we come up with for a final draft. At the time I know both of us were pounding the table for something like this..... 1) Burns 2)McCoy 3)Crosby/ Evans 3b)CGJ And Omenihu....lol. But drafting is hard?
  2. Then you need to look again. They have had 3 completely different game plans for their games so far. The Raiders were weak against the run and BB wore them out with the RBs. Cam had 4 kneel downs. That’s why folks think he’s being overused. That was the plan the first game. Needed to show teams he was 100% healthy and capable of running like he used to. Sets up all sorts of play action. Then go to SEA, and throw for almost 400. But more importantly, several downfield lasers. 2015 style. Including a 55 yard rope to Edelman, flat-footed. All arm. That arm that was supposedly shot. Just like they have for years. NE plays a different style and philosophy every week. And already have improved his mechanics while throwing on the run. And looking for receivers while scrambling. Something he has always struggled with. As mentioned, he has no deep threat. Something they have to address. So after 3 weeks, Cam has already looked better than he has in years. Is team captain, and every word on him is the hard work and leadership he has shown. Ask N’Keal Harry. This from the rag armed, spoiled, immature QB that was the cause of many of the Panthers problems according to people that claimed to know. At 5% of what the current QB of the Panthers. The only way Cam leaves NE is if he really doesn’t like the cold weather that is coming eventually. Seriously. I don’t remember any cold games he played. Ever? For a Southern boy, it’s going to be a major adjustment. But otherwise, he would be crazy to leave. And NE would be crazy to let him.
  3. You mean around a 22% chance of a playoff berth isn’t enough for y’all. Cmon now. That’s good isn’t it.
  4. It was way before the combine that it was obvious he was getting by on rep and not actual solid play. Like two years. But what do we know. We are negative and have some sort of agenda. Right now it seems like we are predicting the Panthers future at an alarmingly high rate.
  5. Uhhh.....Newman opted out of the season a month ago. Not sure why? But think of every possible reason or scenario and you can find someone online that claims it as fact. I know hardly anything about him and was curious how he would do. Doesn’t hurt my feelings as an Auburn fan. Much rather play against Daniels.
  6. If I was Bosa, I would have thought I was being set up for a screen. For real.
  7. I’m 6’ 200lb. And just turned 50. If I couldnt do a better job that, I’d never show my face again. Seriously. Tape like that will get NFL security people following you. Or he doesn’t want to play anymore. Or the handling of those concussions messed him up. I never understood why you would bring back a player that had two similar concussions in a short period of time. And he had played decent his first two games. Even good. But the first game back was just abusive as the Falcons got 14 pressure and he has not been even below average since. I’m been vocal on my draft thought on Little, but he isn’t this bad unless he just doesn’t care.
  8. It may have been the first one. But there were plenty to follow. And Ohers injury caused multiple spots to decline. RT where Remmers was decent to Williams and Trai Turner(that was ugly) Then I think Chris Scott at G for TT. Ryan K missed half the year after All Pro in 2015. I think Norwell is the only one that was healthy most of season. Add Luke, Shaq, Bradberry, Worley, missing 3-6 games and a couple players on their last leg or showing decline and the result should be expected. Especially with a team run by Rivera. He expects to run and control the clock to protect the defense. When the offense left an old and tired defense out there, we got what we got. Horrible. Which is precisely why Cam should have had surgery at the first opportunity. What was he out there for? Behind that line? With RR discussing “mathematical possibilities”.
  9. That’s pretty much the point. Of course the following moves were horrible. No excuse.But they were born from desperation. All panic moves that were easy to see were senseless when they were made. They would have had at least a year to develop a replacement, or re-sign Oher is he continued playing solid. Then Ohers concussions became career ending. And they had no one at the 2nd hardest position to fill in the NFL. Luckily, there were options. And DG chose the absolute worst option imaginable.
  10. I don’t think anyone wondered at all...LOL It was pretty easy to consider the source.
  11. Cams shoulder got hurt in 2016 against SD. That should have been his last play of year. The season was basically done as far as making the playoffs. It hasn’t been close to 100% since for many reasons and decisions. They are two separate things to me. The only way Oher keeps Cam away from getting injured back then was if he fell down and tripped him while chasing an INT return. Nothing good has happened when Cam is near the pylon. His arm was about 75-80% BEFORE Watt took another 25-30% in one shot. Ohers absence led to horrible LT play in 2016. Matt Kalil(who is one of the worst decisions any front office ever made) Chris Clark, who was at home when the Panthers called him to start for them. Then they trade up for Little which is sad. Then put D. Williams in there. Oh dear God. Which forced acquiring a vet on a one year deal so Teddy could live. Any other happenings even compare with the destruction Of either of these.
  12. So if you disagree with someone, with a long standing rep of being who he is, they are a troll? If that applies across the board, you have “Chucks” troll spot(s) locked up. And the only thing that compares to the Oher injury was the ridiculous handling of Cams injured shoulder. And Cam shares that blame.
  13. I’ve said that for years. All the chain of events that resulted from that drug the Panthers down over the next 3 years
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