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  1. He handed a SB team over to Trevor Simeon and thought Lynch was his future. With years knowing Manning was about done. You would think Elway would understand the importance of the position. He went for it and got 3 great years from Peyton. Now he strives for mediocrity and doesn’t even achieve that.
  2. Better get a 2nd round pick before Mahomes loses any more value.
  3. Straight past Trolling to the Walt Disney School of Fiction? This is so sad. RR was the one who chose Cam. Hurney wasn’t in Auburn at his Pro Day. As is plainly stated in the article(you know an actual statement or two that helps show you not just lying) Rivera was convinced before Hurney had ever seen Cam in person. And according to AU coaches, Shula was in his corner and pounding the table before Pro Day. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/page/hotread-CamNewton/cam-newton-fast-start-erases-doubts-ability Rivera also recalled when he saw Newton before his pro day. As the coach sat in the stands, he watched as players gravitated toward Newton. Rivera knew that natural-born jerks didn't draw people to them like that, and his instincts were affirmed in pre-draft meetings. Rivera also recalled when he saw Neh. I asked Mike [Shula] why we should take Cam, he mentioned everything the kid had gone through," Rivera said, "He'd transferred from Florida, gone to junior college, and won the Heisman and national championship at Auburn. Mike said that through all that, the kid never broke down. If Cam could do that, he could handle being the No. 1 pick." pro day.do that, he could handle being the No. 1 pick."
  4. KC is up 10-0 since Mahomes injury. You gotta keep Moore in. Maybe see what Mahomes could bring in a trade?
  5. Him and even Wright would have to prove to me they can’t in practice. But since they haven’t been used thus far in their careers, maybe they have.
  6. I’d use the opportunity to put the ball in Moore or Samuel’s hands about 5 more times a game.
  7. We had to give up #77 to move up from 47 to 37 this year. What makes you think you can move up 15 spots and higher at that for a 4th? Wake up son. Maybe we should go by what he traded for the 43rd pick(E. Brown) the year before. That would be a 1st round. Reality sux.
  8. Well. Things don’t always go the way you SEEM to damn near guarantee they will. Fact or fiction
  9. Are these the same fans that assured you Gerald McCoy would NEVER sign here?
  10. You do whatever you must to feel like you know WTF you’re talking about. Just have that same feeling I did when you spilled that drivel about Kalil. We will probably be talking about this one at a later date as well.
  11. Nah. That level of ignorance stands out and says everything anyone needs to know about your knowledge of anything football related.
  12. Is this like when you tried to convince everyone Matt Kalil was good? Because it sure seems like the same evaluation method.
  13. And if you could dispute one word of it you would. Instead you choose to call it ridiculous Without any reason.
  14. And watch the CHI pre -season game and you will see why. There’s a reason he was inactive for the first couple weeks. It was all about his effort. Which seems to be much better when he realized he was going to spend his contract year on the inactive list. Every criticism I had was about effort. Go watch that game and tell me your opinion of his play. Coupled with 3 years of suck and why would there not be criticisms? He wouldn’t have played a down if KK didn’t get hurt.
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