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  1. You quoted me first. You’re confused because you read what you wanted it to say to start an argument. When a person states, directly, that a player shouldn’t be criticized because playing at a high level in the SEC should be enough for anyone. WTF. Jesus H. But that’s not enough....OK. And what would be more relevant to that statement than recent draft history. Which is all I posted. How is it not relevant? And like I asked him.....what opinion do you want to hear? You think he will succeed...I don’t. We spent months going over this. We are all just waiting now. And how does any of that “debunk” his statement more than what I posted? I’m sure me saying he has horrible feet and poor effort and has gotten by on reputation more than merit would be treated like gospel. If I post opinions you want facts.
  2. WTF...what more could you people ask for? Jesus H. What does that mean then? Following a statement that you don’t understand criticism of Little.
  3. Seems it was my response, and the hurt feelings it caused were the real issue.
  4. I posted your exact quote(copy and paste) What would that extra verbiage be? Please share.
  5. The facts were what started this. You remember all the SEC LTs that busted after you said playing in the SEC should make any player above reproach. You got your feelings hurt that your theory had no basis and here we are.
  6. And you stated that because he played in a certain conference, that should be enough to question anything about him at all. That’s what was stupid. Me posting actual facts highly relevant to your statement and disputing that it was a good thing is completely rational with those facts attached. You can use a broad statement with no basis, but I’m wrong for speaking specifically about your comment. I don’t care what you just posted. We are discussing your OP with the BS that started this. How are facts a tantrum? As opposed to the mounds of crap you have flung at the wall hoping to deflect away from your embarrassing comment. I’ve stated many times before why I didn’t like Little. But why do it again. There is absolute nothing I could say that you wouldn’t attack. Of course it’s opinion. But I allow for the FACT that Little could still be very good and I could be very wrong. Something that is the Best-case scenario for me. You, on the other hand, don’t want to hear anything that might suggest that Little could fail. But you keep that logic of yours going...
  7. Now let’s compare that to your original post. Posted yesterday at 08:00 PM I don’t understand the Little draft pick criticism. He was highly successful as a starting LT in the SEC. wtf else do people want around here, Jesus H Ahhhh....Quite a big difference. No telling any who question anything about him is wrong. The only fact/stat you bring up is him being highly successful LT in the SEC, and that’s it. Then ask WTF else do people want than that? Jesus H!!! Missed those gems in the re-write. Just go back and edit it to whatever you want to say now. Or better yet post it in a poll like I already suggested.
  8. If you want to deny that what you meant, have at it: I can guarantee I wasn’t the only one who took it that way. And every statement you have made since sure does seem to prove that out. You aren’t going stand for any sort of criticism of Little. To the point of asking what’s “wrong” with people for not agreeing with you. And you have made up scenarios just to try and make your point. Next time just admit you didn’t know that one fact and move on. There’s obviously nothing I, or anyone could say anyhow because you said what more could you ask for? When someone answered....you panicked.
  9. No. But it would be helpful if you didn’t project your fantasy world on me by telling what I like or think. Whatever you need to tell yourself about me, feel free. And I explained why I wasn’t anti-SEC. Nothing more. But you turn it into whatever you need. And I’m taking it personally...lol
  10. Who’s taking it personally? I corrected your statement. You’re the one trying any scenario or theory to make Little some sort of success. I mean Jesus H...WTF are people daring to question about a player that is guaranteed success because of the conference he played in. Why not just answer that? Any other false statements you want to make about me? Who do I hate now?
  11. You’re on a roll. I’m an Auburn alum. And watch as much SEC football as I possibly can find time for. That’s why I have strong opinions on SEC players. I’ve seen them. Which is also when I want to know about ACC players, I ask others on here. Any other ridiculous theories you want to trot out to justify your idiotic comment. This is getting pretty sad. But comical.
  12. Logic: Stating that any criticism of a certain player is invalid because of the conference he played in. Only to then find out that the same elite LTs from that conference bust much more than become successful. You made a ridiculous statement that was nowhere close to true or relevant. At least we better hope not. But keep deflecting away from it.
  13. Let’s make this clear. Ignore me as I do you. I can imagine how someone taking one random word and completely changing the point you were making Frustrating isn’t it. And it seriously took you this long to figure that out. So leave me alone if you don’t like what I say. Or prove it wrong. Something you really stretched to put this on me. Let’s look at this again....without your special context that just overlooks anything that might me correct. Rubi 1,217 Posted yesterday at 08:00 PM I don’t understand the Little draft pick criticism? He was highly successful as a starting LT in the SEC.  wtf else do people want around here, Jesus H Can you seriously sit there and try to say this isn’t a shot at ANY criticism stated about Little. That is taking a shot at anyone who doesn’t think Little was a good pick. And it’s emphasized with a Jesus H and a WTF for anyone who dares question him in ANY way. When I posted the facts that 2/3rds of SEC LTs have been epic failures over the past 5 drafts, it was to directly dispute THAT specific comment. And it disputed it quite well. Then suddenly the criteria changed in a panic. But somehow me making one factually correct comment is me stating he’s an automatic bust. Did I not post the successful ones as well? I’m sorry if the truth offended some folks , but as I showed....being a successful SEC LT doesn’t mean much towards success in the NFL. Tell you what.... let’s post it in a poll. Let’s see if anyone else took it as a claim that Little would be successful and none of the questions about him had any validity because he played well in the SEC. Because I’m having trouble seeing it any other way without stretching the limits of reality like you did. I’m game.
  14. Maybe you could show me where I used that. I brought those players up in response to a specific question or statement. Was I wrong in correcting that false statement. But , as usual, you want to pick a word(s) and argue over something I wasn’t even discussing. Just go back to ignoring me. And I’ll do the same. And I’ve been vocal about Little, and almost all the LT prospects in this draft since January. And explained in great depth many times why? When a person states that Little is beyond questions because he played in the SEC, I responded with a different side. All facts. What did that have to do with Brian Burns or any other player. That’s your fantasy land.
  15. No. That was your theory. SEC LT, what more could you want. That’s your words. Claiming just because he played at a high level in the SEC there should be no questions about him. At all. So which one of us is using comparisons then acting like it’s ridiculous. Sure wasn’t me. But just keep yourself happy in fantasy land. Where facts only matter if they help your case.
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