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  1. And if you lose a vet or two, who would probably regressing in 3 years anyhow, The gems you find giving young, hungry players an entire years of experience. Which helps in evaluations going forward. That’s why I’m trading down as much as possible. And the only player I would sign is Moton. Mainly because he’s solid and I still think he would crush LG or RG if/when Trai goes. Offer 4/50 before you lose the leverage on him. Use UDFA as an asset, not some chore after the draft. I think Cam would have to play at his 2015 level for this team to win 6 games.
  2. June and September shouldn’t have been a part of that. Everyone is focused on them “liking” Cam, and dismissing those frightening dates mentioned.
  3. That potential out in 2021 involves a 5.4M dead cap hit. Even if he plays out his whole contract, Hurney put 2 dummy years at the end where we eat 3.6M even after he’s gone. This is to the point they should probably consider eating 7.2M now rather than give him 7M this year when it only takes 1.8M off the guaranteed money.. Take the hit now and save the cash. That 7.2 M is already in his pocket.
  4. No. We will sign 10 XFL players instead. Don’t worry that they washed out of the league already. The Saints got as much out of their UDFAs last year as we did our whole draft.
  5. You seem to think “tanking” is players throwing games. It’s just not using all your Available assets in a certain year. Every player is trying to win. It’s just unlikely with inferior talent. And the Cowboys absolutely tanked in JJs first year. And they were a lot more than that one trade. Great drafting was the main reason. I keep asking what’s the option if Cam is gone or just plain not healthy. What’s the plan for the team going forward that makes them a contender faster.
  6. I forgot about those Cowboys. Jimmy Johnson tanked hard his first year even after taking Aikman. Played almost all young guys and it turned into a dynasty. Well done.
  7. DET would take him quick. The Giants want to trade down, but need someone to really want Hebert now that Tua is definitely going 2 or 3.
  8. Wants that extra 1st from MIA. Okudah is a much bigger need anyhow. Like I said, once Tua was even close to ready, no way he lasts past 3.
  9. Ok. Cam is NOT healthy. Nobody’s tanking if he’s here. What’s your plan. As I asked another poster.....how are you making this team a contender and who and how are you getting a QB? Lots of great players are on teams that suck, like both were last year. CMC should be traded anyhow...right?
  10. So how long is the team supposed to wait on him to get healthy. I don’t care about the team but am not going to be mad if they let him go. If they wait on Cam, and he doesn’t get healthy, the tanking will take care of itself. Then he’s a 19M cap hit on IR.
  11. Tanking is something I equate with Cam not being in Carolina. If he is, it’s irrelevant.
  12. So 0 for 1 Is an appropriate sample size. OK What’s the plan otherwise. I guarantee someone has tried the same thing before. And failed. No matter the plan. Who’s the QB going forward? How do you get him?
  13. If that’s the standard, every single move or plan this organization has tried is a failure. Ever. Just like 97% of NFL teams plans are.failures every year.. The Colts tanked for Luck and we in the AFCCG in his 3rd year. If they had a competent GM who knows what happens(sound familiar) We will see about Miami from last year. But it sure didn’t ruin the culture considering they still had as good a record as CAR. Since this idea became a reality when the rookie deals were controlled, those are the only two I remember.
  14. He’s made it clear it’s me....I’m honored...lol. Considering the source, I took it as a compliment.
  15. First, who gives a flying f##k what YOU want? You’re just a troll who has to pick a new name every couple months because of the ignorant things you say. I guess growing up in Pittsburgh during the 1970s doesn’t matter in your mind. Who cares. What part of the truth that I posted bothers you so much? Is it so damaging that you demand I leave instead of discussing it. Why am I a red neck. Is that derogatory comment with a racial shot? Sure seems like it. Wanna explain that? I’m guessing probably not:
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