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  1. You’re right. I should have used fantasy and bias like you. Facts don’t usually gel with anything you say. Obviously.
  2. I just include the entire result. You have to win something, or at least have something positive to the team to have a huge win. What have we won? So far. It’s not more than we lost. Which is sad. It doesn’t really matter if signing CJ was good(it was) if you tear up a paid for insurance policy to buy two lower level policies. He spent money to make us worse off. Again. The result is what matters. And I’m not giving him credit for desperation. Why is Adams or Searcy playing over him. Ever? So balls is a stretch to me. Just feels like reaching for credit.
  3. Well. I don’t see how you can look at it like that and claim a huge win. Surely not some slam dunk genius move. Yes it was Gaulden. And us starting the season with Adams/Searcy at S was even more of a reason why he should have been signed. It wasn’t going to be much more money. And he starts day one instead of missing time. This issue stands alone. Not like any other issue. If he was good in September, he was good in July. Did his balls drop over two months?
  4. So you mean like if Olsen doesn’t get hurt...twice...Thomas doesn’t start. Or he’s still not a starter now. But last year was great because 3 starters. Any of those players done less than Thomas, DJ, Jackson? Any of those three guaranteed to be starting in a few years. We can include Hurney last 4. And see who left who more. And yes, GMs have other jobs. But ours has proven awful at that part of his job and sure hasn’t improved any in that area. If so, it’s hard to find examples. There are plenty he’s still incompetent. What/who is wrong on my list compared to the credit you give Hurney for his draft? I’m looking at facts. Which is what I did. You’re twisting it to suit your narrative. What are these one or two factors that are forming my perspective? Do tell.
  5. NT who did exactly what we asked him to and was sorely missed. Place did cartwheels. All-Pro DT(2) All-Pro RG(3) All-Pro LG(UDFA) 2nd team All-Pro RT(4) Top 5 RB Samuel, Moton, Thompson, Butker, Armah, Benjamin(still brought a 3rd back) Bradberry, Boston, Bene, Thats 15 starters in 5 years. With an All-Pro a year almost. And Moton and CMC might be best yet. So if 3 starters is so great for Hurney, why does it suck for DG?
  6. Comp pick we could have gotten or canceled a signing out. That’s how Patriots get so many comp picks. Make the last years of the contract an option so when you don’t exercise it, they are eligible. Smith now is not. Since his value seems to be well above 5M, we could have gotten a 5th.
  7. Nicely.done. Just a few points 1) While Hurney made the right decision(thank you BB) on trading KB, at this moment, we haven’t gotten one thing out of it. That could change quickly. But even with the colossal failure of KB, at least we would have had a WR in the playoffs. It’s real hard not to have more value than KB has, but right now, we havent gotten it. Not disputing the decision. But the results certainly don’t scream huge win. Yet. Only other thing I disagree is Reid last year. If Hurney has balls, Reid would have been here in the summer. What took so long if you thought he could play. It shouldn’t have taken Colin Jones and desperation to get him. I hardly think Tepper was saying no. Draft was exactly as you put it. Whole post is good.
  8. Toomers

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    I think everyone gets it. If you could you would. But since it doesn’t exist you can’t. Hypocrite. Liar. You will never get out of your Mom’s basement that way..
  9. Toomers

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    What research. It’s in(well actually...not in)this thread. You can’t hit a quote button to prove a point? That’s what you are selling? You will argue for pages rather than just post it. One click. But you’re going to pretend you have shown anything of the kind. But it mysteriously disappeared when you can’t point to a post. A page, anything to prove your point. Where is it? Where is it?
  10. Toomers

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    Because you haven’t shown poo. Not once. It took you longer to make that post than it would have took to hit quote on what I said. But you can’t. You will continue to prove the hypocrite you are. You accused me? Period. Back it up. I f you’ve done it 3 times, should be simple. One has to wonder why you can’t. Or won’t?
  11. Toomers

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    Where did you post it. What page? What time? Just quote it again. That’s one click. Let’s see it. You keep repeating it but not even attempting to provide it. Are you truly acting like it’s easier to keep rambling the same line, or hit quote on a post and show me and everyone WTF you’re talking about. One click. That easy.
  12. Toomers

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    And when I showed it was only six years, you still claimed a decade. What does NOW have to do with 2014 when he was cut. I specifically said that and you still ignored it. Because you only read what you want to believe. It’s plain as day up there. And STILL no post where I brought Hurney into this. Or once again you would show it. Another post of deflecting away from your lie. Why is it so hard to post one thing I said to bring a Hurney And my niche into play. You can’t. Or you would. You hit your niche of hollering bias when you run out of ideas a little early and on the wrong person.
  13. Toomers

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    I’ve answered several times that it’s part of evaluation of his declining skills. Why wouldn’t any GM not look at declining stats, and play, when determining what to do? That’s first-grade basic. And why I immediately asked what does the GM have to do with his play. But you’re fixated on this.to deflect from your accusations. How many times can I answer that? And you can’t find anything to justify your statement. Just more of the same rambling. You brought them up. You accused me of it. You have lied repeatedly to deflect from it. Where did I say this magic stuff where I had a “niche” Explain that? You can’t. And won’t. Because it doesn’t exist. We know how you feel. And in in direct response to me stating 2008 is not a decade earlier than 2014, you still respond with the same lie. As shown below. See how easy that is. Now show me where I said anything to bring Hurney into this? Cpt slay a ho 1,960 Posted Friday at 10:55 AM First off you started the hypothetical when stating we may not have made it to the super bowl with smith on the roster. Lol it was not 2m for the avants, Jerichos etc, how much dead money did we take on from releasing smith you’re back pedaling, it has been well over a deacade since smith has been involved in a physical altercation with a teammate, like you suggested he would against cam and than call me out for an hypothetical.....poetic
  14. Toomers

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    I didn’t take anything as dissing Hurney? You tried that with your “it’s my niche” comment. Which you can’t find anything to justify stating. Or you would. Where did I mention GMs before you. Did I ask why you brought them up. I even threw your catchphrase of “Don’t they both suck” in there. So how am I throwing Hurney into it. Did I question QBs? That was a valid point. But how does a GM effect a player on the field. And I’m the one who brought Hurney in it? You couldn’t be more FOS. Keep swinging. But it’s easy to see you tried to go to your “anti-Hurney” card just like you’ve done every time we have ever had a discussion. When it’s clear only one of us has a “feeling” for anyone in this discussion. And you repeatedly stated it was a decade from the decision. Which it never was. Correct? So it’s not like your tied to facts to make your point. Just like you keep dancing around the truth here.
  15. Toomers

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    I brought up Cam too. Was I taking a shot at him. What did I say that was in any way bad about Hurney? Mainly because you brought up GMs and forced a distinction for no reason. Who brought up GMs? How did I bring Hurney in if I never said anything a bout him. You keep claiming you posted the proof already but keep bringing new posts up seasrchimg for something that isn’t there. Which is it? Is this like earlier when you acted like Ken Lucas didn’t get his ass jumped until it was brought up specifically.