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  1. RealBitsOfPanther

    Destiny 2

    Festival of light looks crazy fun. Only got to play for like 2 hours but got a crap ton of drops.
  2. RealBitsOfPanther

    NHL Draft 2018

    For the first time in a while, it's exciting to be a canes fan
  3. RealBitsOfPanther

    Today’s media BS

    Lol. Cowherd is a chode.
  4. RealBitsOfPanther


    Probably going to go see it this weekend or next week. Wife is pregnant and she isn't about those crowded theaters. Lol. Nice to see that it's getting some love though, as the reviews/reception haven't been the warmest.
  5. RealBitsOfPanther


    I'm excited to see it, even though some of the reception has been luke warm on it.
  6. RealBitsOfPanther

    The Walking Dead season 8

    The comic has some really interesting stuff going on atm. Getting away from the source material was the worst thing they could do.
  7. RealBitsOfPanther

    The Walking Dead season 8

    I mean, when they killed off who they killed off, it just seemed random. Like they closed their eyes and pointed to someone.
  8. RealBitsOfPanther

    Destiny 2

    I have a group that still runs the raid multiple times a week. I'm still enjoying it and am psyched for the new DLC.
  9. RealBitsOfPanther

    The Walking Dead season 8

    At this point, I'm just waiting for Rick to duel wield M60's or take a helicopter out with a rock.
  10. RealBitsOfPanther

    The Walking Dead season 8

    I pretty much watch out of habit and loyalty to the comic. It's the perfect show to put on and then do other poo. Past weeks episode had a couple of good things, but overall its just meh.
  11. RealBitsOfPanther

    Destiny 2

    Anyone on PS4 can add me: SuperxSean
  12. RealBitsOfPanther

    Destiny 2

    The raid is really fun. Can't wait for more to come out.
  13. RealBitsOfPanther

    Panthers Rookie Camp Wrapup

    Nice to see/hear the young CB's impressed.
  14. RealBitsOfPanther

    Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    Is be on board with this pick. It's very possible that's he's coming to Charlotte.
  15. Cut the mistakes out and protect cam and we win.