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  1. As bad of a season has its been for UNC, ya'll still beat my Wolfpack. FML lol
  2. I like the idea of her ult doing some type of healing, similar to how Lucio in Overwatch's ult is, but maybe a lot less game changing.
  3. If he balls out and plays all 16 games, then yes, pay him. I'm hoping that he does, however people are getting butthurt at the mere possibility of Cam not being a Panther when its a very real possibility.
  4. So you're willing to give a new contract to Cam at 31, who hasn't stayed healthy for 2 seasons now on a rebuilding team that has multiple holes to fill, knowing that his new contract is going to eat a lot of cap room? Doesn't really sound fair to either the organization or Cam.
  5. Honestly, i've made my peace with Cam being gone when he got hurt early in the season. The writing has been on the wall for sometime now that he isn't in the future plans. Some of ya'll are feeling some type of way about all these changes and players leaving/retiring when you should be embracing it. Just look at our record and division record since the super bowl year.
  6. I'm on PC if anybody would like to run some. Season 3 Ranked: K/D is 1.60. Average Damage is around 500. Origin Name is tuffyggs I have a discord as well.
  7. Is be on board with this pick. It's very possible that's he's coming to Charlotte.
  8. In all seriousness, this happens quite often. Don't bring opposing team banners, flags etc to another teams home stadium and not expect to get messed with. My dad grew up in Erie and is a Steeler fan. He told me about the time he and a couple of buddies went to a game in Cleveland. When they pulled into the parking lot, car got pelted with snow balls and someone set their car flag on fire with a lighter in front of them. They then were pelted with more snow balls walking to the stadium.
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