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  1. Focus? Mine doesn't have a gas cap at all. It blew my wife's mind when she went to fill my car up for the first time lol
  2. I'm definitely on team ride it out, but this is coming from someone that is meh about cars/vehicles and see's them as being no different than washing machines.
  3. This is part of the reason why I love my PS4. All of their exclusives are fantastic, narrative driven games.
  4. So much speed out of the 3-4. Give me all the athletes on the field please.
  5. I've seen us use car hoods underground to cook a pig bro lol.
  6. We're going to go with Gaulden and Reid on the back end.
  7. I mean, why would he come to CLT for two days if there wasn't serious interests in both sides. You don't just visit a place for the sake of visiting.
  8. Really need to check this out. It's nice to know that it looks solid.
  9. If he can come and contribute, he's going to make things a lot easier from a match up stand point with Jackson. A lot of offenses like to hide their speed guy in the slot, so being able to movie Djax inside and then still put a solid cb on the outside is huge.
  10. DJ has shown to have elite YAC ability. I'm excited to see what he can do this season
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