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  1. Good fit for him. Might save them from being in the twilight of a rebuild
  2. 1. Training staff 2. Stadium Janitorial 3. Offense
  3. Gotta love when Tubby Toughguy tapped out and poindexter still popped him with one on the side of the breadbasket when he turned around.
  4. NO may end up releasing Larry Warford because they drafted a G/C, I would rather have him than Fluker if we are going to get a FA at this point.
  5. After setting a record for viewing for the draft and having ABC carry their flag, they would be cutting off their nose to spite their face by doing this. Yes the league has its asstard moments but I have a hard time thinking they would be this stupid.
  6. Great value picks and thankfully Hurney didn’t get too cute with trading up. We filled a lot holes
  7. Good pick and so far good draft.
  8. Assuming we dont trade back (which I still think could happen depending on who wants to get crazy if a QB falls) I was all for Brown but after watching some Simmons clips and seeing his stats at various positions, I am for him at 7 - he can fill several needs and we can get rotational pieces behind him. Purely my opinion though and I would not cry one bit if we see Okudah, Brown, Becton, Kinlaw, or Wirfs here either.
  9. At this rate BOB will make MH look like an MVP GM.
  10. Verge - any speculation on your part about the number of “misses” by teams on draft picks bc of being hamstrung on the scouting process by the quarantines?
  11. To me it depends on how far down we are talking about moving in the draft. If only 2-4 spots I think we can still get a player we want and need. If out of the top 12 then no way we should do it unless a king’s ransom is offered, there are way too many plug and play guys for our needs along the lines and secondary to trade down in the bottom half of the draft.
  12. Someone will overreach on Dugger - I like the kid a lot but not in the first, and not high in the second rd either.
  13. C'mon brother....don't leave us with a cliffhanger like this.....
  14. Verge - the talking heads keep saying TE is a really weak position in this draft (perhaps the weakest one overall). What are your thoughts on that? If not TE, which position do you see as the weakest (ie, least depth of talent overall)? Good thread as always.
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