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  1. TRUTH ^^^^This x 1M FFS ... How many times do the majority of us with any amount of common sense and no emotional investment in the “Cam vs Kyle” fake debate have to say this?
  2. Why would a team so close to being a consistent winner want to hire a coach who was utterly unable to win consistently with a roster full of good players in CAR?
  3. Fromm has regressed a lot from last year, it is saying something but I would actually rather have Allen back next year than draft him.
  4. No OC can work with that dogcrap Oline.....
  5. Today was not a vote of confidence for almost anyone affiliated with CAR.
  6. How that guy keeps a job, AND, is allowed to ref games in the NFCS is beyond me.
  7. Put in Grier for God’s sake, this is a Clausen-Foxesque performance
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