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  1. Tough week in GA for sports between the Braves, Bulldogs and now Falcons
  2. Thank god CMC has more or less made everyone forget about this jackass unless he shoots his mouth off on radio...which is his only means of getting attention these days.
  3. I am sorry for your loss. I lost my father unexpectedly when I was younger than you, at 31. I know you are hurting but it gets a little easier every year, especially if/when you have children. Hold fast brother.
  4. Hard to say if he is an every week/franchise starter based on the body of work so far, but he has proven he can start if called upon to do so.
  5. Minshew is the real deal and he damn near beat us today. He will be the subject of trade offers at some point if this keeps up.
  6. What glorious holes indeed! Daley did a good job for a 6th rd rookie IMO.
  7. Me too. Fournette is good but CMC is a better player. I am VERY glad to have been wrong about CMC.
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