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  1. Stevo made his motives clear long ago with cam. I won't get into all that though
  2. The team screwed this up way more than the Steve Smith thing
  3. This board has become unbearable with the cam hate.
  4. Yeah, I still don't know if even he knows what tepper is thinking haha. But I missed the second half of the interview like when he said cam would absolutely be on the roster in September
  5. Yeah.. I just wish he would have got up there and said "cams our man.. fug the haters" and rolled out haha
  6. I missed this part of the interview. That's a bit more conclusive than just liking the guy
  7. That's what I was saying. Everyone is happy and excited about what he said like it's a guarantee cam is back but he honestly didn't really say anything. He said he likes cam and wants him here.. That's it I want cam back but I just think tepper doesn't want him here for whatever reason
  8. It's one thing to say he wants him here. But he was specifically asked if cam would be the starter if healthy and didn't answer that question. That says a lot to me based on the current state of the quarterbacks on our roster
  9. I expected him to say he likes cam but won't say he's the qb. That's what I got
  10. They won't win another super bowl with him. They probably wanted him to leave
  11. Our best qb is being pushed out the door and people are on here celebrating that fact and making alts so they can ham it up. Morons
  12. It's becoming more and more obvious that Rivera and company valued relationships over winning. I'm glad we can start over with a new owner and hopefully a new GM soon
  13. I'd prefer not to go 8-8.. Stuck picking in the middle of the first again
  14. Greg better go to Seattle. Only team listed that has a legit shot at a ring
  15. Haha buffalo and the skins? Just retire, Greg. You obviously don't care about a ring
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