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  1. Cookie Lyon

    WTF is up with ESPN?

    Booger actually looks like the booger on the Mucinex commercials.
  2. Cookie Lyon

    WTF is up with ESPN?

    I was pissed off at this too as well. I was like "It's a fine time for Booger to FINALLY admit Cam is hurt after the game was over" SMH. The whole MNF crew sucks and needs to get the boot.
  3. Cookie Lyon

    Cam: "That's not on me."

    Fair enough.
  4. Cookie Lyon

    Cam: "That's not on me."

    Just sad.
  5. Cookie Lyon

    Eric Reid on another drug test

    The NFL is beyond pathetic.
  6. Cookie Lyon

    Cam: "That's not on me."

    How is this clickbait?
  7. His response to on whether he would consider sitting.
  8. Cookie Lyon

    Stop defending Cam

  9. Cookie Lyon

    Ron just stated he will not sit Cam

    This bitch is coaching for his job and he will keep trotting Cam out on the field even if his whole arm falls off. He's going to use this as an excuse when Tepper gets ready to fire his ass.
  10. Cookie Lyon

    These MNF announcers are aids

    This reporter called out the MNF announcers BS. I mean, they don't have to like Cam, but damn, at least be objective. It's the same old crap every game. They hate Cam that much that they have to make up crap to blame him for? SMH
  11. This fan base is dumb as f*ck.
  12. They know. They're just ignoring it on the broadcast.