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  1. Valid points. I think Tepper will have egg on his face because I believe that Cam will make a comeback. None of us know if he will or not, but at least the Patriots will give him a chance to prove it. Also, I just don't believe you replace a player like Cam Newton with Teddy Bridgewater. No knock on Teddy, he just doesn't move the needle for me.
  2. They all made valid points. Great video!
  3. Valid point. But, it's great to see a reporter who worked for the Panthers actually confirm this information publicly.
  4. Agreed. Tepper will have egg on his face soon enough.
  5. I'm actually shocked that she's airing everything out now. I would love to hear more as well. LOL
  6. Wow! Jourdan is REALLY going in on the Panthers organization. No lies detected!
  7. No matter where Cam ended up, there are going to be racists who just don't want a black QB on their team. I don't understand how those weirdos even enjoy watching football since the league is 70% black. I guess as long as the QB is white, they love it.
  8. On another note, who at ESPN is responsible for this? LOL My guess is David Newton.
  9. Pie for the "suck it baseball people, you know I am right."
  10. Yes, I've noticed the shift as well. I'm honestly pretty amazed by it. There are still a few Negative Nancy's and Downer Dan's out there, but overall it's been positive. It was basically "Cam Day" on the sports shows all day yesterday.
  11. Given all that Cam has done for the franchise and the Carolinas, he deserved better than what they gave him. Tepper was well within his rights to release Cam, but how he went about doing it was unprofessional. Tepper practically bent over backwards to give a fired Rivera a farewell tour. The same could've been done for Cam.
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