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  1. Cookie Lyon

    Rivera on First Take (Today)

    You're clearly delusional. Get a life.
  2. I know he has to be even sicker than he was when he had to close his store. LMAO
  3. Cookie Lyon

    Rivera on First Take (Today)

    Where in my post did I admit to actively rooting for the team to fail? Rivera's decision to bench Cam blew up in his face as soon as DA threw a pick on the first play.
  4. Cookie Lyon

    Rivera on First Take (Today)

    I was so glad that stupid decision blew up in Rivera's face.
  5. LMAO! Exactly! That's why I don't understand why he wasn't fired.
  6. Hell, Ron pulled Luke out of that beat down from the Steelers and kept Cam in the game. All he cares about is the defense.
  7. Cookie Lyon

    The evolution is in process

    The man is slow.
  8. Cookie Lyon

    The evolution is in process

    It's been almost a decade with Rivera's same old outdated philosophy. I don't believe anything that comes out of this man's mouth. He's stuck in his ways and will never change.
  9. Cookie Lyon

    Cam talks about his surgery (video)

    Enjoyed the video. I'm glad Cam has decided to be more open and this is the perfect way to do it so the media can't twist his words. Get well soon and I will be subscribing!