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  1. Exactly. I'm tired of the media fawning over how many idiots voted for Trump as if he won. The media is complicit in his rise and don't want to let the cash cow go, but it'll be gone on January 20, 2021 whether they like it or not.
  2. I feel awful for Greg. Hopefully he can bounce back soon.
  3. Bimbo Barbie is just mad that she'll be out of a job in 2 months along with the orange goon. Don't try to take it out on the reporters because y'all are sore losers.
  4. Rudy is also sweating through his Just For Men hair dye. Sweaty dirty pervert.
  5. Good for Cam. His kids are so adorable.
  6. Trump continues his firing spree because he's still crying about losing the election. He's a giant toddler. Hurry up January 20, 2021.
  7. I bet Trump is blackmailing him and a majority of those emails pertain to Graham being Lady G. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but it's obvious that Graham is in the closet. The truth will come out soon.
  8. Lindsey Graham is so pathetic. I can just imagine the calls he made to SC Governor McMaster in order to rig the election in his favor. He better keep quiet if he doesn't want that to get out. How are you a SC Senator, but you're meddling in elections in another state?
  9. Lady G is at it again. South Carolina should investigate his "win" over Jamie Harrison. Harrison mentioned that ballots were being tossed out in the state and I heard that Dorchester and Richland counties were having issues with their ballots. These idiotic Republicans keep claiming the orange Jim Jones was cheated out of the election, but somehow want us to believe that they were re-elected fair and square as well. MAKE THAT MAKE SENSE
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