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  1. LOL this lady needs to stop with the lies. Just offer your condolences and go.
  2. That orange bastard is going to try to ram his pick through someway somehow before the election. He's probably in his bunker right now jumping for joy. Evil bitch.
  3. This is so sad. Condolences to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's family and friends. RIP The Notorious RBG
  4. He's also still pissed at Sarah Cooper. Trying to stop her shine because he's a dumbass.
  5. Trump is a disgusting pig and needs to be held accountable for his actions, but we know that won't happen.
  6. Cookie has all the haters shook. You love to see it. LMAO
  7. I'm still here actually. Not only are you wrong, you're delusional as well. You probably wrote it for all we know to try to make it seem like it was a Cam fan.
  8. I smell a cover up. He knew he hit a person and kept on driving. If you hit a deer, you would normally get out of your vehicle to inspect any damage and call the police. I would like to know when this "call" was made to the police claiming he hit a deer. He knew he was drunk and fled the scene to sober up. I hope the victim's family continues to demand answers because Jason Ravsnborg story doesn't add up at all.
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