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  1. I’ll say this. The hit looks a lot worse than I originally thought from other angles. He lined him up on the ground. Still find it funny that Reid is such a lightning rod of controversy because of who he affiliates himself with. It was a poo hit and Reid’s got a little bit of a rep for it at this point but so do a number of guys in the league, past and present.
  2. I gotcha. I understand where you’re coming from now lol. I know about Reid. Been following him since LSU. I was happy when he got signed. I don’t think that changes that it was a dirty hit last night though. But I also understand the agenda some have. He’ll get fined and keep playing.
  3. Imagine arguing that a single play can change the game while failing to admit that the blown call with a minute and some change left cost the Saints a trip to the SB. All the while, complaining about poo from a SB loss 4 years ago. Feel like it’s pretty self explanatory. The Saints had other opportunities to win the game after, so it’s not the reason they lost. However, if you make the call, the game is essentially over as they kick a FG as time expires, so it’s most certainly the reason they didn’t win. Basically, you don’t make the call, and the Saints can keep playing and have chances to win, so they didn’t lose because of it. But if you make the call, the Saints win. It’s really the only way I feel like you can accurately describe it. That way, you don’t excuse the call, but you also don’t excuse the Saints for not making plays after the call.
  4. Imagine complaining about calls from a SB 4 years ago in a game you were dominated in and yet excusing the worst no call in history. Makes sense. Cam took what he wanted because he wants to retire a Saint. The no call is a black eye on NFL officiating. Negative. Precisely why I said it’s not the reason they lost. It’s the reason they didn’t win, however. I remember the bitchfest after the NFC title game va the 9ers about Roddy being interferes with on a play MUCH less egregious, and some may even say not interference at all. Let’s not act like if this was your franchise or even any other franchise than a division rival like you would completely agree. The call cost them a trip to the SB. End of story. Of course we’re upset about it.
  5. Theres holding on literally every play. I don’t even know the hold you’re talking about because it’s probably tiny and never called. What about the roughing the passer on the pick in OT? I never said the refs weren’t crummy. They sucked. Hard. All game. However, none of the calls they missed either way directly impacted the game as much as that one. The game is over if they make it. Imagine being a Saints player in that field and watching that play transpire and knowing that’s the SB and having to go back out and keep playing. The no call sucked. Trying to diminish it because of other missed calls that happen every game is ridiculous, and just makes you seem foolish.
  6. Derp derp. I wouldn’t call it crying. Just pointing out the obvious.
  7. Didn’t lose because of the bad call is correct. However, they did not win because of the bad call. Games over if it’s made. Or you could just admit that the worst no call in NFL history cost them a trip to the SB? Did the game go on after? Sure. If it’s made do the Saints take 3 knees and kick a FG as time expires? Yes. It’s ok to admit they were fugged. Doesn’t make you any less of a fan.
  8. 10 years later we’re still waiting. He is the second best QB in the division.
  9. I agree. You’d like to see MT with a few more big plays, but that’s not really something they ask him to do.
  10. Hills ridiculous. I don’t think I’d take him as a #1 receiver over MT but definitely the most explosive guy in football. I actually think Julio is the best, most complete receiver in the game. His size, strength, speed combination is unmatched right now imo. But it’s a big jumbled mess of a bunch of talented guys. The reason I have no problem with it is because MT, by everyone’s account is one of the hardest workers in the game. And he gives us no issues. He’s 26. This will probably be his only huge contract. He earned it.
  11. There’s so many guys you could make an argument for man. I think most lists would have him somewhere between 3-8.
  12. You were one of the few opposing fans who noticed it early. We talked about it after his rookie year, correct?
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