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  1. Ima send a big fug you for the Benson comment and take my ban if it happens. Pretty uncalled for.
  2. From what I saw, I agree. He literally wrecked the interior of our line in the playoffs.
  3. I can’t say I watched a lot of Suh film during the year, but he was every bit his dominating self during the playoffs. He singlehandly shut down our run game. And I don’t think Donald’s sudden massive increase in sacks was by coincidence. Not saying Donald hasn’t dominated without him, just that his sack numbers went way up.
  4. It doesn’t even approach Donald/Suh of just last year, let alone all time lol.
  5. To be completely fair to long suffering Saints fans, I didn’t endure nearly the amount of suckage they had to. I’m 28. Most of my young life all I remember about football is my dad watching the Saints, and my best friends dad screaming at the TV so loud we could hear him all the way down the street while we were outside. I started watching around the Ricky Williams era. First favorite player was Deuce. My first recollection of watching was the 2001 game when Ricky scored the winning TD against the Panthers with 1 second left. So I had a somewhat tough stretch between 2001-2005, but other than that, it’s been decent. Hello to you too, old friend.
  6. Saints have about $1 million less than the Panthers lol.
  7. ADs not going to LA. He’s just not. People talk like LA can offer so much, and they can offer a huge collection of poo players, but nothing of quality. The best asset they have is the 4th pick and even the Knicks have better than that at 3 and multiple firsts going forward. Knicks package is infinitely better than the Lakers. AD isn’t going to LA. That been obvious since the trade deadline.
  8. They don’t make that trade, ever. They literally turned down more than that during the year just for AD. They swapping #1 for #4 for no reason? It’s not gonna happen.
  9. He’s been that way for a while now lol. I ran into him at WalMart some years back. Looked more like a lineman than a RB.
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