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  1. He’s the best safety in the league but you’re getting him for a 2nd?
  2. Kirkwood showed a ton of promise. Just couldn’t stay healthy. Brees seemed to trust him a lot.
  3. Motherfugers defending the cop love saying “oh he’s gonna get off” like that means it was right. Like we don’t already know that. Like that’s not one of the fuging things we want to see changed.
  4. Saints came out with a ton of emtotion and the Panthers made a few mistakes. Close game. I expect the better team to take over in the second half. Good game so far fellas!
  5. To be fair, Mr. Igo, Drew was injured for the better part of the game against the Bucs. Couldn't get the ball further than about 15 yards downfield, even that was a struggle. Luke Mccown last week was much better than the injured Drew the week before.
  6. Dropping in to say good luck fellas! Panthers should walk with this. Gonna suffer through it anyway, long as this system doesn't take out my TV. Here's to an injury free affair on both sides! See yall after the game!
  7. I'm just a glutton for punishment, I guess. And I like SCPs Port-a-Potty tales.
  8. Are we talking a scale of 1-10 or "low", "very low", "lowest"?
  9. That sucks fellas. Hopefully it's nothing. Thoughts are with him. Man I hate injuries!
  10. Preseason is tough for units. I think the only game they actually game plan a little for is the third game. I know they didn't come out of base 43 the first drive with the starters. I try to watch individuals for that reason. Who's winning their line up and beat your man matchup, because that's all a preseason game is. It is troubling though, that they looked so bad just trying to line up and beat the guy across. I though there were some positives, but some of the concerns I've had were reaffirmed.
  11. Gotcha. I went and looked at some pics after I asked. Doesnt look like he's ever had a belly. Nothing wrong with that. Just never noticed before this video.
  12. This is the first I've looked at Oher. Just wondering, is he a little on the light side? Looks pretty thin in that vine. At least smaller than most tackles I'm used to seeing.
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