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  1. Delhommey

    I've seen enough. Hurney, do it.

    The best part was he got the INT while taking a knee.
  2. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    This is like when people were crying we should give a Guard a LT contract cause he was a Pro Bowler. Or honestly, being in Texas, like all the arguments Cowboys fans are making that they didn’t overpay for Cooper.
  3. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    One thing you’ll find is those teams rarely if ever use a high pick on a RB.
  4. The Republican voting base are middle aged white men without college education who've been told their whole lives they're better than the others cause they're white and they're male. For the longest this was true. Now that the economy has shifted to where being college educated is more important than being white and male they are getting angry rather than getting self reflective (Being self reflective isn't really a common conservative trait after all). Thus the "IT'S THEM MEXICANS TAKING MY JERBS AND THE JEWISH CABAL KEEPING ME DOWN!!!!" anger coming out now.
  5. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    You can believe that CMC is a great player for the Panthers and still not the best use of the 8th overall pick. Another example of bad positional drafting was the Raiders taking Janikowski in the first round. Even though he stayed with the team forever and was a cornerstone, it was still a poor use of draft capital because they could have found the same level of kicker in later rounds.
  6. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    The problem with this line of thinking is James Conner and Alvin Kamara exist.
  7. Or if it had been a 3rd down play and we were still in possession. As it was a 4th down play possession changed the second the play was whistled dead.
  8. No, that was pretty much a text book deadball foul. From the NFL Rulebook
  9. Making the scheme fit your players rather than your players fit your scheme. What a concept. Obviously Shula gone was a good thing but let's not discount how freeing losing both Gettleman and Massa Richardson have been for this team as well.
  10. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    I never said that. I said they did the right thing last year and took us behind the woodshed and look to be the class of the NFC if not the league this year.
  11. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    Reggie Bush. Excellent counterpoint. Totally worth a 2. 2011 was with the 28th pick which is not a terrible decisions. Even so, it only recently started to pay off.
  12. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    Except the team that followed that philosophy beat us three times last year and is currently leading the South once again almost completely off that one draft. PS they have a guy that's every bit CMC's equal.
  13. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    If we were taking a QB why would we trade the pick? Who would make that trade? You trade with a team that DOESN'T want a QB so you can get in front of teams that do (or to prevent other teams to trade with that team). And obviously Gettleman turned them down. He wouldn't even answer the phone this year at #2 to take Barkley (stupidly). I mean it's fine, especially if we hit gold with Jackson and Moton. All's well that ends well. It's still not a great idea to take a RB early in one of the best RB drafts in NFL history.
  14. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    The Chiefs gave exactly that for Mahomes 2 picks later
  15. Delhommey

    CMC worth the pick?

    Yeah cause Gettleman is a stubborn idiot that way. Thus passing on multiple franchise qb’s and having The Walking Dead behind center while his shiny new toy racks up highlight plays in loss after loss. They better lose them all though, cause there’s only 1 franchise qb this year.