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  1. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    Or we could have no top picks. Pick middle of first round for 3 to 5 years. Then rebuild 3 to 5 years on top of that. I say go ahead and start the rebuild. I was right in the offseason, sadly.
  2. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

  3. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree on some issues.
  4. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    We can agree on many of these issues. However, yes I do think the NBA is rigged. Heck, they do their lottery behind closed doors. That is shady. Also, the NBA has a bigger footprint than the NFL. In theory this should lead to bigger market areas. Globally and domestically. I do agree that MJ has not been a good owner so far, and the team does a poor job reaching new fans. Also, they have one of the worst TV deals in the NBA. It is hard for people to find them on TV.
  5. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    Again everyone is entitled to their OPINIONS, whether logical or not. The NBA pushes big markets and doesn't give a crap about its smaller markets. This doesn't mean smaller markets cannot win. It just simply means the NBA makes it harder to do so (foul calls, promotion, draft picks). The Hornets have the same market as the Panthers for reasons that are very obvious. Nobody said they have tapped into this market successfully. It is still their market to tap into.
  6. If Rivera is not gone this week it will make me lose confidence in Tepper as an owner. Rivera is watching the game pass him by. He is too loyal to vets and coaches under him. He is responsible for a majority of this mess. Him and Hurney need to go THIS WEEK.
  7. Time to fire Rivera. 5 in a row? Losers mentality. Get some young bloods in there Tepper.
  8. Please fire Rivera, and please cut Funchess. If we lose this game then Tepper needs to show some balls and fire Rivera.
  9. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    So, what was their Carolinas campaign then? I see plenty of Hornets stuff outside Charlotte in the Carolinas. If the Hornets do not claim the Carolinas as a market, then neither do the Panthers. Seems like dumb logic to me. The NBA does only care about a handful of teams. That is why most of the championships are by a handful of teams.
  10. Great so JR is back.........Rivera has failed this organization. GB coach wins a SB and consistently good. He has a bad stretch and gone. I guessssssssss Panthers do not care about winning.
  11. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    Tanking is the only way we are going to get big name players, it is that simple. I am not sure why Charlotte is considered a small market. The Carolinas have 17 million people. Charlotte's market stretches into parts of Virginia and east Tennessee as well. I would consider Charlotte a mid-market, but either way terminology doesn't matter. The NBA allows only a handful of franchises to thrive in the biggest markets, we agree on that point. I agree that we both want to see the team get out of being mediocre. However, I will have to respectfully disagree with your approach, as you will mine as well.
  12. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    Hope for better, young talent is better than being stuck in purgatory. Picks 10 to 14 for 4 years straight or something like that. I am sure that will bring hope.........any day now........yep.........just keep waiting.........anyyyyyyyyyyyy day now.
  13. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    Ask Philly about that or maybe Cleveland or OKC. It tends to pan out quite a bit. Picking at 10 to 12 every year is not improving the team. Results speak for themselves. Rich Cho is no longer around, give Mitch a chance. He hit a homerun with Bridges. The league will not change any time soon. They are okay with super teams.
  14. OldNorthPowell

    Should have tanked

    I wanted to believe in this team this year, but my belief in the offseason of the team needing to tank may prove to be correct. This was a good year to tank. Top heavy, but good draft in the top 5 to 7. Instead we may be picking around 11 to 14. Our typical spot in the last 4 to 5 years. Should have tanked. Thoughts?
  15. OldNorthPowell

    Coaching Bio Links

    I would go after Bill Cowher. Ties to Carolina and proven winner.