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  1. A buddy of mine in the RTP area said he would love to see a AAF team in Raleigh. Apparently, he is not the only one. I think it is a great idea for the capital city to get a team. I bet it would have great support. Hopefully, the league stays afloat and pushes the NFL to get better with its rules and refs.
  2. OldNorthPowell

    28 games left

    If only we were getting a top 3 pick in this good draft class. Nope, instead it is pick 12 for us. Kemba leaving and a tank in a bad draft next year. Yeehaw.
  3. OldNorthPowell

    Tanking does not work

    I see philly doing good. Cleveland got Lebron. The bulls got Jordan. Think of all the elite franchise players picked top 3 in the draft. They mostly went to teams that tanked. Remember that.
  4. OldNorthPowell

    Mitch Kupchak post deadline presser

    Having a chance is better than not having a chance. Picking 10 to 15 is not the same as picking 1 to 5. It is much easier to score good talent early in the draft. It is common sense. There is no guarantee that picking early will cure all of our ills but it will at least give us a shot. Mitch is smarter than Cho when it comes to talent evaluation.
  5. OldNorthPowell

    Mitch Kupchak post deadline presser

    Kemba will and should leave. Lamb will leave. We should just keep the cap space and tank next season. Should have tanked this season. This was the draft to do it. Instead it is win now as it always is. This results in the 14th or 15th pick or at best the 10th pick and a pat on the back. We are the old Cleveland Browns of the NBA right now. Bad drafters and continually lost when it comes to decision making.
  6. I like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Lamarcus Joyner, and Mike Mitchell (for cheap and short contract)
  7. Eric Ried, Horton, Love, Clark, and Newhouse.
  8. OldNorthPowell

    28 games left

  9. OldNorthPowell

    Coby White

  10. OldNorthPowell

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    Kemba needs to leave this organization and not look back.
  11. OldNorthPowell

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    Memphis right now: Pulling a fast one on our front office, like usual. They need to force MJ to sell the team at this point if they trade Monk and a first.
  12. OldNorthPowell

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    Tank? We are trading a future young player and getting an aging center to try to win now. That is not tanking.
  13. OldNorthPowell

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    Worst franchise in all of sports, not just in the US, the whole WORLD.
  14. OldNorthPowell

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    2010 lol
  15. OldNorthPowell

    Are We Trading for Marc Gasol?

    Your opinion, but it is the ONLY way this franchise will build a contender. FAs are not coming here anytime soon. Again, we will have to agree to disagree. Rinse and repeat.