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  1. lol we could all be wrong who knows. Who would have thought we release Boykin? Most people were predicting he was a sure fire lock for the roster. :+)
  2. Well we will just have to see. I had him beating out Bersin and Byrd beating out Brown.
  3. I am going Derrick Henry and Nassib in the first two rounds but would be happier with your picks. I just think Hunter Henry is gone before pick 30. Same with Lawson.
  4. On oldnorthbanter.com I predicted 13-3 before the start of preseason and adjusted to 12-4 after losing Kelvin Benjamin.
  5. It was already the best in the league so that is why I didn't understand it but I hope all the picks work out for us because I am a die hard Carolina Panthers fan.
  6. No doubt we will have the best LB group but we already had the best before the draft. Still thought we should of went somewhere else with the 1st round pick but the two picks after are looking good and I feel better about Funchess.
  7. I still dislike the 1st round pick but the two after it are solid picks that make us better at positions we needed to get better at.
  8. SMH we needed speed at WR and an OT going into the draft and we draft a LB in 1st and trade our 3rd and 6th round pick along with our 2nd round pick to move up to pick a TE. SMH.
  9. All I am saying is next season I will be on here to say I told you so when the offense is still being stiff armed and going 3 and out because no one has the speed to beat the coverage and make them respect it.
  10. We needed speed and again the organization does not realize this. There were possibilities in the 1st round and early second but Funchess is not fast and a TE type player. Teams are still going to find it easy to defend us with no one to break the coverage deep.
  11. Are any of them quick because that is truly what the offense was missing and anyone who watched the games last year understood that teams were able to move up into the box a lot and had no worries of being beat deep.
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