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  1. Brown is a good pick. I liked Simmons a little more but Brown is a monster.
  2. People may not like it, but these signings this FA are sneaky good moves IMHO.
  3. It seems like a solid signing for only two seasons. Remember we have Burns everyone.
  4. Not my pick for coach, not by a long shot. However, I will be rooting for his success now that he is coach.
  5. The team playing Batum hurts the growth of young players. Sigh.
  6. This team has heart and the young guys are getting better.
  7. Bad.....bad game tonight. They lack a true center and they need to cut down on turnovers. Brighter days are ahead though. We shall see how bright and how quickly.
  8. This is the truth right here. More excited than I have been in a while. I did predict 22 wins and that would be fine for a young team. Develop the young guys.
  9. It is observations about what we need moving forward. I was quite impressed last night. Giving up over 70 points in the paint was not impressive though. I am sure the coaching staff would agree.
  10. We need a big man who can play defense and then this team would be able to build something even better. Hopefully they address it this offseason. It is going to be a fun season. However, many losses will happen. It happens with youth. Berrego did a good job coaching tonight.
  11. Nobody should say it is great that people are waiting in line for food. Especially massive amounts of people. Nothing is good about that. If the country was being operated better those people would be able to take care of themselves. Should the government take care of the poor, sure, as much as they can. It is great to see long lines of people needing food, because they cannot afford it due to poor governmental control of the economies in those countries. No, no is the answer. I am done with the explaining though, have a great day.
  12. Um, it is okay for someone to mention how great it is for people to wait in line for food because the country is struggling to feed its population or provide opportunities for work to afford to feed themselves? I think we just see the world differently.
  13. Even the nordic countries use elements of capitalism. Their governments do not literally run the economy. They just implement social programs such as healthcare, retirement, etc. Basically, like us with better paying jobs and healthcare.
  14. If you search for the video, you will find it.
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