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  1. It is not so much of the form, but how the jump shot travels. I am speaking to in game as well. Some players have line drive shots when taking the shot off the dribble, because the movement pre shot messes with the overall shot. It is why I have an ugly shot, or at least that is what I tell myself.
  2. His jump shot was ugly looking to me, more of a line drive type of shot. When he pulled up to shoot mid range I felt like being stabbed in the back by a close friend lol. It is not laziness and it is a valid knock on the guy. He is very similar to MKG, with the same ceiling as MKG. Of course, these are my opinions.
  3. You make some valid points, but I am still very skeptical. His jump shot is horrendous and we see how that turned out for MKG. To each their own though. At pick 12 it is a luck situation anyways.
  4. Yep, a player like that is what this franchise needs. Hopefully he pans out and then we can build around him. Shed some bad contracts. All would be right, if it goes according to plan. We need a plan though as an organization, instead of this mediocre stuff year in and year out.
  5. I am HUGE Tar Heel fan and I would love Coby White. However, Nassir Little should have stayed another year. His game is very raw and he is a huge gamble. I think in this case, too much of a risk even for someone like me who preaches that we need a gamble on someone. Little has a lot of potential. His ceiling is probably a player like Rudy Gay, but his floor is an Israeli league ball player for the next decade.
  6. I would trade the 36th, Monk, and 12th to move up for him (probably pick 7 or 8). I believe that should be enough. Guy seems to be a legitimate French player for once.
  7. This would be deflating. Rui Hachimura :+( He cannot hit threes, barely takes any (Reason why his percentage was so good, one attempt per game from behind the arc). Hard to become a dominant player in the NBA when you struggle behind the arc at the 3 position. You at least have to be a solid shooter from behind the arc. I would take a hard pass on him and wish him the best.
  8. I believe almost every team is trying to move up. Whether they have the pieces or not is another story. Depends on what the teams ahead of them want. Not many teams want what we have.
  9. Will be gone by pick 12. Again, this is why you tank instead of trying to win moral victories.
  10. I can see that, my boom or bust player is Bol Bol. If the team is ready to take risks (needed in order to build a winner most of the time), then Bol Bol is that guy. I can also see Romeo Langford as a boom or bust player.
  11. I really like Alexander-Walker, he is a legit player who can score. Also, he is not a terrible defender. I believe if we draft him it could spell the end for Monk, as we would have Bacon and him at SG. If we do trade Monk, I would like to see us use both our 2nd round picks and him to move up a little into the bottom of the 1st round to get a center. Depends on how the team views Monk.
  12. He would be a good pick. A legitimate big man with a good inside game and he plays solid defense. We shall see. At pick 12, we need to take a risk on a boom or bust player.
  13. Danny Green is not coming here when he could get paid just as much to be on a contender. Ricky Rubio is likely to get good money somewhere else. Why come to a Charlotte team that is likely not competing or has a legitimate playoff chance? Jeremy Lamb is about to get PAID. He will likely be out of our price range. If we sign any free agents, I would like to see the team take a chance at signing a young center such as Ivica Zubac or Thomas Bryant. Also, they should look at signing a young point guard, such as Emmanuel Mudiay or Elfrid Payton if we decide to skip on point guard in the first round. I believe we would have enough cap to sign a combination of these two positions, but we surely will not attract any bigger names than the ones I have listed due to the team likely looking to start over with a rebuild. A rebuild would be a smart move for the team, along with taking a few gambles on some young NBA players. Get young and try to build chemistry.
  14. A big committment toward being mediocre. Pick 12 for years to come. We need a new direction and Kemba needs to play for a winner. He is in his prime right now.
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