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  1. Waving Batum was absolutely dumb and no where near defensible.
  2. Neither is holding on to money for nothing other than hopes and dreams. I would rather watch them in the playoffs, with a young team than watch them pick 7th or 8th again this coming off season. Agree to disagree with you on this.
  3. Who knows, this is just a likely thing. Maybe Jordan has lost his mind and is okay with going into the luxury. My bet is on a trade to free up a little room.
  4. No, Jordan has mentioned that he will not go over the luxury tax unless he knows they have a shot at being contenders, which they likely will not be. Trade has to be in the works somewhere.
  5. There is no hard cap in the NBA. They would just go over the luxury line until they can get below it. There is likely a trade already happening, it just hasn't been announced.
  6. Is being mediocre and not developing the young talent we have with playoff experience worth it either? This could possibly give our young core a chance to experience the playoffs and solidify themselves on a national stage.
  7. There could be another deal in the works. I heard they were looking to trade Rozier.
  8. I actually think it is a decent signing. Hayward is not Batum, he will work his butt off each year. Hayward is a legit starter and will likely be good throughout his 4 years here. To be honest, looking at the roster, we are a legit playoff team on paper. If we were to get Cousins, that would solidify us as a 6 or 7 seed for sure. Also, one other thing. To get good players into Charlotte, you have to overpay them, thems the rules for an organization like the Hornets.
  9. The boy from Israel, there seems to be a lot of talent still yet to be reached with him.
  10. If Wiseman and Edwards are not there, this should be the pick.
  11. Here comes 4 or 5 wins and more years of Teddy at QB. OH BOY. Championship ready team there. Smh. Turning into the Hornets of old with useless wins but without a GM as talented as Mitch to snatch a W out of the garbage pile. LOL
  12. Chargers 50 - Panthers -30 Teddy throws for 50 yards and has 5 picks. Don't @ me.
  13. lol we could all be wrong who knows. Who would have thought we release Boykin? Most people were predicting he was a sure fire lock for the roster. :+)
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