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  1. Flag football out here lately. It is why defense has been replaced with offense, just easier to play.
  2. Not my pick for coach, not by a long shot. However, I will be rooting for his success now that he is coach.
  3. https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/new-orleans-saints/minnesota-26--new-orleans-saints-20-final---fox/87821077/page-160/ Start here Side note, their forums are ancient and hard to navigate on mobile devices.
  4. It has been a great weekend. Bye bye swamp folk and Cheatriots.
  5. I will take bets on how quickly McDaniels loses the locker room if he is hired. I am going with 2 years.
  6. If Marty is the GM, nope. If he is let loose, yes. That simple for me and I am sure I am not the only one. Tepper has grown close to Hurney, so downward spiral here we come.
  7. McDaniels would be such a terrible hire and yesterday should have proven that to everyone. Without Brady playing like the GOAT he is no good as a play caller. So, if that is the case, what else can he provide?
  8. I will be happy with either him or Bienemy.
  9. OC in NE is the backup to Brady. He is running that show right now. I see nothing to say he will be successful as a HC but there is evidence to the contrary. Not my call though. Hope you are wrong about him being the favorite.
  10. Okay, I will ask in here. What makes McDaniels such a great option if he is the backup OC in New England?
  11. How is Josh McDaniels a qualified candidate? How can the backup OC for the Patriots be worth a HC position?
  12. Oh, I would love him as GM here. Would dump Hurney in a heartbeat. Then again, I would pick a random person off the street and have a 50/50 chance of them being better than Hurney soooooooooo
  13. I like the DC in SF, the OC in KC, and the OC in Min in that order, as far as HC goes. Of course Hurney being ousted would be the biggest improvement for this team right now.
  14. He wouldn't be a bad hire. I like that players seem to want to play for him.
  15. Nothing to discuss, as the main problem hasn't been fixed. The same bad decisions will be made on almost all fronts. GM is a very important position in football. It is what it is though, you are right.
  16. This makes me cringe.........to death. Hurney has had 13 years to prove his worth. Not a single back to back winning record stretch. Smh.
  17. This man is still GM, so on to 2021? Maybe? Or whenever Tepper wises up and gets a competent GM.
  18. Does any of this matter? Hurney is leading the charge for the new coach. JR still has his grip on this team. Tepper is allowing it.
  19. Hope. I will miss thee. 2015 might be our last chance in my lifetime if this is how the team will be ran now. Hurney is a terrible GM and many facts back that up. Smh.
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