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  1. This will likely be the season that causes Rivera to get fired. Should have been last season, but this season should be his last. This team looks lost culturally. Lack of effort and some hideous play calling on both sides.
  2. We might struggle to win 2 games. I am dead serious. Maybe top 3 pick this year. Unless something drastic changes. Smh.
  3. Our defense is very very good. Willing to go out on a limb and say I get 2015 feelings with this defense. Offense needs to pull it together. Hopefully, they will do so.
  4. Ron is a good players coach but a bad strategist. Little details matter. Why can't Cam call a few plays himself if the helmet is not working? It is what it is.
  5. Well it may be a longgggggggggggg season. Smh. That O line couldn't block a defense of 80 year old grandmas.
  6. RIP, that is sad for any organization.
  7. Yeah, a very very big bust. Many of us hated the pick, now I really really hate that pick. Gentleman was overrated.
  8. Hi, I am wondering why there is so much salt in NO? I mean a ton of salt. Truck loads of salt. Almost every fan base has had very bad calls go against them, none of them are crying on the level that NO is right now. Sincerely, A Panthers Fan Who Hates NO
  9. They should just sign Tre Boston and roll with it to be honest. Using Gaulden and Cockrell for backups. Which, to be honest, would be mediocre. However, mediocre in the back-end of the defense is perfectly fine with our front seven.
  10. Just move the training camp around every year and it will constantly attract people. Move it to the beaches of NC/SC, maybe MB? Then move it to Raleigh, then Columbia, then Charlotte itself.......So on and so on. That is the right move to generate support in the two states. Constantly putting the training camp far away from many areas in Carolina, such as Spartanburg, is not a good idea. I just think that people have fatigue from it being in the same spot each and every year, it gets boring.
  11. We are about to get us some Aliens, YEEHAW! Something like that.
  12. He was a terrible pick. I will stand by me saying that even though most 2nd round picks are a gamble, Cody Martin was a terrible gamble. Plenty of other options there.
  13. Crazy, he reminds me of Joe Johnson. I really like his overall game and he is not a bad defender as well, just a solid defender. He will be fun to watch as he progresses this season, along with Bridges. If we could land the number one or number two pick in this upcoming draft, we would have a good young core to build on.
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