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  1. Was a tough loss to swallow, however if saints lose today (maybe, hopefully) were in the same position we were in before Thursday. I'll be OK with that.
  2. Just woke up to my alarm (1am here) , got work in 7 hours, these cats better not let me down now!
  3. you mean literally outscore the opponent like we have 6 out of 8 times so far this season, including against the number one offense?
  4. luke262

    Fitz to start for the Bucs

    I'm just glad we know either way rather than having to gamelan for both (then again either of them are liable to get benched no matter who starts!)
  5. luke262

    Torrey Smith OUT Sunday

    This talk of baltimores amazing defence, go check who they have played to date, puts it in perspective
  6. luke262

    Torrey Smith OUT Sunday

    As much as he was clutch it will be interesting to see our offence without him
  7. Someone get me a blood pressure monitor!
  8. luke262

    Dat Cam Block Tho...

    And then stands there looking over him as he's on the ground, love it!
  9. luke262

    Week 5 Late Games Thread

    To be fair nearly everyone in the world would punt in that situation, mcvay was about to until Goff changed his mind for him (seen that anywhere before?)
  10. luke262

    Week 5 Late Games Thread

    What in Christ's name were the seahawks doing using that time out? And you think Ron's time management is poor!
  11. luke262

    Week 5 Late Games Thread

    Totally agree, but looking at all the stats most the league needs to improve their d. Record setting points, yards and td's so far this season.
  12. I'll just have to take your word for that.