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  1. We've got. Money for free agency still, pay for a slot cb and safety I think we have pretty much all bases covered right? Plus not team in the nfl is ever 'complete'
  2. I'd have taken two solid linemen from this draft and wouldn't mind a trade up for a tackle, hopefully keep one of our thirds and grab a safety with that. Then whatever we have left grab the best defensive players available and maybe a late round rb.
  3. Lol thanks, never watched a college game in my life, did it based purely on the scouting reports.
  4. With all the pessimism about the roster and lack of free agency signings , what players on the contracts handed so far would we have wanted / been happy with? I'm not sure any.
  5. I would (optomisically) guess that it's taken till now as all the different options where weighed up and this was finally decided to be the best option out of many. Fingers crossed.
  6. They've got Stephen Hill as their WR, and Garret Gilbert is with orlando
  7. Speculation on my part but would td be up there with his arm raised if hehe didn't belive he was going to play?
  8. You know they will put their all they possibly to have to play (if we get trough)
  9. Hold on, there's nothing to criticise, what's everyone going to post about?!!!
  10. Can hear it now, romo wasn't himself, that's why the panthers won.
  11. Definitely don't want to see anyone hurt but yes TD, niiiice hit!
  12. I understand the sentiments of the complaint but my goodness I am happy with this scoreline so far
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