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  1. Yeah trading cam for a pick that we use on a gulden or grier? It makes ZERO sense
  2. Omg guys you being a little sensitive here? Rhule wasn't going to say Jack poo about any specific players, he's been in town for 12 hours. We know cam likes to post, he isn't posting because Rhule hasn't declared his undying live for him. BTW Rhule did confirm on the presser that they spoke yesterday and had a good chat.
  3. We have been hearing for years how its all about building around a qb on a rookie contract, but how many superbowls have been won by a qb on a rookie contract in the last twenty years? Last one I can think of seahwaks with Wilson?
  4. But Jeremy said that's not how this works.... (i hope same as tepper, its our best option)
  5. What makes you think that a trade is an option? I personally think we would be crazy to trade him, you dont give away a franchise qb, injury history or not. Players get injured and come back almm the time and the potential of a healthy cam is worth being patient for. We can keep Allen for cheap either way.
  6. I don't care how many drat picks we would get, what on earth has trubisky ever shown you in the nfl to show that he's a better option than cam?! People are absolutely crazy on this board, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Cam is the best thing that has ever happened to this franchise and everyone is ready to throw him under the bus for Kyle Allen, or this guy wants mitch trubisky, give me a break.
  7. That wasn't my reaction. is it unfeasible that we give him this time off and have him healthy in mini camps etc? Or we thinking tepper won't take the risk / have the patience?
  8. That spreadsheet does not look like an at a glance spreadsheet '! Appreciate the work seriously though
  9. 28 games in 12 years, pretty much all sold out, its more than a honeymoon. We don't all have random jerseys in the closet either.
  10. Speculation on my part but would td be up there with his arm raised if hehe didn't belive he was going to play?
  11. You know they will put their all they possibly to have to play (if we get trough)
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