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  1. I can only Speak of the UK situation (can't comment on what I don't know in the USA) but to get lockdown in place for only some wouldn't work, how would it be policed? Government needed to act quickly to contain so in my mind it only is effective as a movement to get everyone to act in the same way. Look at the amount of people who still went to public places on mass? That needed to be put to a stop and this was the only effective way of doing that.
  2. Let's say you're young fit and healthy, you catch it, you most likely don't die, but whilst you're in hospital on a ventilator, whilst unpleasant you most likely don't die. However that is one less ventilator for someone else. Social distancing is done so that less people get ill at the same time so that hospitals have capacity for those that are ill. Its as simple and necessary as that.
  3. Would be a good look for us if we don't deem him good enough for us but the pats do. Smh
  4. David tepper, turns up to be the saviour, shows up at tailgates for high fives, parties with the fans in London, star of amazon show, talks the talk about winning but what so far has he done to show he's winning at all costs? Disenfranchises the best thing to happen to this team and throws him oit on the curb behind his back. This is all tepper and he has a lot to prove and today wasn't a good day for him. In what world is teddy for 20m a better idea than cam for 20m?
  5. Yeah trading cam for a pick that we use on a gulden or grier? It makes ZERO sense
  6. Omg guys you being a little sensitive here? Rhule wasn't going to say Jack poo about any specific players, he's been in town for 12 hours. We know cam likes to post, he isn't posting because Rhule hasn't declared his undying live for him. BTW Rhule did confirm on the presser that they spoke yesterday and had a good chat.
  7. That wasn't my reaction. is it unfeasible that we give him this time off and have him healthy in mini camps etc? Or we thinking tepper won't take the risk / have the patience?
  8. Speculation on my part but would td be up there with his arm raised if hehe didn't belive he was going to play?
  9. You know they will put their all they possibly to have to play (if we get trough)
  10. Hold on, there's nothing to criticise, what's everyone going to post about?!!!
  11. Can hear it now, romo wasn't himself, that's why the panthers won.
  12. Definitely don't want to see anyone hurt but yes TD, niiiice hit!
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