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  1. well Zeke & Saquon can score from the one yard line.... so there's that
  2. 1 Cam 2 Top 10 QB Only two options choose wisely
  3. it was actually ryan check the stats when he played the jets lead the league in delay of game penalties
  4. http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41089754-4 Guess he knows his strengths.. but interesting to move a 3-4 team to a 4-3 was 3-4 here not really his call??
  5. 4 candidates are Mike McCarthy Eric Bieniemy Josh McDaniels Matt Rhule
  6. this guy is the definition of "looking cool" why the fug does an offensive linemen only have 1 eye strip tape on? Better yet why the fug does he always have on headbands and wristbands any type of accesory you can think of he looks like a my player out there
  7. And we didn't give up a huge pass play today!! Coincidence? I think not
  8. Josh was the UNQUESTIONED best corner on the team at that time talent wise. Jackson is not
  9. huh? lmao its your job to lineup and stop a WR theres no bad examples how about when he played Ridley? same result.. OKAY how about Tyler Lockett Donte is fast right he got it!! NOPE another 100 yard game and hes so cocky wow if he wasn't half as cocky as he was maybe we wouldn't bash him so much when he actually does fug up which is alot
  10. He was good in what games?? Robert Woods went 8 for 70 on him week 1... week 2 vs Chris Godwin he gave up 8 for 121 and 1 TD.. play ok vs the Cardinals LOL and didnt play vs Houston week 4 (we won)yea seems good for the other team.. also we've won more games with him inactive than active think about that for a second or two
  11. James Bradberry 59.7 PFF GRADE Javien Elliot (non starter) 66.3 PFF GRADE Donte Jackson 54.6 PFF GRADE (BUST!!) Ross COCKrell 56.8 PFF GRADE (BETTER THAN JACKSON) Tre Boston 73.7 PFF GRADE Eric Reid 51.4 PFF GRADE (WHAT DOES HE DO AGAIN?) I mean can you believe this poo? The run defense is ranked 32 thank God cause I think getting burned threw the air is harder to watch.. (even though it seems to happen just as often) huge changes are needed on both sides of the ball. And how the hell did Perry get the damn job!! Unbelievable
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