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  1. what about the year before when we had great pass rush but still got torched? DBs matter we don't have much talent back there
  2. Okay we drafted Burns & added Irvin... but lets be honest are those editions enough to create the crazy pressure we need to put on QBs? I read a stat somewhere that said the Panthers were 28th!! In passes completed down the field of 20 of more yards? That's very concerning to me.. maybe Tre Boston will help in FA? But how can anybody be confident in this secondary group after what happen last year? LB we lost TD.. moving to a 3-4.. do we have the personnel for that? Do you guys believe Jermaine Carter Jr & Andre Smith can play signifcant snaps on a playoff D? I have some serious doubts.
  3. Kemba is a rich man's Isiah Thomas (not that one) yea we will suck next year but we already do lol he's not going somewhere to win a championship so lets stop that talk right now Kemba Walker will not retire with an NBA championship charlotte or not
  4. A little disappointed to James, glad Worley balled out. Hope that LB from Auburn gets signed. This is one of the most exicitng camps yet. Can we fastfoward to July?
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