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  1. i can't believe mixon has survived the change in ownership this long
  2. fug Ginn... I'd make it Michael Bates or He Hate Me over that chucklehead.
  3. Didn't get to watch many games that year; we had just moved to TX and Sunday ticket or streaming weren't around. I don't even think NFL.com's paid radio broadcasts were a thing yet. I remember "watching" games on NFL.com's gameday live crap when I had the chance. For some reason I think they showed the GB game here, though. Either that, or they showed that QB draw play over and over on Sportscenter.
  4. Damn... I think we ruptured more than just his spleen.
  5. Was that even a thing in the show? All I remember is it being said that her kids would all die.
  6. Yeah, I think the same thing. How long has it been since the most recent one came out, like 8 years? Anyone have Brandon Sanderson's number?
  7. cptx

    Pro Life

    Abraham married his half-sister. Israel is the children of incest. No wonder you clowns support the poo out of these types of bills.
  8. cptx

    Pro Life

    Oh yes, the Bible. Great reading if you're into torture, rape, murder, incest, slavery, racism, war, and lies. Come to think of it, since 15-25% of all viable pregnancies end in miscarriage, God kills more unborn children than all of the abortions ever could.
  9. cptx

    Pro Life

    A state that cares so much about unborn children should at least try to rank a bit higher than dead last in education.
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