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  1. Was that even a thing in the show? All I remember is it being said that her kids would all die.
  2. Yeah, I think the same thing. How long has it been since the most recent one came out, like 8 years? Anyone have Brandon Sanderson's number?
  3. cptx

    Pro Life

    Abraham married his half-sister. Israel is the children of incest. No wonder you clowns support the poo out of these types of bills.
  4. cptx

    Pro Life

    Oh yes, the Bible. Great reading if you're into torture, rape, murder, incest, slavery, racism, war, and lies. Come to think of it, since 15-25% of all viable pregnancies end in miscarriage, God kills more unborn children than all of the abortions ever could.
  5. cptx

    Pro Life

    A state that cares so much about unborn children should at least try to rank a bit higher than dead last in education.
  6. I doubt it, HIPAA gets pretty murky when it comes to employment related records. Teams release medical info all of the time.
  7. Yeah, that's the one thing that stood out to me as well. I can't think of ever seeing it either.
  8. I actually do, though. He was fine last season after the heart thing.
  9. When was KB ever dominant? He racked up yards during garbage time his rookie season and caught a few notable passes the year after he was hurt, but dominant?
  10. His ankle got messed up during his rookie season, but what other injuries has he had? Unless you are counting the heart procedure, which is kind of dumb, imo.
  11. You only get 2 post June 1 cuts per off-season, maybe they are saving them for bigger fish.
  12. cptx

    Gender Reveal Parties

    I will never understand all of the manufactured suspense over something that's a 50/50 chance. WGAF, save the glitter for strippers.
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